Good Morning Know-it-Alls! So do TALKERS have BALLS?

Morning folks!!!
Lots of people talk the talk. But see how few really walk the walk. For those that have made an educated guess about how much certain domains will sell for next week,
congrats and a tip of the hat. You have put it on the line. For all those that have not, cat got your tongue? Many of you never had a hard time posting an opinion before, but now that I have asked you do do something on record and for all to see.......
So while 150 have already cast their decisions, I find it hard to believe that others that have never shyed to criticize are either scared to be on record or have no clue what they are talking about.
So here are the 2 links to help you out.
So are you the 'Appraiser of the Year' or are you the 'Hot Air of the Year'?
Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

5 thoughts on “Good Morning Know-it-Alls! So do TALKERS have BALLS?

  1. Holla Holla

    lol – to make it a little bit more interesting, you should make it a requirement for all entries to use their full name, first and last.

  2. Successclick

    Hi Rick,
    Where are the 150 appraisals posted? I posted mine and only saw about 15 other posts there. I think anyone in this business should give their educated guess just to see where they are, especially if they call themselves an appraiser.
    But truthfully, guessing domain pricing is like trying to guess which egg is going to hatch first. I saw Ari (I think) pick up”” for $10k a few years ago, and I would have appraised that domain at $100k. I’m going on memory, so I’m not sure if I’m correct, but I just remember being blown away on how cheap that domain sold.
    Nice marketing move, holding this contest!

  3. Bruce T

    I am puzzled, why do we have to always take it to a level like this. Ignore the people who have negative comments. Rick you are better than this… Most of the people who post negative comments are pimple-faced noobs.


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