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Evening Folks!!

So as I often do when I meet a business owner, they ask what I do and I say "I making my living on the Internet" and that usually starts things rolling. And that was the case last week when I went in for my new photo as I explained the shot was for my blog to Michael Lloyd. I found out he too had a blog and before the photo shoot even began we had agreed on each making a blog post and linking to each other.

And so it is. You will see he got one thing a little off with owning the .com and the .net but as an end-user and a 5 minute conversation got the gist of it. You must own the .com if you don't want to leak traffic to somebody else. He gets it and many domainers still don't.

His domain is simple. 2 words. .com. No pitfalls. Radio friendly, easy to remember and probably has no need for anything else EVER!

His job is to include it everywhere on everything he does and prints and send and gives and all the rest. Normally I would tell him to get extra domain names for traffic. But photo and wedding domains were some of the first to be used and they are hard to find. But he could get specific and add BocaRaton or Florida or SouthFlorida to a keyword he may be associated with. Of course without even looking it up I am sure is gone.But there could be a variable that can be plugged in and could get lucky or find one parked and make an offer.

As a domainer you may laugh at 1, 2 or 3 visitors a day to a domain. As an end-user, 1, 2, 3 more customers a day can transform a business.

I get off on this because it was not long ago I would walk down the street and not a single business was online or had a website. Today there is not a one without a website. It did not happen overnight but in historical terms it happened faster than anything this big that I can ever remember.

The dark side photo was something I was not sure I was going to do when I walked in. I brought the shirt and glasses for it but I decided I would wait and see how they were on the regular shot. I wasn't even sure it was a good idea. But I decided to tell them what I had in mind and they started getting excited about it and  then their creativity started coming thru and the rest is history.

So Donna, ladies, great idea and I love great ideas and follow thru on them and that is what makes the world go round.

Michael, nice to meet you and I am sure we will see each other again soon! Happy Blogging!

Rick Schwartz



3 thoughts on “Blog Post Duo. Photographer and a Domain King

  1. Louise

    Jeremy Renner alert! Line of Sight is a production under secrecy, but the link you supplied shows unofficial pics of the set, rumored to be filmed in the first person from the shooter, like a video game.

    I don’t want to see it. I just want to know the inside scoop!

    Your dark pics look very actorly at the top, there, speaking of movies . . . Watch out you don’t get drafted to appear in the movie!

  2. JBS

    Rick – I understand that you decline TRAFFIC nominations for the best domain blog but I honestly look forward to your posts the most each day. It is great to see you blogging so much recently. I think it is partly for the validation of the common path most of us are on together, but equally for your sincere enthusiasm of the entrepreneurial spirit. I know that you are sincerely pulling for all of us to be successful. This post is just another example of all the above… A sincere thanks from an average, long time reader.


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