Rick’s Magnificent Vaccine. How to REVERSE, Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

Morning Folks!!

This post below is from 2013 but with all talk of SOB's lately and SOB.com pointed here, indulge me while I make an update.

First if you are here about Reverse Domain Name Hijacking the mother of all hijacking came in 2017 in the form of MY domain name Queen.com. Some SCHMUCK in Denmark, Frands Jepsen, did not heed my warnings. Now he is a convicted DOMAIN HIJACKER! Read the entire story right here 

So that brings me to 9/26/2017. Thank you President Trump for increasing the value of SOB.com! Now it's for sale. We will trade the domain name for bitcoin. You can inquire as to how many by email.

Now back to my April 2013 post:

Some folks don't like my style. Sure, many domainers don't care about Reverse Domain Name Hijacking because they have no domains anyone would want to steal. So for them, ScrewYou.com. You protect your assets and family the way you see fit and I'll do the same. Except I live in the world of reality and in reality there are still corporate bullies roaming around taking things they are not entitled to legally or morally.

I have been defending these suits as long as they have been in the business of filing them. And it is a business. A BIG business. But it is no longer going to pay off and the risk is going to more than any rational company should be willing to take.

Shortly after the LadyGodiva.com suit between Campbell's and yours truly and when I had first met Howard, I had another interesting conflict with another very large company. In those days, domain owners just rolled over. Not me. I was going to be the mouse that roared because the Internet as a medium was meant to even the playing field and these SOB's were going to have to deal with the new reality.

I do not look for or pick these fights, but I relish them when they come. I relish them because it is these wins that protect my other domains and yours too! This has been a 15 year battle and I have INVESTED tens of thousands of dollars or more protecting my self and then using these cases to INSURE my other domains by defeating corporate bullies trying to take

And others

and Reverse Domain Name Hijackers.


And thankfully 38 decisions on Reverse Domain Name Hijacking by other parties that I chronicle right here, some 130 case at RDNH.com and then a special post for Procter and Gamble that thought they were above all this and could lie to the presiding panel.

DOWN GOES FRAZIER! (look it up, if you don't know what it means)


Now if folks don't learn from this and don't realize if they slap down Procter and Gamble that they will swat you down in the same manner when you do the same thing, they are just schmucks that will get what they deserve. So if that is YOU that I sent here to read this, then PLEASE don't be that schmuck.

But if you ARE that schmuck............think twice. If YOU are convicted of RDNH, Reverse Domain Name Hijacking, No reputation management software will erase the ink. You will be stuck with the consequences of your actions. In time that may be equal to a prison record. I will OWN your reputation and I don't want to. But YOU are calling the shots because YOU are the PREDATOR. So if this rattlesnake bites, just make sure you blame yourself and not me.

Amazingly, not one of these fuckers have ever contacted me after the decision to say congratulations. To say they were sorry. To start a constructive dialogue. To ask if we could work something out. To make a bonafide business offer. These would-be thieves would 'steal' but when they got CAUGHT, never offered to pay. Low life scum comes to mind to describe that behavior.

And when we talk about Procter and Gamble, a domain dispute I was not involved in, famed domain attorney John Berryhill had this to say abot them as reported in DNJournal.com

'The entire premise of the UDRP proceeding was stunningly dishonest. They want the domain name for something else entirely, and concocted an utter work of fiction in order to attempt to steal it.'

According to DNJournal:

Berryhill lays out the facts that prove his points - P&G wasn't interested in the domain because of a failed product they once marketed, they wanted it for a new offering. Unfortunately they didn't want to pay a fair and reasonable market price for it, for some bizarre reason, believing it would be smarter to try to steal it. Next time you look up the phrase 'penny wise and pound foolish' on the web, odds are you will see the P&G logo illustrating the concept.

It was important enough to lie or steal or attempting both but not important enough to pay for??
FUCKERS! What do you want to call them? The domain in question 'Swash.com' Marchex was willing to let go for $30,000. Not exactly a shake down but an incredibly reasonable price. A domain I will state right here publicly has a high mid-6 figure value in my professional and personal opinion and I would have expected a 7 figure asking price. So $30,000???? What was the COST of the The cost of the action P&G filed? Now it cost them a lot more because this is ON THE RECORD!

'Well, it's not PROFESSIONAL to call them names.' Say some. Fine when PROFESSIONALS stop LYING and trying to STEAL, I'll stop calling them FUCKERS! How's that?

Am I harsh? Hell no! When companies and other folks try to steal from me and others, it would not surprise me if we were not the only folks they did it to. Just a common sense wild guess that I am sure has no merit at all. Right?

And believe me, as harsh as I have been, wait til you see what happens to the next FUCKER that tries and overstep their legal, moral and every other rights in hopes they can get something on the cheap that they have no RIGHTS to. They put their entire company and everyone working there in jeopardy when they mess with me. When they mess with you too. When they try and steal a domain.

Look, sometimes there is a legitimate dispute. The law is seldom black and white. So I respect when there is a true point of contention and then let the chips fall where they may and no hard feelings either way. However, when common sense is thrown by the wayside and folks make things up, then we have a serious mess and I am gonna milk that baby so the next FUCKER learns before they step in the ring.

They will read this. I will point them to it. Their decision whether they want to GAMBLE not only their company's reputation but their personal reputation as well and that of the attorney handling the case. Ya know, the ones that 'Should know better'. Do they really want to do that with all this EVIDENCE for them to see?

I don't sell mercy. I give a FREE WARNING of what might happen if you decide to illegally TRESPASS.


Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

20 thoughts on “Rick’s Magnificent Vaccine. How to REVERSE, Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

  1. ri.sk

    I think you misunderstand what a domain name is,
    or what it is intended to be…
    A domain name is not actually property in the
    way that you claim it to be. Also domains are
    generally issued on the understanding that a
    registrant WILL USE THEM, to… (wait for it..)
    actually develop a website (!).
    It’s clear that you don’t register names to
    develop them, and I think that the whole notion
    of”acquire a name so I can bleed some poor
    f**ker dry” will be outlawed before long, and
    those who have been doing that ‘won’t have a leg
    to stand on’, so to speak.
    Certainly, i’m glad to have seen .com values being
    ‘diluted’ over the last year or two, and this will
    continue on an accelerated path during the next
    year, and it will particularly gather pace when the
    gTLD’s are out (!).

  2. DonnyM

    So basically your telling Rick that he misunderstands what a domain is?
    That is like telling Lebron James how to shot the basketball.
    People buy land in way of development with no intention of ever building on that property. Domains are not much different.
    And, Would not you pissed if hasbro came to you and said hey, you have no working website give us your name ri.sk because it is not developed and it is similar to our game risk.

  3. MarkH

    Will real estate investors have to build end user dwellings on the properties they purchase and actually reside there also?

  4. MarkH

    I think the first UDRP I remember reading about was your LipService.com, remember that one? They sold clothes or something you had a site that offered another kind of lip service, lol.

  5. Mike

    Dear Rick,
    You don’t know me, but I am trying to apply your”Magnificent Vaccine” to remedy the plague of non-paying Sedo buyers. I was taking a beating over at Namepros regarding a deadbeat buyer I am dealing with that I exposed publicly, and reading your posting today confirmed that I am on the right path. I quoted some excepts in my most recent posting there. Here is the thread:
    To quote the last line of my post,”I don’t know Mr. Schwartz, and I am not saying that he would agree with my methods, but it is good to know that there are people willing to do the hard work, and risk being misunderstood or called names for pointing out a wrong, for calling a thief a thief, and for calling a deadbeat a deadbeat.”
    Thank you.

  6. UFO

    I had similar experiences in Intellectual property. IP and Domains have similar characteristics.
    I’d talk about them, but because I’d be talking about some of the biggest brands across the world I’d prefer to be more circumspect until I hit them.
    I’ve been saying for ages that governments should have funds available for small IP owners to go after the largest companies because they exploit their financial strength on an unjust basis.

  7. Dr Domainer

    Pirates of the erealestate industry
    When you own a property you should do everything
    possible to have the best security system.
    Domainers need to realise they should do everything
    possible to protect their assets. Leaving the door open
    on parked pages is asking for trouble!! The other domain
    platforms don’t give a SHIT about your domains. Joint Ventures
    is the first platform that would make RDNH think twice about
    trying to steal any domains connected on their network.
    This is the way forward!! Every domainer that understands
    the market appreciates what Rick is doing. The more people
    who start complaining about successful domainers the better.
    Shows me DEEP down they are starting to realise the value
    of premium domains and are very frustrated.
    In 5 years time most successful domainers will have to set
    up some type of system to block lowballs offers and hate mail.

  8. Tom

    Nobody has ownership to own generic keywords, they do not belong to anyone, majority of domainers trade on solid keywords, anyone with a credit card can register a domain… including you, there are all sorts, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
    Why do people hoard sportscards, shouldn’t they be given to the fans, and displayed in museums, rather than personal collections.
    Why do developers buy up city blocks and sit on them for 10 years, to flip them later…
    This is how business, Rick put his money down, when everyone thought why waste a measly $100, he didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, placed his order, paid his bill, acquired his rights to his asset. You had the chance to do the same, he played the game, followed the rules, he put his capital on a long shot, when others went on vacation, bought boats, etc… he chose to invest, now that his investment is paying off, he should be able to enjoy the returns on those investments, given the capital he risked almost 2 decade ago (A VERY LONG TIME AGO).
    Now that domains, and .com are in the eyes of everyday corporate america, people like him are being mislabeled because he was a visionary, and played by the rules, everyone one of us had a chance to get a generic name back in 1996… ask yourself why you didn’t put $100 down. Were you to busy doing other things, didn’t care, had no hope, or simply didn’t think it would pan out…
    Free market system works, it is the new registries who are hoarding the keywords for an auction based platform, the richest of the richest get the premium names… maybe you should focus your attention on that hoarding… Nothing different than staking your plot on a gold mine, and finding that giant nugget, this is american capitalism… seriously get a life, I feel really sorry for you ri.sk… you live in a very small world, where you cannot respect someone for sticking their neck out, and coming out ahead.

  9. UFO

    Ri.Sk is one of those deluded runts that thinks that if he shouts loud enough he’ll win the argument.
    Fact is that Ri.Sk will always be a worthless domain at a very high confidence level and while ‘Richard’ believes that those that do not develop must be cybersquatter it is of note that he has not developed his domain and just leaves an email address for what I’d guess is for domain purchase offers…
    People who buy peoples names or buy domains generally to take advantage of others efforts (Basically freeload) deserve to be called cybersquatters. But buying generics and brandable names which haven’t been used in the marketplace is more than ok.
    Everyone at the start of the web had a fair chance to buy domains, they were not specifically allocated to anyone. Most early adopters of domains could easily state that their registration fees for the last near 20 years helped ICANN actually develop the web.
    Also, people have had many chances to buy domains in the secondary market at prices far cheaper than current rates. You only need to look at the sales records of the early dnjournal.com that were posted to see the ‘steals’ that were being made.

  10. ICA Support

    I realize Rick and I probably dont see eye to eye on the ICA, but I am in the midst of joining this month.
    Its due to cases like this, future laws and any domain owner needs to support ICA IMO.
    While the image of ica is not perfect, I believe its improving. So for me to help out the community and protect my assets, I decided go with what my heart said. Will be in the industry for many years and I am tired of all the bully tactics, udrp threats on my names and pure generics. Mother fuckers.
    So if you want to do something about it, donate to ica. That simple. IMO

  11. ri.sk

    Actually, i’m pleased for Mr Schwartz, in that
    he made money out of something that few others
    saw, or even thought about, years ago now – luck
    is a wonderful thing!
    But, his good fortune is rather like the lottery
    winner; the win is just great, but few people want
    to hear about HOW they got the win (particularly
    when the win can not be replicated)… and fewer
    still want to hear about it STILL being talked
    about nearly 20 years later, in a variety of silly
    I also think that .com will probably always be the
    leading TLD in the world. I doubt, at this stage,
    that there will be anything that will even come
    close to challenging the extension directly.
    Of course, there doesn’t need to be a ‘direct’
    challenger ‘though for the dilution (of .com value)
    to take full effect.
    As for the”ri.sk”, please stop talking about
    it. It’s something that none of you here even
    understand. The domain is not for sale, and it
    is being developed right now :-)

  12. BullS

    “The domain is not for sale, and it
    is being developed right now :-)”
    Don’t waste your time, your dot whatever is a”BullS” site.

  13. Tom

    Richard something tells me you are not a citizen nor operate any business operations in Slovakia… So before you go pointing fingers are people that attempt to do things in a legitimate way, you should really cover your own arse with your RI.SK, which is RISK a well known TM by HASBRO… Looks like you are doing absolutely nothing with the website, hoping for a big payday are we?

  14. AndyA

    Another great Rick S. post. We as, domainers must stick together against anyone or entity that decides to tread on our assets.
    You do a wonderful job of KEEPING the punks exposed, even corporate punks. I have since avoided any P&G products, and always will. Punks, fuckers, thieves and thugs, will always be watching for opportunities to take away your assets. Thank you Rick for keeping the profile high and making them hopefully think twice….

  15. Rick Schwartz

    SOB.com now pointed here because I got a BULLSHIT letter from a law firm in Los Angeles. I suggest this law firm familiarizes themselves with REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKING and see if they want to soil their firms name and reputation. Not up to me.


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