Housing.co.in Buys Housing.com

Morning Folks!!

It's all about swimming upstream and upstream is .com and we just keep finding PURE EVIDENCE.

Today more pure evidence as Housing.co.in figured out what so many other will and that is they need the .com to compete in the major leagues of the world stage. Pure and simple. No nonsense. They are not the first and this will just be a growing trend. Viva gTLDS's baby!! The greatest fuel .com can ever dream to get.

The entire story is here.

World stage or a local yokel? Choose!

And they got a bargain!

Rick Schwartz


4 thoughts on “Housing.co.in Buys Housing.com

  1. domain guy

    I think frank is on to something, companies will want to control their own social media on their own tld. It only makes sense who needs fb and twitter? As the accumulation of new tlds come into play google will change its algo into compliance. content will become king. you see not one bid on marchex spin off portfolio…this is the market….I remember ricks last auction? It will be a 20 yr transistion period a slooooww slide out of .com. remember the castillio bros stating years ago they were loosing type ins into their .coms…It would be nice to own the corresponding .com however like rick stated their are 27 flavors and their will be some success reguard less of what every one else states.
    It is worth stating all the premium names are on the 1-800 bandwagon all the second tier brands are on 1-866 or whatever.


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