What do you do when a Goal is Met?

Morning Folks!!

I meet my goals because I try to set goals that are obtainable and realistic. That way I get to claw and get it.  And what do you do when you reach a goal? Well the first thing I do is take a deep breath. Enjoy the accomplishment. Then reset the goal a little higher but obtainable. THAT is what works for ME.

Now last week I set a goal of 100 tweets and 50 likes on HallofShame.com. You guys did GREAT!!! As I write this we have 123 tweets and 51 likes. Obtained both initial goals. So what is next?

Well I am told our back links are growing and picking up steam. So that is of course a huge piece of the puzzle if WE want to be relevant in a river or an ocean or we just want to stay in the pond and complain about the scum.

So on to.....

250 tweet and 1oo likes.


500 tweets ad 200 likes

Then 1000 tweets and 400 likes.

And at some point we will have made our case and we will have put an END to Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. Which by the way I DON'T abbreviate. I write it out EVERY single time. If you want to BRAND, then that is just one of the things I do to make sure I don't leak. Sure I will mention RDNH but never without writing out Reverse Domain Name Hijacking right next to it. Why? Relevance and branding!

And Reverse Domain Name Hijacking make actually go up before they go down. There are HUNDREDS of cases that would have been reverse domain name hijacking today but panels were not as sophisticated in the past as they are today. So cases may go up before they go down. But by 2014 or 2015 I think we will be in single digits. and that would be a VISIBLE improvement.

Rick Schwartz

7 thoughts on “What do you do when a Goal is Met?

  1. Domenclature.com


    I believe every active domainer believes in your cause. What troubles me is that there could only be between 100 and 250 domainers left in this damn industry.

    That’s the way I count, when people don’t expect it. I don’t think there’s an active domainer that wouldn’t tweet the cause, so may be there are only 100 domainers that visit domaining.com?

  2. UFO

    Domenclature.com – I don’t tweet because I refuse to have a twitter account, I don’t ‘like’ because I’m not a product on Facebooks database.

    What the ‘industry’ might want to do is see if they can get a business writer to write up an article on domain name disputes. But I doubt if they’ll go out of their way to name and shame simply because these name hijackers are also often their main advertisers.

    The way to get an article written IMHO is to show that once the domain name dispute resolution service was more for cybersquatters but now has increasingly been seen as a chance to gain a high value name for nothing.

  3. Domenclature.com


    Thank you for your response.

    Let’s look at the numbers then, since numbers don’t lie; there could be 3 major scenarios:

    1. Active domainers believe in the cause, and when accounted for, there are less than 300 of us;

    2. Domainers number in the thousands but only 250 believe in the cause;

    3. Domainers number in the thousands but over 75% have twitter and, or Facebook accounts.

    I guess scenario 2 worry me.


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