Domain Auctions about to Heat up!

Morning Folks!!
Everyone copies success. When they don't
measure up that dilutes success.

The reason the TRAFFIC auctions do well is the
audience. Plain and simple. Quality audience matched with quality domains and
domainer prices not those of the end user. That's the recipe we invented and
that is the recipe that everyone keeps trying to copy but results speak for

See I am of the belief that no matter how bad
things are, when a great domain comes to market and the market is allowed to set
the price, then the wallets come out. This has happened for centuries, not just
domains. It is human nature. Now the folks with the fat wallets are not stupid.
They can afford to wait and focus on premium, life changing, domains. They do
not buy all the stuff in sight. At least I don't. In times like this you can
afford to be choosy and that is exactly what is happening. Why waste money on
mediocre domains when you can snag a gem out there at reasonable prices? So a
domainer has responsibility. The bidders have a responsibility. The auction
houses have a responsibility and of course Howard and I have a responsibility.

So I would urge everyone to understand how
things unfold. How things could be looked at differently. The bottom line is
that the aftermarket is about to heat up like never before. Circumstance is
deciding who., what and where. But make no mistake, we are entering a fantastic
period to acquire domain names. Some even come with businesses attached.

Point is things take time to evolve. When the
equation changes so do the attitudes. But some times attitudes can fool you. The way you look at the same situation thru different eyes and different view points
can produce different feelings of the exact same situation. As we saw this weekend, just the sale of one domain can change the perception of an entire auction. Some don't believe
in silver linings. I do.

Have a GREAT Day!

The Greatest Tipping Point in History!

Morning Folks!!

If you don't think we are in historical times, then don't read any further. At this point there will be nothing I can say to convince you. Not only are we in times of history, we are entering a tipping point. The next 6 months will be the wildest and most crucial days we have seen financially and there is a pretty damn good chance that we will see the same things happening politically. Things are moving so fast that they can not even be reported on. Things we may pay dearly for in the future by not paying attention now.

Now we may dodge a bullet, but even if we do it is a bullet we will have to deal with again and again and again. Interesting that folks see my posts as doom and gloom sometimes. But I NEVER see dealing with REALITY anything but imperative in any situation. Knowing the perils trump knowing anything else. Survival is always key. If you don't survive, you have no way to thrive.

In my life I have worked for a number of people. Some did not pay me. Some screwed me out of millions. Some took valuable time away from me. Some kept me from breaking out much sooner. But when I look back at those days and those situations and those people, I only remember the things I gained. The good things. The silver lining. I never had time to carry that baggage of anger with me. Only time for the lessons I learned and the things I could apply in the future.

So while the economy is in turmoil, deal with it! Don't deny it. Figure out how these times are going to make your life better because of the new opportunities coming and that are out there right now. I can tell you without question that there has NEVER been more opportunity then there is right now. Never! But if some don't have the keen eye to recognize opportunity, then maybe it is not there for them. But only them.

Folks have a choice. I am just illustrating that choice. If you look at my writing over the years I repeatedly say I LOVE times like this. THIS is the time that fortunes are made and fortunes are lost. The ones losing fortunes did not take the peril seriously when they could. The ones making fortunes are being careful,savvy and are pouncing on opportunity after opportunity. They are likely to pay dividends for a lifetime.

So my posts are anything but doom and gloom. They are a road map to deal with reality and come out of this era in much better shape than you entered it.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

Don’t Develop”Sites”……Develop relationships!

Morning Folks!!

We all know mini sites are all the rage. But do they really work? In a they don't. They make me feel good, but I make less money and that does not make me feel good. So if you develop, you need to develop a business, not just another site. Better yet, develop a relationship with the end user. The income will out perform PPC by as much as 10x or even more. Much more.

So I can look back over the years and without doubt, short of a full blown business, selling traffic to the end user that understands traffic and is sick of paying thru the nose for unknown quality is the way to stabilize your income and then grow it again.

It is really not uncommon to make 5x, 10x, 20x as much. And on domains with traffic that PPC can't convert, the numbers are even more substantial. Right now I am looking for an end user for a domain I have. that makes ZERO on ppc but has 100 daily visitors. When I turn $0/day into $10/day, I can move to the next domain. Repeat, repeat, repeat. End users are getting more sophisticated and in time this will be much more common.

Point is, when you are looking for answers, look in lots of different directions. Mini sites could work on one domain and have no results on another. Test, Test, Test. That is what allows me to write these things with a fair amount of confidence.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Unveils New Website, Twitter and FaceBook Links

Morning Folks!!

A website is never done, it just evolves. That is the way I see things. So I am happy to announce the opening of Version 4 of the TRAFFIC website. I think you will like the clean light feeling that makes navigation a breeze. We will be adding the final touches for about another week. There are many updates coming. But I think you will already see an interesting change. We'll be adding videos and other snips from previous TRAFFIC shows. We also hope to broadcast interviews each day live and direct from the show. This site will be the place to check for updates.

I want to thank the Skenzo Team as well as Danny Pryor in making this the best version ever! These guys went above and beyond and they deserve props from all.

Hope you like it!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

2009 Industry Report Card

Morning Folks,

We are getting deep into 2009 and how we built our business are going to be
judged. Many domainers, sponsors and others are falling out of the picture.
There is some serious stuff going on and depending on the model you built this
is when your report card becomes important. Will there be devastation in the
domain business? In a word....Yes. Flawed models are going to collapse. The weight of registrations combined with a lower payouts will be a crisis for some.
How many? I don't know. I don't know the financial condition or obligations of
each domainer. But some are gonna be in deep sh*t. They won't be making any announcements.
You may notice the chatter is a little less than normal. This all is linked
as many are forced to spend time looking for new solutions. Overhead for many
is critical now and as we move down this

One of the things I do in life is ask as many
people as I meet how things are out there with their business whatever that
business is. This is no test, business is bad out there and will most likely get
worse. A few months ago I was bold enough to suggest that 'Your favorite
restaurant will go out of business.' So it is several months since I said that.
So how are things in your community? Are things improving or still declining? I
would imagine decline is still in the air with unemployment continuing to rise
and likely hit 10% before the end of the year. Probably eclipse that mark.
Places like Detroit are already in excess of 20%. Many are concerned about the
summer. As temperatures rise so might the anger level.

Sure, you may see folks out and about but that
means nothing. I mean nothing. Here is proof. Just look at the behavior of folks
the days leading to any major hurricane. They act like all is well until their
lives and property are in direct peril.. So don't look to what people are doing
to believe one way or another. The NUMBERS paint the picture on this story and
those numbers are something that everyone should fear.

I would imagine most domainers now realize
they are not immune from this deep recession. As newspapers close down local
businesses still have to advertise to draw traffic. It will take them quite a
while to get their 'Sea Legs' and learn how to spend online effectively. But
that day will come as their choices diminish. Overall ad spending is falling off
a cliff.

But this ain't my first rodeo. This is the
third Internet collapse as far as payouts have gone and each time, not only did
it recover, it hit new highs. We are part of a 'Market.' That market is in
trouble. Just look at the TV ads. They are for soap and pitch men like Billy
Maze. They buy all unsold ad slots at a fraction of the going rate. Once those
slots begin to fill up and have demand again, prices will go up and payouts
along with it. So the next obvious question is when does that happen? Well,
unfortunately not until late summer and fall when the ad cycle really begins.
But even then is no guarantee. Look at all the folks that went out of business
like Circuit City that will not only never advertise again but puts Best Buy in
a position where they don't need to advertise as much. So there are going to be
some long term lingering effects of all this. Then add in others that have fallen
or will fall and you can see a scenario where it could be years to correct

We are going to go thru a happy period but I would warn you it will be
short lived. My gut says this fall could be dire once again. Many businesses are
about to go out of business. April 15th and then what could be a long hot summer
for some sectors could derail any recovery that could even happen.

Speaking of recovery, don't count on it. The way this all plays out is we are going to see something that will take years to
manifest. But when it does, it will make this look like the good ole days! The numbers guarantee total economic collapse. Guaranteed! so the solution for this
is inflation. Wild inflation. WI would imagine we are 2 years away from that

First you have a glut of inventory and folks
cut prices. We are about out of that stage. Then we have supply but the prices
go up because inventory is low. Then we have a new wave of buying and the
wholesale prices will likely rise by 25%-50% as staffs are leaner. Raw material
becomes harder to get if at all. etc. etc. etc. So we are going to see a host of
bad things happen caused by one collapse or another.

Let me explain something about my series
of posts on the economy. I view it as walking the tightrope or
navigating a dangerous jungle. On one side is great peril. On the other
side is unbelievable opportunity. The delicate navigation thru these
times is essential. So I started writing about this meltdown when every
domainer believed they were immune from the overall economic conditions
we see. Now that does not mean you can't have a record year. Many are.
Many are also flirting with disaster and I suggest you brace yourself.
I also beleive we are going to see a colossal deal. The biggest in the
domain sector ever. I believe this will stun almost everyone reading
this. Earth shaking. What do I know? Nothing! Everything. I have
watched this play before. Characters are different but the story is the
same. So you can point to THIS post when this one hits. Not a domain
deal. A mega deal that could change the face of the entire industry.

This really is no test. 8.5 unemployment in March when they predicted no worse than 8.2% just 4 months ago and that was not to be until years' end. These accelerating
numbers are going to spell disaster. Don't be in denial.
Nobody is immune on this one. There is no certainty or safety in any sector. The only way to survive and thrive is to stay ahead of events. I started writing
about this over a year ago. Nobody believed it then. Nobody should doubt it

So if your earnings are going down this is the
time to be aggressive. There is great opportunity out there. Many folks are
timid. Others are scared to death. Others are one step ahead of total collapse.
All I can suggest is parlay what you know and get a fresh approach without
abandoning what is tried and true.

Enjoy the up market. There are fortunes to be
made. But I doubt we have tested the lows. The psyche of folks has been changed
and a change like that does not change back overnight. There is just too much
more fallout yet to deal with to believe it is over. 8.5% unemployment is a
really big number. It is also accelerating. When we get to 10% later this year I
am not sure how that will translate into things getting better. In my pea brain
I believe we will just BEGIN entering the storm in the fall. But hey,I hope I am
wrong. But don't bet against me, most don't win even when the odds are high. Besides, the so-called experts always are 'Surprised' when their predictions are off. Sorry, but you can't be an 'Expert' and be surprised by anything to that degree. Experts are paid NOT to be surprised.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

Official T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Schedule Posted Here

Morning Folks!!

The semi-final version of the TRAFFIC agenda for Silicon Valley has now been posted. There will be mostly additions to this schedule as we fill in the speaker slots this week. The agenda is a bit looser but the subject matter goes right to the center of things and definitely not for shrinking violets.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2009

11:00 AM | Exhibit setup begins

Noon - 8:00 PM | Registration Open

12:30 PM | Coffee, snacks, informal networking

4:30 PM | Silicon Valley get together. Open only to local industry interested in the domain channel.

6:00 PM | The legendary T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Welcome Cocktail Party and opening night auction.
Be the guest of Rick Schwartz and Howard Neu along with folks at as they host their legendary opening night cocktail party. The action and electricity in the air is something you will remember for many years to come and you won't go home hungry or thirsty. The single best Internet and financial networking opportunities start right here. THIS is he single best networking event in the domain industry! PERIOD. The party that started it all. The fraternity of domain owners, investors, advertisers and others meet once again. This time at the epicenter of it all.

Party Night | If you want to hold private functions and get togethers, we ask you do it this evening anytime after 9:00 PM.


8:00 AM | Registration opens

8:00 AM - 9:30 | Breakfast Buffet

8:30 AM | Wireless Cyber bar opens.

10:00 AM -10:30 AM | Opening session welcome address. Rick Schwartz and Howard Neu welcome you to T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Silicon Valley 2009

10:30 AM Seminar | A chat with Google about their vision, and the successes and failures of the domain channel, followed by a Chat with Yahoo!

11:00 AM | Exhibits open

Noon | A lunch fit for royalty with fellow attendees and a short presentation. Sponsored by

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM | In this new and uncharted economy, will PPC Survive? How about the new trend in mini-sites? Do they actually work and monetize better than PPC? What other alternatives are available?

The group of panelists includes the Castello Brothers, David & Michael Castello, who offer us their insight and experience - which you can preview at We will also hear from the Conceptualist, Sahar Sarid of Recall Media Group, and Ryan Steel of, which produces mini-sites. Donny Simonton of will also be joining us, along with Divyank Turakhia of Skenzo.

This is your opportunity to find out how domainers are finding new ways to monetize their traffic: which ones work and, just as importantly, which ones don't work!

3:30 PM - 6:00 PM | Auction | presents their second live auction at TRAFFIC. The results promise to be historic.
To spice things up, Rick will feature Champion Auctioneer Matt Lowery in his return to the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Live Auction!

7:00PM | The overall show sponsor,, presents a wonderful dinner and short presentation followed by the official T.R.A.F.F.I.C. party hosted by the entire Skenzo crew. A party sure to wow you.

8:15 PM | Keynote by TBD

10:00 PM - 2:00 AM | The Official TRAFFIC party Presented by the crew of Skenzo. They have a great night planned for all. A chance to really unwind and have a networking experience you will never forget. Plus food and drinks and laughs and probably some VERY hot women! PAID TRAFFIC attendees only!


8:30 AM - 10:00 AM | Breakfast

8:30 AM | Wireless Cyber bar opens

9:00 AM | Registration opens

10:00 AM | Speed Networking Folks at the show complain about early sessions. Well, if you want to stay ahead of the curve, then guess what? You need to be up EARLY. So this early session is for early players that will go the extra mile .OK, you had your coffee, you are awake and ready to tackle the day, the famous TRAFFIC speed networking event is back by popular demand. Meet dozens of new associates in the shortest amount of time and early at the how so that you can follow up with those you need to during or after the show. Be sure to bring your business cards!! This is worth the price of admission. We will have a seminar someday on 'Folks I met at TRAFFIC speed networking events and ended up doing business with.'

11:00 AM | Exhibits open

11:00 AM | To know where to go in the future, you have to look to the past. In that spirit, TRAFFIC is pleased to present a surprise speaker.

11:30AM | The Official TRAFFIC Shootout. Not for the faint of heart. Here is your opportunity to meet, question, cross-examine and have a dialogue with the top bananas of the industry; the CEO'S of the largest companies upon whom you depend for your income. The buck stops here - no excuses, no alibis, no b s - just the facts and the programs and the straight talk that you have come to expect from T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

In this session we will set up the stage with 2 groups facing each other. 1 Group made up of top domainers facing one group made up of major sponsors. Each panelist will have 2 or 3 questions to ask and discuss with other panelists. The result will be a terrific amount of information in a short amount of time. You will have a chance to participate during the Q and A . Howard will be Moderating.

Among the panelists will be Divyank Turakhia of Skenzo, Rick Latona of Rick Latona Auctions and Gregg McNair, Director of Strata Services Ltd. of Hong Kong.

1:00 PM | Lunch Ron Jackson of takes the podium and will summarize the domain sales for the first part of 2009 and tell you about trends in pricing, extensions and valuation. Sponsored by

FRESH BLOOD!!! All companies that have new projects to unveil or have a project in the works will have an opportunity to tell you how you can make more money by working with THEM. It's DOG EAT DOG out there with the best SOLUTIONS getting rewarded with customers! All who wish to participate must let us know one week in advance of the Show.

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM | T.R.A.F.F.I.C. / Moniker

The World's largest domain auction takes center stage in our premiere event. Last Year, nearly $12 Million in sales and signs are hopeful for a great encore. The pressure is on and I am certian that Monte and his crew are up for the challenge. Monte, we still love and support you. This will prove to be good for everyone in the industry including Moniker. Competition just makes us all better. We know from first hand experience. 5 auctions under one roof is ground breaking and competition forces all of us to raise our game a notch.

6:00 PM | Cocktail Party Sponsored by

7:00 PM | Auction Celebration with the best selection of food you have seen all week. Come hungry and experience a true T.R.A.F.F.I.C. networking event. Congratulate the buyers and sellers.

10:00 PM | The 'After Party'
The show is winding down and this is your last chance to network and have fun with fellow attendees.

***Exhibits must be removed by midnight***


8:30 AM | Breakfast

9:30 AM | Board of Advisors Meeting

11:00 AM | Check Out

Thanks for your support and see you In New York City in October.

Contact Us for Speaking or Sponsorship Information

3 Amigos. Two Pictures, Ten Years, Two Era’s

Morning Folks!!

There are a few pictures that I posses that tell the story of the last decade. The first one taken in 1998 and the second one in 2008. Both from the Internet. One before there was a domain industry in the adult world of online money making and the second one a little more familiar to many. Both of the pictures represent to me the epicenter of things.


The one above is from January 1998. The golden days. I am on the left,
Serge in the middle, Ron Levi (Fantasyman) on the right. They made
their millions early. Serge travels the world. Ron has his hands in a
few things and has even come to a couple of TRAFFIC shows. Serge and
Ron invented pissing on the net. They would go after each other for
months on end. All night, all day. They hated each other in public but
knew they were making themselves millions doing it in private. Pissing
to an art form. Not a single domainer could match the wit of these 2.
Not even close. They will slice you and dice you before you know what
happened. Newbies coming on the board for the first time would get
challenged. How they would react would basically determine their
futures. This was a tough business. But the thing I will remember most
about the early guys in adult was how really sharp they were. I can say
with a fair amount of confidence that what they did, when they did it,
how they did it is still ahead of most of mainstream a decade later.
With no road map whatsoever they were able to innovate and harness the
power of the Internet in the matter of months. The trail that industry
blazed in months has really yet to be matched. The foundation of the
Internet was built by the adult world and mainstream is still considerably behind the curve. These 2 could rattle off their stats in a manner that would make most web guys embarrassed. The first stat I usually ask folks in mainstream is always the most important and about 95% answer with a blank look on their face or they try and double talk me with total bullshit. That gives you an idea of how much still needs to be accomplished.

The next one is a bit more familiar but represent many of the best qualities of the guys from above. Same picture. Different players. Different era. Different sector.


Rick, Frank, Kevin

The vehicles change, the people change, but what they represent never does. The obstacles may have different names but they resemble the same things. In 10 years from now, God willing, there will be another picture in another era, possibly in a different sector. But they will say the same thing. What will be in that picture? Faces representing another stage of the same rocket. See I truly believe the Internet is many years away from its' peak. My 20 year plan never calculated the peak, it only calculated the time to have all the tools in place to reach another level.

In TV terms we are not even in the 1950's. In automobile terms we are making a 1930 car line. In age of a child, Einstein would be 9. In baseball salary terms, 1930's, Babe Ruth era, $100k/year. In each of these examples I think you will agree that the peak happened many years later. Decades later. The differences were huge. I expect th Internet to have a similar pattern. Why wouldn't it? Especially since we have paralleled so many things for so many years. It will be slightly accelerated because communication is so much faster. What we know as fact today and predicted back then is stunning. If I made a list of things that are basic today that were not just a decade ago it may help you to realize how far we have come and yet how far we have yet to go. Simply put the Internet is the greatest marketing, sales, social, communication, commercial generating medium ever invented. (Add your own) We have penetrated perhaps 15% of the power of the Internet. The future and upside are so bright but just like a sunny day tomorrow, you may have to wither a bit of a storm tonight to enjoy it.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Domain World comes to a Screeching Halt

Morning Folks!!

Notice things are a bit slow in the domainer world this last few days? Are you surprised? You shouldn't be. It should be something you expect if you have your fingers on the pulse of things. It would be my gut instinct to say that everyone is busy with something. Now this is certainly not rocket science. But I know what many of you are doing. You are distracted. You are a bit anxious. You have probably been busy getting your papers together and most of your emails are between you and your accountant. Yes, I am talking about your taxes. That is what the vast majority of folks are doing in the next 10 days. It started big this week and will continue next week as well. Yes, some do their taxes early, but the vast majority wait until now.

So once taxes are over and your liability has been paid you can take a deep breath and re calibrate where you are and where you are going. I think most are prepared this year financially because we all saw this crash coming months ago. Unfortunately some folks will find the end of the road this year at tax time. Look for a huge amount of businesses to fold in the upcoming months. Possibly more than we have ever seen before in such a short time. I would say you will see more business closings in 2009 than in any year ever. There are still so many shoes to drop you would have to believe in the tooth fairy if you thought this meltdown was over.

So there you have it. Does not apply to everyone, (Many of the rest of you are trying to stop the bleeding) but does apply to a vast number. Noticing little meaningless things like this is how to hone the gut. You can make money when you understand movement of folks and get into their heads. When you know what they will do before they even know it. That's staying ahead of the pack. That is not chasing history and the future, that is making history and determining the future!

See you have to interpret events. If you miss this, you may react or over react to something that you should not. A permanent solution for a temporary and explainable situation could destroy a business or even a countries economy.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

How to stop the Bleeding and Double your income in 48 Hours. Feather Ruffling Finale

Morning Folks!!

Let's start Part 2 where Part 1 left off. 'One new solution by any of these companies has the power to disrupt the entire sector. It could put companies out of business virtually overnight. The market is fragile and no sponsor could afford a mass movement of traffic and survive.'

Why is this important? Because it is very likely to happen. Now I will give a word of advice to those working on these solutions. 10% or 20% increase won't cut it. It's like a stock broker picking a stock for a 5% annual return after you just watched your portfolio drop fro $1 Million to to $100,000. You would have to live 100 or 200 years to break even. So they fall short. They need to focus on companies that go up 1000%. So if a domain was making you $100 and it is now making you $20, a 20% increase is just not the target. 100%, 200%, 500%. That solution IS coming.

So what happens the DAY that solution comes? We already know PPC companies have been slammed because just as I predicted last year, domainers would begin to develop and move their PRIME domains away from PPC. So you have companies fighting over a shrinking pie. Some of these companies are in financial trouble as I write this. A body blow like this would be a knockout punch.

Last years I asked who would be the first to do a Bear Stearns? I think that answer is slowly coming to reality. The folks I know are not sitting idly by and watching their earnings melt. They are reaching out and doing many different projects. We are all looking for that new light. When that happens, and it will, you will witness the total disruption of the industry and a new crop of solutions will come to dominate. In the meantime domainers are busy building and each site built is traffic ppc will likely never see again.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Happy Birthday Rick!! RicksBlog that is….

Morning Folks!!

Tomorrow will mark 2 years since I started blogging. 160 posts and an average of 2000 page views per post. But while my 'Official' blogging birthday is tomorrow, I started blogging before the term was invented. Since 1996 I have been sharing my thoughts and views. Blogging without the blog. I like things on record so I can go back and grade myself. As long as I get 1 out of 3, I am more valuable than most baseball players. Luckily my numbers are much better. Not flawless. I have called a number of things wrong. But all in all, a damn good showing that I am proud of. But that is the beauty of the net. What one says is on record and time stamped.

In the year ahead I hope to fire up some old computers and find some very old posts. The difference between posting then and now is like being in the wilderness on a stagecoach or being in Times Square in a limo. I like the times better now but the cooks they had then were more flavorful shall we say. The ride was tougher but more rewarding.

I have no ads on the blog because I don't want to be beholden to anyone. I am not here to make pennies by putting up links. I am looking to make millions by reaching people I might never reach and motivating just one connection or jogging one thought or idea. It's a different way of doing things and I have been doing it for 12 years and sometimes it's like yelling into that wilderness. But it is all there. All there to read. The map has been printed. So now it is time to relax on one hand and not worry about it and the other hand to get busy and take advantage of the shortcomings in the market place.

Timing is everything. I mean everything. Not a single factor is more important. If I did not have that 20 year plan in my mind every day of my life I would have gone batty by now. But since I do I don't take anything too seriously. I take things in stride because I realize the game would take 20 years to BEGIN. These past years have simply been bonus years. That's how I look at it. That's how I see it. That's how I approach it. That's how I play the game. The sprinters are long gone. This is a marathon and that is the race I am running in. There will be times to sprint during the 20 years. Knowing when, the timing, is everything. Working your ass off at the wrong time will burn you out. Working your ass off during productive times will invigorate you. Same everything except the timing is different and so is the result. Defeat takes a lot out of ya. Victory gives you incredible energy and stamina.

So on the 2nd anniversary of something I have done for 12 years I can say we are EXACTLY where we should be at this point in time and slightly ahead. The only ones disappointed are those waiting for things to happen on their timetable. Sorry my friends, does not happen that way. I don't predict the future. I see things unfolding. I see things coming because of certain other things. Too the uninformed they are lucky guesses. To me it is like watching an episode of what is to unfold months and years before they actually happen. They are just facts waiting to be born.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz