Internet Sensation and a Moment of Pause…..

Morning Folks!!

I think for the first time folks are really seeing the power of the Internet. This week a phenomenon happened. Something that catches fire and in an instant a star is born. A worldwide instant celebrity that should teach us all a lesson.

A few days ago nobody heard of this person. And then an ANGEL came. An angel certainly not looking like what you might expect an angel to look like. But an angel none the less. First a bit of laughter and condescension. Then in an instant in barely seconds, she brought an audience to tears. She opened her mouth and an angelic voice emerged. 5 seconds later they and everyone watching were on their feet. Watching in utter disbelief. Filled with emotion….much of that SHAME!

They judged a book by its’ cover. They know better than that but we all did it anyway. It was pretty disgusting, but maybe a moment to look inward.

Susan Boyle of Blackburn, Scotland stopped the world this week. If you have yet to hear what happened…..where the hell have you been?

Thank you for stopping the world! Thank you for showing the world the TRUE power of the Internet. An overnight sensation. You are a beautiful lady!

Have a GREAT Day!

6 thoughts on “Internet Sensation and a Moment of Pause…..

  1. Gazzip

    For sure, alot of that was SHAME as many people judged her the minute she walked on stage …makes you wonder how many other very talented people never get the chance to shine purely because they don’t”look the part”.
    Amazing performance, it’s had 18,947,541 views on this link and that’s just one of many – WOW


    Yes I watched this on Saturday night when I got home.
    Im from Scotland myself and the show Britains Got Talent is usually good.
    I also did the same as most and judged a book by its cover.
    This women has the voice of an Angel and makes me proud to be Scottish!

  3. Kevin

    Here is what’s really amazing though.
    The first posting of her performance video on YouTube is up to 18,947,541 Views in 6 days.
    In the week’s Nielsen TV Ratings that would put her in the #4 spot FOR NETWORK TV VIEWING RANKINGS right after Wednesday’s American Idol, Tuesday’s American Idol and Monday’s Dancing With The Stars.
    22,976,000 American Idol Wed
    22,813,000 American Idol Tue
    19,883,000 Dancing wt Stars
    18,947,541 YouTube’s Susan
    17,807,000 NCIS
    If that doesn’t show the ever increasing power of the Internet to the”suits’ on Madison Avenue and Corporate America, I don’t know what else could.
    Way to go Susan!
    Way to go YouTube!
    Way to go INTERNET!
    You all ROCK!!!!

  4. Kevin

    PS – At the rate that video has gone”viral” it will not only take her to the #1 spot within another
    2 days, but eventually go well into the Top 10 TV Show Rankings of All Time range. And that is a true show stopper.
    Dear Madison Avenue,
    Hello, Hello, Can you hear us now?

  5. UFO.ORG

    Wow, it’s like the fable”Beauty and the Beast”.
    If anything exposes people’s inherent tendency towards superficial judgement then this video does it.
    I think a lot of people who watch that video will step back after it and see how they wrongly and unfairly judge others. It was a competition on singing ability but most people already had made their minds up before she even started. They had projected their own negativity onto her.
    As Kevin mentioned, quite possibly a defining moment on the power of the net. The net isn’t TV its actually something much bigger, its one huge interactive communication tool. Interestingly I think the net might eventually even redress the dumming down that TV caused…. but thats for another post.

  6. Paul Fisher

    The only people not very happy are the broadcasters ITV who are losing tons of advertising revenue on because people head straight for Youtube now to see video clips, just as people now head straight to eBay for auctions.
    “Britain’s Got Talent… is ideally suited to online video, since each talent contestant gets only a few short minutes to impress the judges – an ideal length for viral sharing. We’d like to credit ITV bosses with having devised the show as a 360-degree commission in this way, and this is exactly what should be doing – but the majority of views for Boyle’s performance have come from unofficial YouTube videos and not from, which encourages social network sharing but does not allow videos to be embedded off-site. Most of the ads ITV wires in to its own clips are, therefore, lost to the broadcaster.”


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