Is this is what a LOSER Looks Like??

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Not the first time I have ever said this but if you want to WIN, you have to learn to LOSE. Learn to fail. Learn to embrace failure, refine failure, not excuse it, minimize it or run from it. When do folks learn the simple lessons of life? Here is the roadmap to  being a winner. Was it easy? No. Did it disappoint? Yes. But remember you are only defeated when you give up and this is the story about not giving up.

Damn it! Learn from her. She first attempted it at the age of 28 and after 5 times and 36 YEARS she succeeded! BRAVO! BRAVO!

Wonder how many idiot naysayers she had to deal with in those 36 years?

Not giving up on herself and not giving up on all the others before her that failed as well. Why do folks do this? One taste of success and understanding that success is built on the short falls and answers to failures and most wins and losses happen between the ears, then winning is a matter of time. Congrats to Diana Nyad. "Find a way"



Rick Schwartz

4 thoughts on “Is this is what a LOSER Looks Like??

  1. UFO

    Actually it’s even more fundamental than that. A winner never expresses such things as ‘losing’ as just ‘set backs’, ‘unforeseen issues’ etc etc.

    As an acceleration strategy I’d always suggest that failure should be inbuilt and probabilistically likely over a range of initiatives, but never catastrophic or materially too significant.

    Unless you fail you never know the true boundaries to what’s sitting on the table.

    Deconstructing financial success really is about being right more than wrong often enough with a reasonable expected payout that makes you feel ‘successful’. Because ultimately the competition is with yourself.


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