Apple IOS7 in a word, Disappointing!

Morning Folks!!

Until a few minutes ago I could not wait to order my new iphone tomorrow. After installing the new ios7, not so sure.  It is hard to see and read as everything seems it is using a very light font that old guys like me can't see that well. Luckily I updated an old  iphone I don't use cuz if it were for my regular iphone, I would be very disappointed and unhappy right now. At every place they use light fonts and not bold and black any longer or light white and no longer clear and bold. Big mistake! And that is just my first complaint. Ah, but there is a setting that helps some, but not al. The time is smaller, too small.

Matter of fact the entire operating system feels a little too Windows like for my taste. But I will keep an open mind. But at first glance the first time I am not wowed.

Steve Jobs is gone and so is his vision if this is what we can expect. I sure hope they fix the fonts because right now, no value to me. This operating system is not good!

Rick Schwartz

11 thoughts on “Apple IOS7 in a word, Disappointing!

  1. Shaun Morton

    Hi Rick,

    Try this, if you haven’t already. In settings, go to General – Accessibility. There you can make the text bolder, change text size, and increase contrast. Maybe that will help.



  2. John

    Steve Jobs is gone
    It’s basically just another Corporation being run by non founders.
    Steve has passed on and Apple will be just another company run by other people
    Perhaps, Elon Musk will create a Phone one day after he is done with Cars and Solar.

  3. UFO

    Apple is on its way to how it was last time Jobs wasn’t there. I think they’ve got all lightweight on things so it speeds applications. Maybe I’m wrong. But when I’ve looked at Apple icon’s I’ve always been impressed with the glossy look and attention to detail, I saw these new icons and wasn’t impressed at all. Guess they want to be more like Samsung.

    Can’t understand why anyone would want to an Apple. The Micro SD card is FUSED to the circut board so you can’t upgrade or transfer data without one of their silly data cables. What about music, errr go to Apple store and buy their stuff. I have two sim cards for business and personal calls. What about Apple? There’s more to the list, but on speed, performance and cost its a generic phone for me all the way, and thats half the price of Samsung which is half the price of Apple. I brought it in from China for $65 USD landed, if I’d shelled out a bit more could have had a phone that looks like an Apple but runs on Android..

  4. Josh

    I had an iphone before my twins were born in 2008. Then I went with the droid. Today I have a Galaxy Note 2. I would never go back to an iPhone because I love my BIG screen. Yeah I know, some say size doesn’t matter but, to me it does! :)

    When I walked into Verizon recently to upgrade, the guy tried to get me to buy an iPhone. I said, why all I see are broken screens on iPhones. He replied, any smart phone breaks when you drop it. I pulled my Samsung Charge from my pocket, dropped it on the floor in front of him–didn’t slam it, just dropped it from my hand level. It didn’t break. I said, now you do that with your iPhone. I got a nervous laugh and then I bought the Galaxy Note with the big screen that fits my hands well.

    Having said that, I love my iPad. Or my kids do. I rarely get to use it anymore.

  5. UFO

    @ Josh. That sure made me laugh, even I’ve never try that. There’s some seriously good kit out there to basically make your phone bomb proof even for iphones.

    Have to laugh, just been sent a new phone cover design from a manufacturer for this iphone 5c or whatever and its for girls, it has a MIRROR that flips out of the back of the phone for those all important touch up jobs AND can act as a stand. lol… just waiting for the app that makes the lipstick appear out of the phone jack…lol.

  6. Tony

    I’ve been using the Note 2 since it was available last Fall and think it was the best electronic device ever made not just phone. It’s unequivocally a desktop replacement that fits in the palm of your hands and can make phone calls. If it were a Lamborghini, the iPhone would be a go-cart. I was an iPhone user up to the iPhone 5 too. It’s more hype than substance and was revolutionary 5 years ago.

  7. Owen Frager!
    “Typography isn’t just about taste; it’s about functionality. On the screen, and for information design, Helvetica – whether Neue or not – is not functional; it just gives the flavor of functionality. The letterforms are too closed, too uniform; they’re not easy enough to distinguish at a glance. And a glance is exactly what we give to the screen of our phone.” — iOS7 typography: too thin, too tight by John D. Berry,

    Everything about the new design of iOS that was previewed this week looked nifty, except for the typography. Okay, I’m not wild about the candy colors, but that’s just taste. Typography isn’t just about taste; it’s about…


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