And Speaking of A 1999 Private Letter to My New Attorney Howard Neu. Circa 1999

Morning Folks!!

Shortly after the suit between Campbell's and yours truly and when I had first met Howard, I had another interesting conflict with another very large company.

In those days, domain owners just rolled over. Not me. I was going to be the mouse that roared because the Internet as a medium was meant to even the playing field and these SOB's were going to have to deal with the new reality.

I do not look for or pick these fights, but I relish them when they come. I relish them because it is these wins that protects my other domains and yours too!

'Hi Howard!!

In response to Lilly’s offer……I am confused by their lack of
understanding. Please ask them the following question:

If I am willing to spend 6 figures each on two separate
actions involving Lilly Industries to KEEP…….are they absolutely
insane and out of touch with reality to think that an offer like that is

I would have loved to see the mental process, if any,
involved to come to this? How ridiculous
and silly can a company that has been around 134 years look? I just don’t get it.
Let alone that the annual profit on is many times more than that!!

As I have said in several public forums this year……there are
companies of the last 100 years and companies of the next 100 years.

Please make it CLEAR to Lilly Industries that I am in this
for the duration. If they INSIST in publicly showing that THIS is the type of
outfit they are……they have a LOT more to lose than I do. Don’t let them
underestimate my resolve in this matter. Now not only am I dealing with a Corporate
Bully…….I now find myself dealing with Corporate IDIOTS!!

I want both of my days in court. I want the WORLD to see
this for what it is. I want my peers to understand what a terrible thing Lilly
and others are doing. If they want to settle, tell them to backoff and act in a
responsible way that you would expect such a corporation like Lilly Industries
to act.

Tell them I have taken SEVERAL polls and when asked if folks
were confused between Lilly, Ely Lilly and Lilly Industries, 500 out of 500 were
totally confused. When asked about goof off the paint remover and goofoff the
time waster, not a single person was confused.

I don’t want to be nasty and I sure did not look for this
fight……but the ONLY confusion here is on the part of 1 of those Lilly’s because
I still don’t have a clue of who’s who.

I have repeatedly said no to interviews with television and
radio in regards to this matter. On January 2, 2000, if not before, I am going
to begin to accept those invites. If this continues I want the world to know
what I know about the arrogance, ignorance, stupidity of Lilly Industries.'

They did not get any smarter over the years and came back at a 2nd bite at the apple. Here is where that is now. All traffic goes to my blog post and all is ON THE RECORD FOR THE RECORD!!!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

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