The New “Black” Hall of Shame now LIVE!

Afternoon Folks!!

They say once you go black, well nevermind. Anyways. check out the new EYE POPPING Hall of Shame with Black Background. I think you'll agree that it really pops and adds a new dimension to the look and feel. Thanks Francois for playing with our logo on as that inspired this latest update. Hope you like it! Don't forget to hit refresh!

Rick Schwartz

Hall of Shame Roastmaster!!


9 thoughts on “The New “Black” Hall of Shame now LIVE!

  1. cybertonic

    Thanks. is really nicer this way!

    With a single CSS style added you can also have the top menu fixed when scrolling the page and this way always see the title and have access to the menu (have your developer drop me a note if he doesn’t know how to do it).

  2. sem


    Wow, what can I say? Protecting so many people from crap. You have brought domain protection to everyone. Never seen a site that moved so quickly in Alexa. Obviously, there are so many people who feel the same. Ariba Rick!

  3. Jonathan L

    The site looks great! The font size your intro should be slightly changed so that the paragraph of words is evenly distributed. On my laptop and hand held the very last word “Practice” stands alone in the middle of the page. Looks great otherwise! Your look works well too !

  4. Altaf

    Hi Rick,
    It looks great. But as far as I know you have now Danny & other 12 professional WDs, it should be much more clean, organized, easy and fast up/downloading and many more features to be added. Hope that will make the site more authoritative . Best wishes!

  5. Anita

    looks much better! After the page loaded I have some empty white space showing at the bottom (after the black footer) – you might want to remove that.


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