Core Diagnostics of Gurgaon, India Tries to Reverse Hijack and LOSES! My Turn!

Afternoon Folks!

According to TheDomains.comCore Diagnostics of Gurgaon, India has just been found GUILTY of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH)

The Complainant is M/s. Core Diagnostics of Gurgaon, India, represented internally. Represented internally??? Love it!  (Otherwise known as a "Self Colonoscopy" with complications. lol) I am gonna stick it hard to these MORONS and would be THIEVES!

We have another Reverse Domain Name Hijacking Decision and this one was a slam dunk in 2 sentences:

4. Factual Background

The Complainant first started business in 2011. It registered its trademarks in 2012.

The Respondent registered the disputed domain name in 2001 and has been using it since then to promote various medical diagnostic products.

GAME OVER in my book and it was!! Nothing more to win this one and EXPOSE another would be THIEF!

Your job is to circulate and let it cost them. That's how you put a fine and penalty on what they do and hopefully that has a long term cost to them. Those that take the time and energy to tell me how meaningless that is let me suggest you help me with that time and energy. Give  it and me the benefit of the doubt.

Time to rip these folks a new one along with their "In house" attorney. SCHMUCKS!

More to come as they get listed on my hit parade charts as #46.

Rick Schwartz

2 thoughts on “Core Diagnostics of Gurgaon, India Tries to Reverse Hijack and LOSES! My Turn!

  1. Privy Domains

    Hey Rick,

    GM, from your post i went to Michael Berkens’s post to check the details and found someone commenting about all the Indian Domainers and and giving outrageous sugesstions.

    Some rotten apples cannot make a whole nation bad.
    Companies like that can be found every place even in US.

    So sad that some people take it to a whole racist / nationalistic level

    Hope you agree

  2. sc

    And the beat goes on. How does anyone with even the smallest amount of business experience think they can pull that one and get away with it? You are right sir; two sentences and off to the gallows with those would be thieves..


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