Distinguish Your Company without the Confusion!!

Morning Folks!!

Distinguish Your Company without the Confusion. Isn't that what this is all about?

Easy to spell.

Easy to remember.

Easy to tell others.

Passes the Radio Test.

Looks good on a billboard.

Looks good in an ad.

Can be brandable or generic.

Does not leak traffic, customers and profits to anyone especially your competition.

Stop saying 'NO' to a never ending stream of new customers. ARE YOU CRAZY??

What exactly do the folks in charge not get?

What exactly do those in charge of their companies say to not even knowing the difference between foundational and strategic marketing? Not even knowing that the decisions they make now have long term consequences and they view things via a short term lens or budget?

Until now the end users always had a pass. But now there are no longer excuses there are only the incompetent and unqualified. When you have an example like Borders, what is not to understand? They were SCHMUCKS that got put out of business by the competition for going into this century WITHOUT a thought about foundational and strategic marketing and that is only the tip!

But that tip is what should alert the next schmuck, from being a schmuck. Don't repeat the same mistakes. Study why they collapsed. Study why Pets.com collapsed. Study why the entire thing burst in 2000 and the threat the Internet was to all those now pumping it up and relying on it.

There is an entire history of failure out there and the way to have a success is to study the failures of others. Study the successes of others. Apply those lessons to your path.

What should be the most progressive folks on the planet are actually regressive because they are not aggressive when they look to the future at a time where every moment counts. They just don't understand their role and they have let so many folks down for not being light years ahead of fools like me.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

3 thoughts on “Distinguish Your Company without the Confusion!!

  1. Uzoma

    I will like to play the devil’s advocate, scratch that, the end users’ advocate. Now, I am on your side in this, however, just to clarify what could be going on inside a skeptics head, it would be better if you can explain it. here it is:
    Since Pets.com had the name right, in essence, short generic, memorable, keyword name, and yet they went out of business, how are you advancing your point by naming them as schmucks? Isn’t that the type of name you are recommending?

  2. Rick Schwartz

    Sorry, pets.com is a pet peeve of mine. lol
    They were inept and clueless and even with the perfect name, their own folks put the company in the grave.
    For example, when you typed in pets.com, during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in 1999 I think……into the browser bar…..you got a 404. They never fixed that SIMPLE thing and that locked out 100% of their type in traffic.


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