The Golden Age of Domaining 2013-2018

Morning Folks!!

It's really not what I say today that counts. But it does. It is about what this post will look in 5 YEARS from now and beyond. Those 1997-1999 posts look better every day! But as I have been describing, we are NOW in the gravitational pull of why I invested in domains to begin with. The next 5 years will just be golden. I don't know how else to describe it.

The leaps we will be taking in the WEEKS ahead will surpass 2003-2004 by a country mile! Clear as day to me. Just look at the size of THIS industry in 2003 and look at this industry in 2013. If you don't see the difference, don't understand the difference, don't know what it means, don't you think you are missing a big part of the equation?

But enough of that. I just want to be so clearly on the record that when we look back, that is when this post has the most meaning.

However, if you want to change your life right this second and be reduced to tears, watch this right now for 1:46 minutes! I GUARANTEE it has an impact. And if not, please know you are BRAIN DEAD! ;-)

Rick Schwartz


5 thoughts on “The Golden Age of Domaining 2013-2018

  1. Jay

    C H A R G E !!!! full steam ahead. I don’t “think” I “know” you are right about this

  2. 20120999

    There has been a quiet simmering of the market this year. I had the best summer of sales ever — lots and lots and lots of sales.

    The market is getting hot enough to show that a good base of sales is forming. If that holds and any more buyers show up then it will be great times for anyone with good names.

    I agree the best is still coming. Funny, how many people still see the opposite.

  3. Martin

    I wasnt moved (hate the yank of the heart strings).

    Maybe I have no heart?

    A brain I assuredly I do have.

  4. Kevin Davis

    Cool video and so glad I got into domaining 8 years ago and read all the blogs from the pros and changed the way I think when I buy domains now.I’m ready.Lets do this.Peace and Kindness,Kevin Davis


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