New Domain added to Hall of Shame Watch List

Morning Folks!!

Last night the owner of contacted me and asked me to include their pending suit with UPS on the Hall of Shame Watch List. And so it is up. I am sure many of you will watch this case closely. It joins the 4 other cases listed. If you have a domain in dispute and are requesting an RDNH, then please send it to me to be listed.

I am hoping in this case UPS just made a giant sweep of domains ending in UPS. On the other hand the PPC company should not be showing results for UPS. On the THIRD hand, UPS should not be bidding for that traffic.

The filings have not been published as of yet but you can follow it at hall of shame. Or Why make the distinction. MY WAY of SEO.

Rick Schwartz

2 thoughts on “New Domain added to Hall of Shame Watch List

  1. NEIL

    Good Luck, Don King!
    To be honest, investing is always v.v.difficult.
    I had to go for a, then for a, not only once. was not enough for my account. was helpful…
    I will Tweet and Like the New Site asap.
    Kind regards, Neil of


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