They Should Rename IOS7 to Crash! Do Not Download!

Morning Folks!!

Yesterday I said IOS7 was a disappointment. Today it is a bit of a disaster. My advice DO NOT download this to your iPhone. It is HORRIBLE!

It needs to be fixed. Apple needs to get in front of this or they are going to have big problems.

It crashes every few minutes. It has more bugs than a roach motel. I can't believe Apple would put this crap out.

Rick Schwartz


19 thoughts on “They Should Rename IOS7 to Crash! Do Not Download!

  1. Donny

    I downloaded it on my ipad and it doesn’t crash. It just looks like a different interface to me. I would probably wait until IOS 7.02 or greater.

    1. Rick Schwartz

      I loaded mine on an iphone 4s that is my last generation iphone. I caught it in time not to upgrade my iphone 5.

      Every few minutes it crashes and i just get the Apple logo.

      A few times the screen would turn into gibberish and then die.

      I hope the get those upgrades out soon.

  2. UFO

    Can’t believe that Apple wouldn’t do a whole bunch of UAT (User acceptance testing) on its role out variants. Possibly its one of your applications. You might be able to find the cause by closing off all your apps and then bringing them back slowly and seeing whether it still crashed without any apps and then when it started after bringing back which app.

    If its app related then really Apple should have only assurred the apps that it tested. But there is so many I think they just took a chance. My belief is that the app developers will do patches and it will incrementally improve as they are all upgraded. Its pure speculation on my part but I cannot believe that apple wouldn’t test their new OS system on a prior generation of phone UNLESS they have said the new OS system is for iphone 5.

  3. UFO

    If the problem is app related then Apple needs shooting. They should have done loads of sample checking of apps and they’d have found a few rotten ones and then provided guidance to app designers and made them go through a new OS compliant cert. But I bet that was considered too much work so they winged it.

    If apple wants to continue selling $50 phones for $500 then they’d better make sure their gear is top notch, because they expect more than $50 quality.

  4. cybertonic

    Even if I am not an adept of the new design as I also think for aged or no techie people IOS7 is confuse, so harder to use (including me), I admit in my iphone 5 it has been working fine and never bugged.

    Maybe it’s an issue with the 4s, you are running low of memory or an app is causing that. The monitoring of IOS7 feedbacks the next days will outline if there is a real problem. But I also don’t think they did not double and triple check it after the huge issue they got with plans last year.

  5. Rick Schwartz

    I wiped it clean and doing a reinstall.
    Also putting on my ipad-mini cuz I never use it and I can see if it runs well there. But won’t be putting it on my regular ipad or my main iPhone. Maybe a couple of steps forward, but also a couple steps backwards imo.

  6. Michael

    Runs fine for me on my iPad mini. Haven’t done my 4S yet since it is jail broken. Happy with it so far, but half the time the Smart Cover doesn’t actually unlock the device when opened, I think it happens when you have new notifications.

  7. MikeToronto

    I made the mistake of updating my iPhone 4S to iOS 7 and now it looks like an android that belongs to a 12 year old Japanese school girl.
    I use the notes app a lot and now they changed the font and changed the background from yellow to bright white makes it very hard on your eyes.
    The most horrible thing to ever come out of apple.

  8. BullS

    I am still using my 512K Mac. I have 3 of them, all Made in USA. Collectors’ items.

    Will hold off buying the Ipoon5S(shit) when then they get the buggers out

  9. Rahul

    No problems here on my i5 and I trade the stock quite actively – scan twitter, Facebook and news every hours for reports. Overwhelmingly positive with a handful of people reporting issues. Hope it works out for you.

  10. Soleno

    Same for me that I use iPhone 4S and ipad mini… Crashing every min, keyboard is ultra slow, apps stop responding, camera doesn’t work at all or if works crash after first pic, Facebook app cant open…. Ay I planning to sell iphone and get samsung….
    Ios 7 is peace me off.
    I use my phone for work and I can’t waste time about lags, crashes and all the bullshit….

  11. Tom

    I think you have a hardware issue. I have had 7 on my 4S for a couple of months now, no problems, none.


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