HallofShame.com Version 3.0 Now LIVE! New Watch List Now Live!

Afternoon Folks!!

A site is never done. It just keeps getting polished. I think you will see a HUGE difference from 1.0 which was my cut and past and 2.0 which has been up 1 week and this version 3.0 which went online like about 60 seconds ago. I have a secret helper and I want to thank very much for taking their time and energy and putting it into this site. I think you will agree what we have done will be MOST impactful. I am told 4.0 is already in the planning stages.

I too will continue to polish the wording and try to make it more concise. Reverse Domain Name Hijacking is a site that won't be received well by some but will be applauded widely by many. At least that is the goal. Fight back and fight back HARD!

We also have our RDNH Watch set up with the first few cases to be watching.

These folks still have time to rethink their cases. I don't know what the outcome will be, but it would not be a surprise to find RDNH in most or all of these cases. They are very interesting and we will see.

As of this writing we have 108 Tweets and 32 Likes. Long way to go but one hell of a start and I thank you for all your support, help and kind words. This is one fight we need to be shoulder to shoulder on and we are!

Rick Schwartz

8 thoughts on “HallofShame.com Version 3.0 Now LIVE! New Watch List Now Live!

  1. M

    Love it – looks great. One suggestion: I think you should more clearly explain / define in 1 or 2 sentences what “RDNH” is. Perhaps toward the top of the site somewhere, or a “What is reverse domain name hijacking” section. (bold, underline, bigger font maybe ?). Just so new visitors get the idea right away and clearly get the message.

    Keep it up !

    1. Rick Schwartz

      Maybe some folks will help me polish this up a bit.

      “What is Reverse Domain Name Hijacking? It is when a person or company tries to STEAL a domain name from the rightful owner by claiming trademark infringement and Bad Faith among other fabrications in order to get a governing panel to award them the domain name. In lay terms, they are folks too cheap to pay the owner and so they abuse the process and try to steal or hijack the domain that they have NO RIGHTS to whatsoever. Panels may find that they are guilty of this practice and deny their claim and find that the over reach is in deed Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. (RDNH)”

  2. Homero A. Gonzalez

    Excellent!, it just keeps getting better and better! Kudos to you and the secret helper!! Cheers!

  3. Homero A. Gonzalez

    Rick I mean the RDNH guilty company logos.. By the way, site looks great in my nexus 7 tablet.

  4. eh

    “mugshots”, and profile

    here is a short version

    Reverse Domain Name Hijacking is when a person or company, gets BUSTED attempting to STEAL a domain name from its rightful owner.

  5. jayjay

    Man I’m digging that terminator look, yakes! :O

    To the point – this is exactly what the industry needs leaders such as yourself showing these douchebags, that their reputation is on the line for all to see when they attempt to bully domain owners into submi

    The message here would be:
    if you attempt to RDNH “hasta la vista baby!” ;)


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