Not So Fast Mr. Berkens! .Co Takes 2nd Big Blow. Down but not Out!

Mornng Folks!!

The idiots and morons always IGNORE my main point. Because if they actually had to argue the MAIN POINT, they would go down in defeat in the opening round. They have no answer to my main point and they will never have an answer that will hold water. So they have to distract your attention.

This is the story of Wantable.CO buying Wantable.COM for a number of reasons. Led by CONFUSION! Not Confucius idiots and morons. CONFUSION! But ahh, you are so confused!

You can listen to all types of information. Most is biased. I am not immune. So when REALITY surfaces, that speaks 1000x louder than all the nonsense in between. So open your ears. Deal with FACTS!


Last year Mr. Johnson explained a 61% loss using the domain name in lieu of This year it is story that emerged on Mike Berkens Blog. Seems went out and bought Wantable.COM via Sedo for $47,000. Am amount that Sedo was supposed to remain confidential.

The story closes with 'It looks like a huge success story for the .Co registry.'

Well not so fast Mr. Berkens my good friend. This is in fact a good story for .com and not such good news for .co. However, the POINT in all this is something I have repeatedly stated since this debate began and left the following comment on Mike's blog: Ya know, the POINT I always try to make and the idiots and morons just gloss over like the 2000LB Gorilla isn't even there. It's there baby and here is another PUBLIC sighting!

'This is the ONLY way to brand a non .com.
You MUST have the .com and THEN you can promote and brand ANY extension you like.
It does NOT work in reverse!'

So I have nothing against .co or .info or .crap or .whatever. My ONLY issue is that being CUTE without owning the DOT COM is not only the WORST business decision one can make, but I can get on stage for 3 HOURS or more and go over reason after reason after reason that you MUST have the .com version of the domain IF you promote a non .com.

So simple even a bean counter should embrace it!

But later after my comment the BUYER of Wantable.COM chimed in on the reasons. STRAIGHT from the horses mouth. These are his reasons. What he learned and discovered. HE FIXED IT!!! THAT is how you do business and I want to congratulate Jalem Getz for being a SMART BUSINESS MAN!! For figuring it out. For not going down with the ship. For recognizing certain TRUTHS because it COST HIM MONEY and lost business. He FIXED the gaping leak. Well done CAPTAIN!!!

Sorry, I am doing this 18 years. Not having the .com version of your domain going forward is moronic and costly. Look at all the folks that started as a .net and you will find that more than 75% of COMPANIES THAT COUNT have acquired their .com version.

So these words along with Mr. Johnson's words will stand taller than all the BULLSHIT we are about to be spewed at to us.

'Hello everyone, my name is Jalem Getz and I’m the president of Wantable, inc. I thought I might add some clarity to why we purchased the .com. I simply want to share our story since I’ve been an Internet entrepreneur for a long time and have always appreciated it when others gave me candid and honest information. Obviously my opinions and experiences are in the vacuum of our business and don’t necessarily apply to other companies.

First: Sedo violated our NDA by disclosing the purchase price. And, to make it worse they got the number wrong.

We actually leased the .com domain 9 months ago when we launched our website It has always redirected to the .co. Leasing the domain gave us the freedom to build a business around the .co but have the option to use the .com when and if there was consumer confusion.

What we learned: the .co is confusing to a small segment of consumers, it is also more likely to get marked as spam by Facebook and email providers. We experienced each of these issues first hand and while none were insurmountable it was clearly an issue.

Why we purchased the .com and what we plan on doing: we purchased the domain this past week, a full 3 months before our lease expires because we feel by owning the .com we can re-brand as “Wantable” and not need to include the .com or .co extension. Expect to see our website running on the .com extension within the month.

While I’m a big fan of the .co movement, and currently advise a few .co companies, I feel if given the option a company should operate under the .com before the .co extension of their brand.

I hope this adds some color to our reasoning and the information is useful to those interested.'

So folks, swallow HORSE SHIT or take it from the horses mouth! Stop ignoring facts and evidence. These companies have no agenda but building a profitable business. They shared their findings.

The Bottom line is .whatever is GREAT, but with out owning the .com, you are likely to FAIL because of confusion. And even if you don't fail, you will stunt your growth, work harder for less business and you FAIL as the CEO from not allowing this to happen to your respective companies. So be cute, but be AWARE! Because you don't have to agree with me and when you find out I was right you will be long gone!

And if you still can't figure this one out, just send IRS DOUBLE the taxes today because that is how much REAL business you are losing each year and eventually you can add 'FINAL RETURN' as your companies fail if you don't LEARN!

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

21 thoughts on “Not So Fast Mr. Berkens! .Co Takes 2nd Big Blow. Down but not Out!

  1. Domainer2

    That was so good, I wanted to cry. Why doesn’t everyone see this, Rick? Seems so obvious, yet every forum seems to have some idiot insisting that .CRAP is gonna be the next .COM.
    Can’t wait for the upcoming gtld’s to all fail on their longtail asses and make .com the only game in town. You know what that is gonna do to their pricing? Think they are expensive now? Ha! Just wait!
    Keep up the awesome work and thanks for the reminder as to why we need to keep renewing our .com domains.

  2. James

    Interesting how you constantly put down .CO and praise .com; yet when looking at the majority of your sales each month, Rick, they are all .CO.
    Very sneaky.

  3. Rick Schwartz

    “James” the moron just showed up.
    James, let me give you some facts.
    To the best of my recollection I have NEVER sold a .CO.
    Got that?
    Never. But I do let pigeon shot drop and I guess that might mean that you are eating my pigeon shit. Tasty is it? I don’t like MORONS and IDIOTS as described in my post spreading misinformation because they have an agenda. Got it??

  4. tricolorro

    Jalem Getz…the president of Wantable, inc. says:
    “Expect to see our website running on the .com extension within the month.”
    I think THAT says it all.

  5. Rick Schwartz

    Jalem Getz…the president of Wantable, inc. says:
    “Expect to see our website running on the .com extension within the month.”
    I think THAT says it all.
    tricolorro, that is not fair. You are trying to confuse the confused because they are going to go APE SHIT trying to twist what is CLEAR! So watch as the ship of fools come out and start swinging from the trees. They are not going to know how to address that as a business person so they will address it like I have described in this post.,
    Would you like some popcorn?

  6. John

    We just sold a 2010 registered .com to a startup who launched off a .co there first offer was $5k, we did a nice counter and they accepted. They had a online registration system platform, and were worried about spill over traffic, same kinda story as wantable, except it was done via escrow.

  7. John

    Awesome!!! Why is it you are the ONLY major blogger pointing out the strengths of .com and the flaws of .info, .biz, .co, .areo, .museum , .pro , .cc , etc… ?
    It has to be because everyone else has agendas, right? It sure looks that way.
    On top of it all you have some certain”experts” that have been in this industry less then five years telling established companies they are”smart” and will look”cool” with a cutesy domain name.
    As far as I can tell you have Mike Berkens, Morgan Linton, Frank Schilling and others pushing this parade of .co and other extensions. It truly is sad to see them do this and expect the public to benefit from it.
    With our exhaustive, collective domain knowledge we have a moral responsibility to guide lemmings in the right direction, so I hope those that are pushing .co and the other new gTLDs actually believe what they say, otherwise it is a disservice to the public to knowingly guide them to a miserable fate.

  8. UFO

    Not really, .co is marketed and promoted as .co for company. Very few people ever do typo’s on .com and get .co, not enough to warrant buying the extension simply to get the traffic.
    The one and only thing ANYONE needs to know, is that billions of advertising dollars by the worlds largest companies are bashed on promoting .com.
    Domain extensions like ANY other trademark revolves around recognition, recollection and reputation. Yes, the 3 R’s that you need to learn.

  9. Simon

    “Not having the .com version of your domain going forward is moronic and costly.”
    Agree 100%.
    Let me share a little secret. We already had as well as the british spelling – but we did *not* have the .com. After years of development, we held off going live for months, until we had acquired the .com domain. Now we own the lot – end of story. :-)

  10. Chad folkening

    Just got back from Monterey Mexico speaking about domains and my study was right. 70% of the signs to and from airport and businesses were guess what .mx or .com or .com is by far the preferred extension in so many other countries proving you can build a global brand on a .com but not on another extension. And go to market globally. More to come on my first blog post coming soon about .com and global branding facts. Work hard and smart but not stupid.

  11. Rick Schwartz

    “Global” is a keyword in all this and every company has a choice.
    Get 1900++++ .whatevers plus the several hundred country codes or get the .com.
    So simple even the beancounters should see the difference. Keeping track of all those renewals. $25,000/year or more in registration fees. Maintaining thousands of those doors cuz each needs monitoring and security at the very least.

  12. Rick Schwartz

    Ok, so the latest”John” on this thread responds to the invisible James on this thread.
    Which one is the idiot and which one is the moron?
    Oh! They are one in the same!
    You idiots only have an agenda, can never use you real name or the company you work for as a cubicle whore. Tho we might be able to guess who!

  13. Rick Schwartz

    Unless you IDIOTS post a verifiable name and email addy, I am no longer posting your CRAP!
    Sorry that FACTS are such a threat to you and you have nothing to argue with.
    I have just enough fodder here by your posts to keep it interesting.

  14. J

    Can’t really be said much better than that.
    .whatever is fine as long as you have the .com

  15. Ramahn

    “Domain extensions like ANY other trademark revolves around recognition, recollection and reputation. Yes, the 3 R’s that you need to learn.”
    @UFO VERY well put.


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