The 2009 Post that Started You Can’t Make it Up!

Morning Folks!!

It was September 22, 2009 that I made my first post about that I can find online and date stamped. It talks about what I plan to do in 2009 and I state in that post that my vision would take 5 years to manifest itself. So while others jack rabbit all over the place, my head is down, my goal is in mind and in the days and weeks ahead you are going to witness first hand what we intend to do and how we intend to do it.

The 'Pitch Pages' are being customized domain by domain and soon the first set will be released. It takes incredible fortitude to put these pages together because each is like it's own little screen play. Each has an individual story to tell about the domain name. Each is a call to action. Each is the beginning of a discussion. Each are composed of many elements and why some may be invisible yo you, they won't be invisible to the audience we are targeting.

So here it was September 22, 2009 as I layout a basic course of where I want to go, why I want to go there and how I intend to do it. That was nearly 3 years before I ever met of Danny Welsh and 2.5 years before we had our first discussion about it.

That was over 3.5 years before we began to get our 125 charter domain holders and some of the best domains in the world to go to market with. And it was 3.5 years before we had a sales force of 12 that publicly applied for those positions via

It will be about 3 years 8 months and 8 days before I go on stage at TRAFFIC and show the results of our efforts. A seed that started with the following post. And that is why it is all on the record for the record. It is easy to manufacture 20/20 hindsight and rewrite history, but when you have your thoughts and ideas PUBLICLY time stamped, those words and deeds are more meaningful when accomplished. When a form begins to appear. Where something imagined can be brought to life.

So fasten your seat belts the next 6 weeks as we ramp up to T.R.A.F.F.I.C. are going to be interesting and exciting and you are going to see a huge amount of progress in a very short amount of time.

Thanks for being part of this journey and Stay Tuned!!

Morning Folks!!

How many years do you think it would take to just look at your domains and decide to open 1000 full fledged businesses? Not just 'Develop' for the sake of it, build businesses. Let me give you a quick answer. You won’t live long enough. Your kids won’t live long enough. So while folks 'Develop' and experiment with minisites, PLAY with TEMPORARY search traffic, I look at everything a bit different. I already got the hair on some of your backs up. But read on before you form your opinion.

See we don’t have time to build 1000 businesses and then we certainly don’t have the TIME to run 1000 businesses. BUT…..when you are a fool like me, you go against the grain. So I realized many years ago that building 1000 businesses was not a possibility. 5000? 50,000, Not in 10 lifetimes.

However there is another way once you all stop laughing and shaking your head. You can laugh. I employ. I look forward. I look to see what things will look like when they evolve, NOT today, not yesterday. What the hell is that Rick??

Well, we may not have time to build 1000 businesses but we certainly have the time to do 1000 joint ventures. So I own Think about that. When Trump owns a piece of land he does not build it, he partners with a DEVELOPER and contractors and takes a slice. His TIME commitment is limited to making the deal. Anytime you can invest little or no time and get a return, you are a winner!

So in my mind development is a joint venture that becomes a big business. That won’t work for everyone. It will and does work for me. And again, it is not the developing that counts, it is the business. I can’t run 1000 businesses well. But I certainly can team up with partners to run 1000 businesses well. Nearly 15 years into this and I have never waivered from this belief. Matter of fact, I have never been more confident about it. Now the only thing that will change is the percentage split. In time my share will increase with every deal I make. The goal is 50%. In some cases it may be higher. In most cases it will be much lower. Do you ever wonder what 10% of 1000 businesses would look like??

So keep laughing. The picture I have in my mind of what I want to accomplish is clear and very different from others. That is ok, none of us can have the same business plan. They are all unique. What we can do is compare notes. Share ideas. Share our path. Don’t judge a work of art until it is finished. My picture needs less than 5 years to really take shape, take form and change the way everyone does business in this industry.

You can see that very clear and vivid divide. It is just how you approach things. A waitress goes to work and every day earns dollars. The days she does not work, she gets nothing. So some in this business work like that. They have to hustle every day to make ends meet. No work. No money. Others are much more methodical. They just do things differently and are not dependant on that job or even that restaurant.

And both post end the same:

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

One thought on “The 2009 Post that Started You Can’t Make it Up!

  1. Adrian Mack

    Funnily enough today I read your very post from 2009! I am at a crossroads and considering what form/structure my next business will take. That post has encouraged me to think bigger.
    After becoming enthralled with this blog I decided to go back to the very first post. I am reading from then til 2013. I am up to page 68 heading down to zero. I started at 98 or something. Its been 3-4 months since I started. Each day I read a few more posts. Problem is you add new ones :)
    I will finish your entire blog but it may take another year. I don’t mind because I am learning each day. You have taught me patience and timing in business is everything. I now think more about the future, not just the present. Thank you for sticking wih this blog. Visionary is the only word.


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