Breaking: The Real Question: Who Will Acquire Godaddy?

Morning Folks!!

Everyone is on the "Breaking" bandwagon except I am in a wagon in front of the news. The news is news. But what does the news mean? That should be the question. Where does the news lead should be an even bigger question.

So my question is who is going to acquire  That's a much more interesting question. Who wants to get in the space? Answer that and you will have the entire picture. It would complete the eco system for many that could afford to buy them. My take is they just set themselves up to be acquired by several that are on the tip on my tongue.

That's may take. Based on nothing.  But when you add that to the 1 and 1 approach, something big is going on and we are just starting. How much more proof do folks want that the business of business is back and is soon to be in full swing? That's the real story! You folks are in the middle of what will become a frenzy!

Rick Schwartz

13 thoughts on “Breaking: The Real Question: Who Will Acquire Godaddy?

  1. UFO


    However google could just sell domains off its other products and build up any business that way. Never really understood Google, they seem to try to win big with initiatives and hash it up aka checkout and then vere off into other speculative plays like glass…. when they could have just gone for cross sell things like domains and bandwidth, easy points on the board.

    I don’t think google has the inclination or interest in godaddy they are not marketing enough. Yahoo would be a more likely candidate. People might laugh but Yahoo in a ‘social context’ over the longer run may well beat ‘reference section’ google.

  2. Aaron Strong

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuck seems to understand the value of domains. An acquisition such as Godaddy would lay the groundwork for years ahead by integrating website related products and services with social media and internet access. The possibilities are endless with the fusion of Zuck and Godaddy. It is clear Godaddy is headed “off the road” based on their marketing strategy and will only survive by being acquired, and not by acquiring.

  3. M.G.

    Bigger fish in domain industry would certainly have a positive impact to domaining, so let’s hope Google, Yahoo, Facebook or some other big company will make that step…

  4. ivorytrader

    i’m bettin’ microsoft. taking over the domain space could be a huge boost to bing. ‘course i’m usually wrong about these things so don’t bet the farm.

  5. WTF?

    But, what are you all saying here?!???

    Really you don’t understand?!!?
    Same problem of gTLDs here!!!

    Search engines CAN NOT distribute domains, the same domains that people ask them to classify FAIRLY!

    Is it really so diffficult to understand?!?!??

  6. robsequin

    I think Godaddy has been working with Microsoft on a few tech projects behind the scenes.

    I told my account rep that if Microsoft buys Godaddy, I will move all my domains out of Godaddy.

    Microsoft would suck the life out of Godaddy and run it aground.

    Microsoft is a visionless company IMO.

    I hope Google… or Frank Shilling buys Godaddy. :-)

    However, maybe Warren Buffet would buy the company.

  7. Robbie

    In regards to the billions of dollars of valuation now set upon Godaddy, I don’t think FS would want to risk his security to play in this game. If he does find some well back partners, he could make a play, but doubtful, he could probably create his own from what we have seen, and get the support of his 2 million domain strong army.

    Godaddy did setup roots in Seattle, MSFT has a war chest, and are desperately looking to build some growth… It is possible, but yes as Rob stated it would suck the life out of this company. I really can’t see any other visionary of a company other than google, or even a long shot amazon in trying to take over godaddy. I wish godaddy went public ages ago, I would have been an investor since day 1.

    Platinum VIP client

  8. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,

    It takes little genius to read between the lines here. There is a coming consolidation of registrars due to the surmise and ineffectiveness of the gTLD spawns.

    I have said this will happen many times, both here and on the domains blog, in effect literally telegraphing this coming manifestation.

    Gratefully, Jeff schneider (Contact Group0 (Metal Tiger)


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