What do You do When the Confusion starts and You Get Confused?

Morning Folks!!

Within a year most folks won't know which way is up or down when it comes to domain investing. The voices will be all over the place and eventually you may want to put your hands over your ears and walk away. But walk to where?

Well, my advice in this coming year when confusion sets in is to come right here and read my posts and let me help you untangle the knot of confusion.

To that end you might want a get a current list of all extensions and see how many of each are registered. Then you have to discount each and every defensive domain. They mean nothing to anyone but the registries. They are not really part of the eco system because of their use or non use.

So don't be fooled by misleading this and that. Stuff that has no influence in value or need. Self serving press releases that will basically make a lot of stuff up. So when you do read these releases, read between the lines. There are going to be thousands of them to come. Many thousands. Our minds could not even absorb what is coming and then actually separate what is truly meaningful.

700 rocks. How many are precious and have long-lasting value? That is what we are about to learn.

Every extension has an infinite amount of combinations and names and that is only with trademarks. There is no limit regardless of what you hear. Just look at this story by Berkens. There is an infinite amount of domains in each and every extension. Every lawyer in the world should come to the domain industry because there is an infinite amount of work and billing. So more than anything else, it will likely open up trademarks to more abuse than ever before. Profiting on those trademarks.

It's gonna be fun tho as we all watch this clusterf*ck unfold. Like 700 different soap operas. And everyone reading this should benefit from it no matter how badly this was all thought out. 70o and who will dominate? Who will die on the vine. Consolidation is already in full force. Every domainer that does not have a domain portfolio to support themselves will eventually find jobs in these companies as domain experts. So that is just one of the things that will unfold and will be very visible.

So when you are exhausted and confused, this is the place to come to untangle the mess that is coming. You may or may not agree with my writings. 90% chance you won't agree. Maybe higher. Scares the crap outta me when too many agree. But it will be VERY hard to disagree with the questions I ask, the pitfalls I point out and the numbers that some will try to use to fool.

We each have an opinion about what is to come. If you really want to know, watch what they do don't listen to what they say.

Rick Schwartz

9 thoughts on “What do You do When the Confusion starts and You Get Confused?

  1. Scott Alliy

    No substitute for experience. Those of us around in the mid to late nineties and with good memories will see certain actions from inexperienced marketing types at new registries and from over zealous investors and will know with certainty what will happen next.
    To your point Rick, new investors who jump into the GTLD storm can either pay in advance with their time reading and learning or they will pay with their wallets and Join the swelling ranks of the proud holders of pigeon shit domains LOL

  2. Jeff

    A good and solid post Rick.

    Guess let the games begin, your “friends” are sounding more like newbies. I said this before will say it again, the middle of the market will disappear off(hopefully not me).. Lots of confusion and panic all ready begun….

    I know the middle of the market is hurting, but gezz you big guys seem as confused as the middle of the market or trend domainers. Go a month or 2 months without a domain sale and this will wipe anyone out.

    Nasdaq 5000 remember that? Hype and collapse. Similar thing will happen.

  3. UFO

    If I was a new registry I’d advertise in the traditional media about a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to acquire keywords in this new extension, NO RESERVE. Secure your place on the internet with the best names around… yada yada. Hopefully pull in a mill or 2, then turn the lights off at the office and walk out. (Well I wouldn’t but plenty will imho).

    What do Tulip Bulbs, Snake Oil, Bit Coins and new Domain extensions all have in common? We’ll see…

  4. Observer

    Yes, confusion is the right word. I am afraid many people, whether companies or individuals, are growing confused with what to do in the face of the new development. Some company people I met recently say what’s happening surrounding domains now is more and more annoying to them because it makes the management of company domains, including of course planning for all those profitless and wasteful defensive registration plans, more and more painstaking labour.

  5. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,

    Many will buy the keyword gTLDs first and waste valuable and expensive time they could spend by buying the .COM first. The time premium on .COMS valuations increase exponentially with days and weeks,as more players enter the domain cash flow stream.

    What is there not to understand about this?

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)


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