“Morning Folks!” and”Have a GREAT Day!” From My Mind and Heart to Yours Since 1996.

Morning Folks!!

And with this I continue a journey that has survived several other homes and mediums for 'Good Morning Folks!' and 'Have a GREAT Day!' Today RicksBlog.com officially turns 6.

But why is this particular post so important? Because when those that don't take to me and my style go back and read my words and see the consistency of which I approach things, I hope to earn their respect someday. I hope they can see the value in doing what I do.

The hardest part of ANY journey is the first step. Starting something. The easy part is finishing it when you approach things in a forward leaning and productive manner. 20 year plan? Really? Go away!

Well, I have not gone away. I have been consistent and I have been focused and I still have my eyes on the 20 year prize that I started out on this journey to obtain.

Jonathan's Board in 1996
Ynot.com 1997-1999
Netpond.com 1999-2000
Oprano.com 2000-2001
Ricks Board 2000-20005
RicksBlog.com 2007-Present
Linkedin Joint Venture Group 2013

And so it was on April 9, 2007

I have not even re-read this post but as I pasted it I found a LIE I told you and so let's set the record straight.

'I promise to shorten these posts'

ok, I lied. Was not intentional. Danny Welsh did not help either. ;-)

ok, I better re-read the post below and see what else I screwed up.

And the balloons did arrive courtesy of Owen.

Ok, reread it. You decide if I nailed it! You decide if I did what I said I was going to do. You decide if I have earned my wings. :-)

RicksBlog.com Grand Opening!!

Happy Grand opening!

What? No balloons?? Where's the marching band? When the first mall opened near my home in the late 50's or early 60's my mother brought home 2 gold fish for showing up during the grand opening. It's been a long time since that has happened and I am sad to report I have no gold fish for you today. However I do think I have some gold to share with you. Gold that will be with you for the rest of your life and gold that I hope you will share. I don't sell this gold by the ounce. I give it away by the truck load. We'll just have to agree to meet up on another day for the fish.

Some may call my gold 'Fools gold.' They are entitled to do that. But I will tell you that they were wrong about yesterday, wrong about today and the evidence shows they will be wrong about tomorrow as well. My mission is to begin the conversation with those outside the domain industry as to why domain names are an important part of any marketing strategy. Perhaps THE single most important part. It is the foundation of what we do. I will ask folks to leave their prejudices and misconceptions about domain owners at the door because we have NUMBERS to talk about. Stunning numbers compiled over more than a decade and while others were swept out of the game during the collapse, we as domain owners, survived and even thrived. So domain insiders please stand by. I will need your assistance presenting those numbers. Then we will compare those numbers against traditional parallels.

The first few posts were an attempt to lay a foundation. A starting point. I hope folks that come here for years to come read these initial posts first as it will help to explain where I am coming from. I hope folks will point others here that need to quickly get up to speed about what a GREAT domain name represents. I will try and define what a GREAT domain is and how to spot them.

I hope you will allow me to continue to lay this foundation over the next few weeks before I attempt to address current conditions and where I see us all in the next 10 years. This blog is not for everyone. Believe me I will say something that you won't agree with and is gonna piss you off. So what do you want me to do? Not tell you what I truly believe? Sugar coat it? BULLSHIT you?
NO WAY! You get it direct and unfiltered and if it provokes a passionate debate, then the GOAL should be find the best answer and look at as many possibilities as possible without getting stuck in the gunk. I believe good people with good hearts will find common ground even when they disagree.
Life is all about making good decisions. Lee Iaccoca said something to the effect that if you can gather 75% of the facts, you are in a position to make a good decision. I have used that as a rule of thumb for many years. I think EVERYTHING in life is based on EVERY decision we make. The smallest decision can be the biggest and vice versa.

What I hope to accomplish is let you see what makes me tick so you can see what I see. Let's be blunt. 6 billion folks on the earth and only a few hundred really saw this incredible opportunity that is now a worldwide industry and growing under the radar faster than anyone has any idea of.

It's about saying out loud what you dare to believe and dare to dream and dare to achieve. So much of all of our successes comes from how deeply we believe in something. Passion without being obnoxious. All I can do is share what I see, why I see it and what I saw in the past that has unfolded like a well thought out portrait and why that is directly related to the future.

I came to the net and domains with a 20 year plan. That always raises some eyebrows. But it was with this 20 year plan in mind that I have always moved forward. That plan is now more than 50% complete. All I can say is I underestimated just how big and important the domain channel would become and how fast that would happen. It's also frustrating as hell that it moves so slow on a daily basis. My mission has been to accelerate the inevitable because our time here is short and undefined.

So I hope you will bear with me as I try and paint a picture that folks from every corner of industry can come to and grasp and understand and respond and embrace. I hope folks that need a fast track education on domain names will be pointed here. It's free for anyone that wants to listen and see what I see.
I promise to shorten these posts once I create the foundation I think it will serve us well for years to come. But one last thing. If you look to your left you will see some of my domain names and websites. I think it will be fun to change the last domain from time to time. Today's domain is 'Widgets.com.' Today it is a parked page. The power of a domain is that tomorrow it can be anything I want it to be and the flow of fresh new eyeballs that come there every day will just see something else. There is obvious room for VAST improvement on widgets.com. But that is a domain to be developed on another day. Today's domain is RicksBlog.com and I want to thank you for coming!
Have a GREAT day!
Rick Schwartz

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