Pre-Registrations and the .online Surprise

Morning Folks!!

According to the pre-reservation system for new gTLD's .web is #1 and that is no surprise. I have written about .web as the best chance of survivability and adoption by the masses. However the big surprise to me is .online at #2. Really?? Of course this is like Fantasy Football as these are not binding and so who really knows.

Pretty long extension .online. 4 extra letters. What is surprising to me is I own many domains what end with "" and over the years ave been under performers. Maybe this dynamic will change things. Like going back to the future. Almost left for dead. Some of my earliest registrations.

We don't know how this may or may not be manipulated. But it is the only barometer out there at this point so a flawed compass is better than no compass as long as the compass is constant but not stuck.

Everyone talks about 1 Million registrations of any extension. So that would total up to 700 million domains. Don't think so. So some are going to hit that million and for each that does there will be 5-10 that can't blow past 10,000 or maybe less.

I don't see how any of us can lose either way. But even a success on the registry/registrar level does not guarantee success for the investor or  end-user. If they reject it, confused by it or even angry about it, game over before it begins. But I truly don't know all the answers. If you pay close attention , they ALWAYS reveal themselves at the proper time.

Let's just call it the great race and the great experiment. Will be fun for all regardless of the outcome. Opportunity is spelled the same way no matter what vehicle or disguise it comes in.

Rick Schwartz


11 thoughts on “Pre-Registrations and the .online Surprise

  1. Bul

    Rick I wasn’t surprised at all especially for the .web and .online. the .web is obvious but the online had some kind of mental position already in our brain with America online or Africa online. I could easily see it go easy on hears such as for auto parts online or for a company pci online something along those angles.What is truly surprising to me is .shop and .app. I can’t get over the fact that some people really think you need a specific domain extension to have an app.


    The domain name industry is not matured enough to rely on any such unverified data, including reported sales etc.

    If anyone makes decisions based on any domain operators unaudited, or unilateral data, such as preregistrations, weekly sales, and so on, that person will end up as one of the suckers.

    The weekly reported sales could be up to 97% bullshit!

    So, why would anyone rely on preregistration data when a company could easily name their favorite as the pick? Trust, but verify – Reagan.

  3. M.G.

    They count every interest as pre-registration. Let’s say 20,000 people add sex.web or to their pseudo account and now they got 20,000 pre-registrations for each. At the end only one will get that. Also, many (including me), add a lot of junk names to such account, just because “why not”. And maybe I will buy 2-3 domains at the end, none of them plan to use, only forward to matching .com.

  4. JBS

    The great pigeonsh*t experiment. I can’t wait to see all the fun combinations that will be registered…

  5. Robbie

    There are about a zillion techies in india, that are bouncing off walls pre registering these gtlds… I outsource some projects, and they all keep telling me how they have gone through, and registered thousands of names.

    So everyone is wet for gtlds, but how many of these are going to fall by the wayside, smoke, and mirrors, just like all of us wake up daily to those $50 offers from India/China on premium domains, these guys think they are getting tot he front of the line on single dictionary keywords, well the door is going to be slammed shut, and only the highest bidders will selectively get to own the few premium extensions each extension will produce.

    I look at all the domianers that are confused with the launch, can you imagine the end users, who are already clueless… I still remember watching sell for $600K in the sedo auctions etc… .biz, .us if they were hyped in the gtld launch they would be among the top picks as well, but we as domainers already have insight to what has happend to these extensions. I was able to purchase my 3 keyword company initials in .biz for $200 as a vanity purchase, the guy was giddy with glee to get rid of it. Govern yourself accordingly guys…

  6. Andrew

    Although your domains may not get much traffic, a lot of businesses use the term in their domain. I think the idea is they would drop it from the second level and just have it at the first level. Instead of, someone would choose

    The word “online” is the most common word in domain names sold at GoDaddy Auctions.

  7. UFO

    While website owners that are cheapskates and own domains like may switch to that still doesn’t change the fact they are cheapskates and will never be part of any momentum to switch from .com

    Anyone who is anything is already immersed in the .com and they will continue to plug away with it in their advertising.

    The meek aren’t going to inherit the cyber earth thats for sure.

    As far as I am concerned its game over in the world of domains. What was will continue to be will be the same old model. Good and great .com’s will continue to push higher.

    One aspect Rick brought up and is poorly incorporated into high end .com valuations is business applicability to leverage for trading commerce. If you’ve got the cash and can spot the arbitrage then you should swap in to domains that will increase faster.

  8. NEIL

    Good morning,
    I am not a or
    I humble think that the non-sense-pigeon-shit extensions will collapse the Internet Empire. Probably the Klingons want that, before they invade us.

    Will assist to the most ferocious Business Mass Killing on Internet.
    The new extensions must be postponed. Not now.
    Better in 2000-late.
    Just one man’s opinion. Buy.


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