The Domain Industry, The Consumer and The End-User. Dash, Dot, Dash

Morning Folks!!

As investors in domain names there are many parallels to draw on. Those parallels contain answers where there are no answers. Give maps where there are no maps. Provide a compass where there is no True North. A parallel is an express lane to the future. A parallel is how some make fortunes.

What I love about investing in domain names is I have never seen an other item with so many parallels. A 1 oz gold coin is a one ounce gold coin. You can use it in a variety of ways but it is 1 oz. What will fluctuate is the market price of that one ounce.

Real Estate, Oil, Gold, Stocks, exit ramps, malls, Times Square, more etc's than I have time or room to write.

That added up to my initial premise: "Domains would go up faster in value than any other commodity in the history of mankind".

That so paramount to me!  That was the single most clear vision I had and it was based on Consumers and End-Users. It would be the merger of these 2 groups that would be the catalyst for what I saw. I saw empowerment. That's it. Empowerment.

I saw the poorest of poor and the most rural of rural being able to go to a common place and compete. I saw young and old embracing it. I saw the power of something and what it might look like in 20 years. I would then be overwhelmed by the enormity of what I saw. And each day that has passed I have been just a bit more overwhelmed than the day before.

And now, overwhelmed to the point I can no longer put it in words. To enter an era that so closely resembles my very first premises is something I just want to savor and enjoy. And the most overwhelming is that we are just starting this epic journey. It's starts with understanding this medium. But more importantly it is not about us but by how the consumer and the end-user are beginning to understand it. Consumers are sometimes many steps ahead of business. That is the case online and that is why business chases the consumer like a mad dog chasing a car not the other way around.

If the consumer doesn't care, ya lose. What we all do is consumer based and business is our link to that consumer. They have finally reached the point of that understanding and that is why you are seeing so much activity.

Facebook is wonderful. Twitter is Terriffic. Linkedin is mandatory. But all those are filtered by other parties before it reaches business and the end-user. Domains are pure.

The Domain Industry is merely a star in the solar system. We control nothing but some other stars.

We are about to see what happen when theory and reality collide. When folks that think they are in control find out their control is 100% dependant on the actions of others. I always knew there would be great expansion on the Internet. Some of it needed and makes sense. Those are naturally accepted by consumers and end-users. Notice there is a "Dash" with "end-user". Well I think the "Dash" could end up being a big rival to .whatever.

All I can say is this is all a great bonus I never envisioned and am so thankful it is here. Contrast is what helps sell things. Now we are about to have significant contrast and that is good for all. .Whatever is not a threat. It is an opportunity. I just think different opportunities come in different forms and different packages. When a parallel intersects, it is no longer a parallel.

Rick Schwartz


3 thoughts on “The Domain Industry, The Consumer and The End-User. Dash, Dot, Dash

  1. Edwin Hayward (@uk_domain_names)

    Interesting point about the “dash”, Rick. I wonder what firms will choose when faced with or keyword1.keyword2 or keyword1keyword2.newgtld (assuming the obvious .com, .net etc are gone but they want “keyword1 keyword2” in the domain)

  2. Ramahn

    @Edwin, exactly,,,, .web, .sale, …..?), assuming is taken. Personally, I wouldn’t try to compete with at all (using same keywords), id go a different route using a .com.

    So which business will be cheap and make it difficult for their customers to find/contact them to buy their product/services? Some already do! and the new gtlds aren’t even out yet.

    Keep it simple. Don’t make your customers work in order to do business with you.

  3. JBS

    This is definitely the era of the end-user that you saw coming two decades ago.

    Unless you get a piece of the action though, only the end-user you sell to will reap the true value of your dot com domain. Regardless of the sales price…

    If you only have one great domain, you should be the end-user! If it is not a commercial name, then sell it and buy a commercial name worth developing instead. And then learn, partner up, or do whatever it takes to build out a real business. That is where the real money will be going forward.


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