All New Version 2

Morning Folks!!

I stated that the site I had put online for was ugly but would serve the purpose.

Within a few hours I had several offers to revamp and one guy even sent me a whole new site cuz he needed to "practice".

Nice upgrade!!

Rick Schwartz

2 thoughts on “All New Version 2

  1. M.G.

    Talking about UDRPs, the biggest domain looser is Louis Vuitton >> [] The French fashion house Louis Vuitton missed the registration of matching their well known “LV” monogram. In 2004 the address was for sale by its owner Manifest Information Service but LVMH tried to get it via a domain law suit. As two letters can have many different significations the National Arbitration Forum denied the transfer of the domain. The failed lawsuit was followed by financial negotiations. The British insurance company Liverpool Victoria then became aware of the case; its new president Mike Rogers stepped in and in August 2007 outbid the world’s largest luxury brand.

  2. tcr

    I looked at the first version, and I am looking at the version 2, I can not see any difference or improvements, are you sure version 2 is launched?


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