How Powerful is a Domain? Watch This and See!!

Morning Folks!!

A few thoughts about this video a Friend sent me yesterday;

First of all it is very moving. Secondly it shows you POWER in words.

1) Domains are words. 2) Domains are Powerful 3) Domains are ideas, ideas are powerful as well.

Enjoy! Less than 2 minutes long and VERY impactful. May even bring you to tears.


Rick Schwartz

20 thoughts on “How Powerful is a Domain? Watch This and See!!

  1. cybertonic

    Wow, this is to bookmark!!!

    Definitively a superb video anyone can use to show to a potential buyer the power of words and how a great domain can be a game changer for his business.

    Thanks Rick for having shared.

  2. theo

    haha awesome.

    You may want to drop the shades though and the mean look. reminds of ron perlman from sons of anarchy lol.

    First impression and all that :)

  3. Danny Pryor

    Great video. Certainly a creative ad approach, to say the least. I like the “Pawn Stars” look … fits the blog better than the suit. LOL!

  4. Adam

    If we’re doing a poll. I like the look now better than the suit and tie. Personally though I think you should keep the look with the shades and have on a Hawaiian shirt . . . .That’s the style you’ve carried forever.

  5. UFO

    Ahh Scotland.Its the grimist of places and the best of places.

    Talking of words, I just sold a whole bunch of cosmetic brushes to a movie studio here in the UK. Needless to say I’ll be sending them a whole big bunch of feebies… anything to get the brand into places like those. :)


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