Earn my TRUST First Before Asking for my Info!!

Morning Folks!!

So the new trend (and not very smart imo) is FORCING someone to open an account and giving information BEFORE anything else and this is just another blunder in a series of blunders being made by DESPERATE websites taking the advice of guys that lose more business than they get.

Earn my trust before you ask me for information and those that don't do that. CLICK BABY! That browser is closed and gone forever and so is the website doing it. Never to return.

All these 'Cute' things that are hurting their business they just are blind to it. Like dropping the .com on your name advertising. DUH! I love it being invested in dotcom, but stupid from a marketing standpoint and they will all regret their decisions and change back in time. Many of them have a franchise based on .com and now they are too cool to dance.

I am so sick of annoying websites. Don't blast some crap at me unless I ask. Let me do my thing. I will tell you when I need your help. Now they want to make the online experience as SHITTY as the instore experience with a bunch of people BOTHERING you when all you want to do is be left alone and BROWSE.

That's why they call it a browser. You can browse with as little or as much help as you want. But now these MORONS are interfering with what I want and that is just not cool.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

PS: Weather.com figured it out in 3 weeks. They now added a button so their video does not start playing unless you want it to. Do you know why they made that change? They lost a LOT OF TRAFFIC for overstepping their boundaries and it pissed people like me off.

5 thoughts on “Earn my TRUST First Before Asking for my Info!!

  1. M. Menius

    Agree with all of this because its true and accurate. All of it! That also goes for dept store checkouts. They don’t need my phone number or my zip code. While on this subject, telemarketing that calls you at home with a robot voice message should be illegal.

  2. Homero A. Gonzalez

    We agree 100%. Websites which, have any kind of popup, or pop under, or auto start video, or music are annoying. Ah, also, those that ask you to subscribe with a Pop Up Window that takes the whole screen as well are ANNOYING! If I want a subscribe, because I deem it worthwhile, I will find the subscribe link.


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