How I Gave the Domain Name to Joe Torre Back in 1999

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So it is back in 1964. Joe Torre was the first autograph I ever got as a kid when he was a catcher visiting the Mets at Shea Stadium and with the Braves I think before Atlanta. I was a kid so it ia bit fuzzy. Fast Forward to 1999. I own Joe Torre is the manager for New York Yankee's. The 1998, 1999 and 2000 World Champions

I want to get the domain to Joe Torre. What to do? What to do? So I wrote the following letter to the New York Post. Don't think I ever heard back from the post but I did hear back from Joe Torre's folks. I asked nothing in return but they did send me a few autograph baseballs and that was more than enough.



My name is Rick Schwartz. I own about 3000 .com addresses.
The reason I am writing this is because one of the .com domain addresses that I
own is which I registered in mid 1998.

As time has gone on, the word “Cybersquatter” has entered our
lingo. I have been made aware of the subtle differences of what is and is not
allowed in reference to domain names and trademarks. The line is so fine that the courts are
clogging up with these type cases.

I also want to call attention to “Corporate bullies” that
intimidate individuals and small business people into giving them domains that
they have no legal rights to. A perfect example is the Lawsuit in which Lilly
Industries is involved in with the fight over “Goof off” is a
common word found in Websters and goof-off is a paint remover that few have
heard of. Details can be found at

Point is it is important to define the line between
cybersquatting and the rights of legitimate domain owners. In our case we have
a 10 year plan for development of our domains and now that what is and what is
not considered infringement is getting more clearly defined, I am going thru
our list to see what domains could be over that line.

While Joe Torre may be a common name, there is only one
“Famous” Joe Torre. It is in this regard that I would like to turn this domain
over to the rightful owner.

I would like the NY Post to do the honors. I figure it is
easier to get a hold of the Post than Joe Torre.

Thanks for your time!!


Rick Schwartz


5 thoughts on “How I Gave the Domain Name to Joe Torre Back in 1999

  1. Mike

    Too bad it was dropped and pickup by someone that’s more of a parking money fan.

  2. eh

    I also want to call attention to “Corporate bullies”…
    nice, i like this part
    you are fearless, Rick, you cut your own trail
    you are like a lion

  3. Noel

    Funny thing, I never heard about this”Joe Torre”-guy. I also think, building a business based on sitting on domains and wait if someone wants to buy it, is a bad idea – both morally and in terms of rentability. :/
    But that’s the US, I guess.


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