Get Ready to RUUMMMBBLLEE!!!!!!! to be auctioned with NO RESERVE!

Morning folks!!

Tip of the hat this morning to Rick Latona as he is putting in with no reserve. THAT my friends, is an auction! That is what excitement is made out of. Trust the market to set the price. Allow the audience to compete for a GREAT domain name. I predict the bidding action will be the best in a long time.

In my mind there are two types of auctions. Auctions of desperation like a bankruptcy auction and auctions that sell things in demand and of value like an art auction. Too often we have looked like a bankruptcy auction as opposed to an art auction. Domains like this change that. Not having the great inventory was a product of a good economy. Great inventory is a product of this downturn.

Like I stated, I am not into pimping domains. However I will point out the obvious. Both Moniker and Rick Latona have domains that I believe will insure they both break the 7 figure mark and then some. They both have GREAT domains with NO RESERVES! This will PROVE to the industry that it is the VENUE that counts. That it is the inventory that counts. The audience that counts. Also, maybe they will stop blaming the economy for failed auctions. An economy like this makes auctions STRONG not WEAK! It brings gems and bargains to the market. So while the economy is weak, making the link to the past failed auctions are not linked. So don’t believe it for even a split second. Great domains at market prices will always bring sales and lots of bidding.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

A weaker industry to emerge?

Morning folks!!
Is the industry getting weaker? In a word.....YES. The industry is getting profoundly weaker. After 14
years of progress and growth the domain industry has
least for now.
I don't think anyone would argue that many of the leading sponsors in the
domain industry are weaker than they were a year or so ago when the
industry peaked. So it is time to step back and see where we are. The first thing is never to over react. The second thing is to make a
judgement whether this is a permanent situation or a temporary one. I
can tell you it is permanent to those that don't survive and close up
shop. Others that are weak will sell out to other companies.
It comes down to just a few things. Overhead, income, cash on hand.
Your overhead can destroy even the biggest. Lack of income could
collapse almost any company as we have seen the past months. Cash on
hand is the best way to smooth the path. It is also the best way to
take advantage of the great opportunity out there.
Confidence in the banks and stocks is much better. There was NONE just
a few months back and the confidence we have accumulated can easily be
shaken as things are still fragile. 61% of people have made permanent changes. Look at things differently and when things get better, their habits will have changed. Advertising won't likely heat up
until the fall. There will be some pop as we get into the summer. But
this will be short lived and the summer is likely going to be weak.
That brings us to the fall. The fall brings us to our first report
card. Folks expect things to be better. However when reality sets in,
they will likely get worse. The unemployment rate during last Christmas
season went from 6%-7.5%. It is now over 8.5% and likely to be closing
in on 10% this fall. Michigan is already over 12% with Detroit at 22%. California already
over 11%. Last time I looked, everyone was holding on for dear life out
there on Main St.
Newspapers are going out of business left and right. Some because of
conditions, some because they lost touch with their original mission.
This country is pretty evenly split 50/50 as far as party affiliation.
No business can afford to alienate 50% of the audience like some
newspapers and expect to survive. That has to have some effect on all
businesses in the areas the paper serves. The #1 advertising
outlet.....GONE! One of their biggest marketing strategies.....GONE!
Sure, many believe that will mean an increase in online spending. I am
not so sure. I am of the mind that if you own a restaurant and it is
good, you are going to do better being among other restaurants.
Personally, I am determined to invest in 2 or 3 great domains this
year. I would rather have 2-3 gems than all the crap in the world. This
really is not the time to invest in any thing other than prime. PRIME!
There seems to be a certain amount of desperation out there. Folks
being forced to sell some domains to be able to afford to hold on to
others. That's a TERRIBLE place to be and it is all too common.
We all look at domain values in different ways. But if I would have to
be honest, less than 100 folks on this planet really understand what
constitutes a great domain. Less than 100 folks if I were to give them
my money and ask me to do the best they could with it. I see million
dollar domains selling for $1k, $5k, $10k.....I see domains that have
little hope of even doubling or being in demand selling for much more.
I am not into handicapping the auctions and pimping domain names. But I
can say there are some real gems going to the auction in a few days. I
will predict that Moniker will easily break $1 Million and I expect
much much more. Rick Latona also may break the $1 milion dollar mark.
That will be the first time in history that 2 different live domain
auctions both broke the 7 figure mark at one event. That will
demonstrate that there are still dollars out there when you put GREAT
domains up for auction and have prices low enough where a competitive
auction actually happens. You will see some GREAT bidding action as we
compete for these gems. Real back and forth bidding on real domain
names. THAT is what makes an auction.
So if you want to get to the top and do well at the top, you have to
have the balls to get in at the bottom. The balls to do what most
others won't when most others won't. THAT my friends is how fortunes
are made. The domain industry is not about domains, it is about making
fortunes. My job is not to point out each opportunity. My job is to
point out when the conditions are right for opportunity and putting
together an atmosphere of opportunity. Others put on tradeshows, we put
on life changing events. Some don't think that is worth the added
expense. That is their decision. But when you compare, make sure you
give weight to what is important.
Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz.

Why all Tradeshows are NOT the Same! Don’t Swallow the BS……

Morning Folks!!.
keep hearing some folks say that 'All the tradeshows are the same', so
why should I bother going to T.R.A.F.F.I.C.? To a great extent that
has some validity because some parking companies have tried to copy our
model, but sometimes with poor results and then that seems to rub off on us and then hurts the industry when the results are lackluster. But here is the LOWDOWN!
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is the innovator that has brought 95% of the speakers at
these shows FIRST. That is one big difference. Leading vs copying. T.R.A.F.F.I.C. brought
you Speed Networking FIRST! T.R.A.F.F.I.C. brought you the Live Domain
auctions FIRST! T.R.A.F.F.I.C. brought you the networking parties
FIRST! T.R.A.F.F.I.C. brought you the cyber-cafe FIRST!
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. brought in famous Keynote Speakers FIRST. T.R.A.F.F.I.C. brought you the premium mix of Domain Investors,
Sponsors and Exhibitors FIRST., LAST and ALWAYS! Anyone can follow,
but trailblazing is OUR business. Cutting down trees and obstacles and
forging ahead is what you can expect from T.R.A.F.F.I.C. at every
Conference and Expo. Following on that path is what all the others do after we do the heavy lifting. Then their failures get pinned on us and folks say 'All tradeshows are the same.' Well they are not the same. They are quite different.
So you NEED to see the difference even when that difference is not superficial.
The reason that it is important that YOU come to Silicon Valley is the same
reason that T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is in Silicon Valley for its 15th show. It's
not the most convenient place to hold a show, but it is the right place
and the right time. Of all the individuals, business people and
entrepreneurs in the world, only a select few known as Domain Investors
and Developers know how important timing is to making the difference
between success and failure. It is everything. Nothing can trump
timing. At each T.R.A.F.F.I.C. show you heard from the right speakers
and panelists for the times. If you take a moment to look at the
schedule for T.R.A.F.F.I.C. SILICON VALLEY, you will see once again
that the speakers and panelists are those who will help you grow your
business and make your domains profitable.
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. never
likes to blow its own horn because others do that well. Many times at our expense. Although
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. has been the first at presenting the programs that have
been available to domainers, it doesn't have to be the biggest. But
it always has to be the best. When Howard and I walk away from the
trade show business, we will be satisfied that we hit near perfection
each and every time. Like the Blues Brothers, each time we had a
mission. Each time we defined that mission. Each time we exceeded even
our own expectations. Those are just facts!
TRAFFIC was in
Silicon Valley in 2006 and the domain industry is still running off
those fumes. Going back to the Santa Clara Marriott in 2009 has become
even more important to the industry. There are new faces, new
interests, new motivations, new ways of looking at things due to the
state of the economy and the way that it has affected every industry in
the world including ours. Put all of this together in these economic
times and I can tell you without a doubt in my mind, that anyone
who comes to T.R.A.F.F.I.C. SILICON VALLEY will realize rewards many
times the cost of attending; rewards that will last for a lifetime on
stuff you can't touch or see.
At this show there will be more
folks from Google and Yahoo representing different parts of their
respective companies than ever before.
'Mystery Guest' is the Gentleman that invented the very DNS system upon
which we have made our fortunes or earned our livings.
Dr. Paul Mockapetris designed the Domain Name System (DNS), which allows users to enter names (such as instead of numeric network addresses in order to locate people and resources on the Internet.
His insight alone is worth the trip because without that historical
perspective NONE of us would be in the positions that we are in right
now. We are also fortunate to have as our Keynote Speaker probably on
eof the most exciting and informative speakers since John Reese and
Steve Forbes....
KEYNOTE SPEAKER : SCOTT KLOSOSKY - EXPERT ON EXECUTIVE STRATEGIES FOR DOMINATING WITH TECHNOLOGY.Scott Klososky is a thought-leader specializing in helping leaders see the world in new ways. That is what we need RIGHT NOW.

disguise T.R.A.F.F.I.C. as a tradeshow, but as you all know, it is much
more than that. Rewind your lives without haveing attended one or
more T.R.A.F.F.I.C. shows and see if your lives and economic status
still looks the same. Take a look at our schedule and you will see how
much thought and time has been put into making each event meaningful.
is time for you to make an admittedly difficult decision by getting out
of your comfort zone and making a commitment to yourself that this is
not the time to be idle. This is the time to be aggressive and take
advantage of the opportunities that will be presented at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
SILICON VALLEY. Have you looked at some of the domains going on the
auction block and the reserves?? If you invest in domains for a living,
these are some of the sweetest domains ever offered at CHEAP prices.
The MARKET will set the price and the bargains can be yours. There will
be two very successful auctions at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. brought to you by
don't judge and confuse the condition of the aftermarket and the
condition of the industry with other auctions that just don't have the
ingredients to be successful from the get go. Great domains, great
prices, qualified bidders. Nobody should buy a marginal domain in this
economy. Buy prime and you will be rewarded. Like I have been
saying.....'Buy assets, not liabilities.'
Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

Internet Sensation and a Moment of Pause…..

Morning Folks!!

I think for the first time folks are really seeing the power of the Internet. This week a phenomenon happened. Something that catches fire and in an instant a star is born. A worldwide instant celebrity that should teach us all a lesson.

A few days ago nobody heard of this person. And then an ANGEL came. An angel certainly not looking like what you might expect an angel to look like. But an angel none the less. First a bit of laughter and condescension. Then in an instant in barely seconds, she brought an audience to tears. She opened her mouth and an angelic voice emerged. 5 seconds later they and everyone watching were on their feet. Watching in utter disbelief. Filled with emotion….much of that SHAME!

They judged a book by its’ cover. They know better than that but we all did it anyway. It was pretty disgusting, but maybe a moment to look inward.

Susan Boyle of Blackburn, Scotland stopped the world this week. If you have yet to hear what happened…..where the hell have you been?

Thank you for stopping the world! Thank you for showing the world the TRUE power of the Internet. An overnight sensation. You are a beautiful lady!

Have a GREAT Day!

TRAFFIC Mystery guest Revealed. The Man Responsible for YOUR Livelihood!

Good Evening Folks!!

Want to meet the guy that is responsible for all of our success? He will be joining us in Silicon Valley and you can thank him yourself! Dr. Paul Mockapetris is a guy we can all walk up and thank in just a few days. There is no question that without his contribution most of us would have never been here.

Twenty years ago, Paul Mockapetris designed the Domain Name System
(DNS), which allows users to enter names (such as instead
of numeric network addresses to locate people and resources on the
Internet. Today, the DNS is the Internet's database of Web and email
addresses and is being embedded into new applications, such as ENUM for
IP telephony. Dr. Mockapetris defined the DNS protocol and created its
initial implementation. With Dr. Jon Postel and others at University of
Southern California's Information Sciences Institute (ISI) and SRI, he
deployed the initial root server system and coordinated with other
researchers the implementation of DNS on all Internet operating
systems. At ISI, he also implemented the first SMTP email server.

A member of the IEEE, Dr. Mockapetris has chaired the Internet
Engineering Task Force and has received the University of California at
Irvine's distinguished alumnus award. He is chief scientist and
chairman at Nominum in Redwood City, Calif.
Paul, on behalf of all domainers, THANK YOU!
Have a GREAT Evening!
Rick Schwartz

Dominos and Domains

Morning Folks!!

Do you know how to provoke thought? Can you provoke discussion? Can you make a domino fall without touching it? Can you make the middle domino fall without touching any of the others and making them fall? Oh, you probably never thought about that. When you do, you stretch your mind. You enlarge the boundaries. You may see things as others deal with it.

About 20 years ago a phenomenon started to unfold. Less people worked for other people as they began to work for themselves and profits in some sectors began to fall. That is something that has continued for all this time. The race to the bottom has had its costs. The race to unprofitability. Many question why I focus so much on sales. Well, if you have read some of my posts over the years you will have heard me time and time again state that nothing in this world happens until a sale is made. Not a factory opens, not a worker goes to work. Not a truck makes a pickup. Not a truck makes a delivery. No money has changed hands and so no sales = a standstill. Sounds kinda like the auto industry huh?

So to me there are two types of traffic. Traffic that can convert to a sale and traffic that can’t convert to a sale. One is EXTREMELY valuable and you could say the other is worthless. It’s worthless when one expects to buy that traffic to make sales and ends up with nothing but a bill Last time I looked, most businesses buy traffic to make sales. Why> Read above again.

Now worthless traffic does not have to be worthless if it is marketed and labeled correctly. If you sell gum, you may want to buy million and zillions of worthless traffic at a fraction of the cost of the traffic that is targeted because the price is so low that any business you get at all makes it profitable. Meanwhile the guy paying for the premium traffic is not having his equation work for him. How many times do you think a buyer of traffic needs to be stung and lose money before he does not buy again? So whether you want to deal with something like that is up to you. But at least be sensitive to the reality of what is happening and the direct effects you may experience without ever being near that “Domino.”

To me it is a clear difference and is a quite stunning difference. Like drinking a nice cold glass of sparkling clear water and feeling great and refreshed and wanting a second glass and drinking some sewer water and spitting it all up. How many times you think they are gonna buy that crap? Each time that happens it taints another group, another business,another industry, another opportunity. Wrong direction. Wrong outcome. JMO.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Here is WHY Domainers are getting SCREWED…Google and Yahoo pay for CORPSES!

Morning Folks!!

It's April 15th and maybe money counts more today than yesterday. So let me take a moment to tell each and every one of you reading this that has legit traffic is getting screwed and tattooed. Some of you don't even care. Maybe today you care just a tad more. After you read this you are going to be outraged.

I really hate when the media spreads misinformation. I truly believe the foundation of a free country is a free media that is factual. Anything less is not acceptable except everyone seems to accept it when they should except it. Does that make sense?

People then make decisions on misinformation. Beliefs via misinformation. I have never seen it worse then it is right now. Mark Twain wrote something to the effect…..”A lie can spread around the world before the truth can put its boots on.”

The point is if you don’t demand the truth, you’ll never get the truth. If you don’t demand facts, you’ll never get facts. If you don’t demand that crap traffic is not mixed with valuable traffic you’ll always be paid the rates that the crap traffic gets and NOW I am going to PROVE it.

I am going to continue to speak out about crap traffic. What’s the difference? Well, here it is.

A targeted clickthrogh is when you hand deliver a visitor that has an interest in something fairly specific. If you load up a Greyhound Bus with 55 people wanting to go to the casino that have money and are ready to gamble, then you hand deliver them to the casino, THAT is targeted traffic. That is the traffic type-ins and real traffic are. Then there is the crap traffic. These people and companies in THIS INDUSTRY load up the bus with 55 CORPSES that can never gamble again. WE BOTH GET PAID THE SAME!!!!!!

So these folks that disguise themselves as registrars and sponsors and domainers that could care less are costing folks with REAL traffic a FORTUNE. Now those are the FACTS! Those are the facts as I see them and I will repeat them often until Google, Yahoo and all our sponsors start figuring out the difference and I will get on the stage at TRAFFIC and articulate these thoughts for all to see for years to come. It is TIME to DEMAND that this STOPS. Google and Yahoo need to pay attention. THEY are enabling folks to do this by not understanding the real difference. They are enabling registrars and sponsors to do this. They are, perhaps unknowingly and unintentionally, SCREWING their own retail customers out of something that they don't really know about or understand to the degree they should imo. So I am saying it out loud so maybe folks will think about and discuss while they call me all types of names. And at the end of the chain are the domainers that have THE MOST POTENT TRAFFIC IN THE WORLD being mixed with CORPSES!!! That provides results and ratios that are skewed.
Now maybe you never looked at it quite this way. I use the word 'Corpse' as an extreme because it might as well be a
corpse if the chances of converting that visitor to a sale are nil. AND
THEY ARE! And we all know it! But now that I have illustrated it in the most elementary and dramatic terms, what is going to change? When? What's the excuse for letting even one more day pass with this practice in place? To me, doing it for just 5 minutes after you are aware of it is unconscionable. Year after year I have watched this abuse and with all the meeting and all the discussions 'Corpse traffic' is getting none of us where we need to go. Guess I won't be making many friends today. It's easy to be popular, just shut up, say nothing of substance, challenge nothing. Look the other way. The worst part is I probably only speak for the core domainers with that pure traffic while there are much more corpse traffic that folks are making money with. Retailers would be happy with what I said but they don't know I am even saying it or why. Maybe some day. Google and Yahoo? Who knows what goes on in their minds and meetings. All I can do is try and let them know the difference and how seriously those of us with really good traffic take it. Maybe they never looked at it in this light. Maybe we all need to. All I am saying is isolate that 'Corpse traffic' and sell it as a different grade. That should be the happy medium to make all corpses and buyers happy. ;-) No wonder some opt out of the domain channel. It isn't about the domain traffic, it is about the corpse traffic that makes targeted traffic have much less value. It is just one small diamond mixed in with a ton of sand.

Yes, these are extremes but untargeted traffic has the same value as a corpse to somebody buying that traffic trying to make a sale and obtain a new customer. Now if you don't care about that part of the equation , you should. THAT is what produces supply and demand. That supply and demand is what produces the payouts. The competition for good traffic is what drives up prices and profits. Just LABEL the traffic. Grade the traffic not just for the eyes but for the wallet and educate the end user on the differences. Why do that? If we don't, next year on April 15th, you won't owe much in taxes because payouts will continue to erode and worse. The only ones that can really demand this is Google and Yahoo. I learned long ago only a vey few sponsors are willing to do that. Now with $$ tight and businesses on the line, how low will some go to survive?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

A Chill Up My Spine

A little earlier this morning I wrote on this blog and said: “The bottom line, THIS period will be your very LAST opportunity to buy really good quality domains. Once this period passes, it is off to the races as values today will double many times in the next decade. Oh, I forgot, most don't look 10 years ahead. They have strategies for the next 10 minutes. The next 10 hours. Some get all the way to the next 10 days. But if you walk and all you do is look at your feet, you will surely hit walls all day every day. Folks want to know how to have success, but when you lay out a road map as I have done on this blog for the past 2 years, they will do everything but read it and take the info for free.”

The chill comes from me watching the Today Show and Author Suzy Welch (wife of Jack Welch former CEO of GE) is on and she published a book called 10-10-10 that describes much the same theme. A book I never heard of until an hour after I wrote that paragraph. My jaw dropped. It’s just little things like this that I see as confirmation that I am not too far off in what I see, what I believe and how I approach situations and life. I just wish that everyone reading this would and could understand the unlimited power they possess. There is nothing I can do or say to hold you back. Only YOU can hold yourself back. No outside force can overcome your will. There is and will always be one obstacle in the way of each of us and it is how we approach things and how far down the road we look for the fallout it may cause or the rewards it may yield.

Rick Schwartz

An Unexpected Anniversary

Morning Folks!!

I have not been buying domains for quite some time. But I have been
arming myself with a cash arsenal ready to do battle. Waiting for NOW.
Waiting for things as I saw them unfold. I predicted last year it would
be April when this really began to unfold. Well it is April and as you
can plainly see from the list below there will be some intense bidding
because there are great domains in there with low reserves. THAT is
what makes an auction and the results will speak for themselves. While
I still see a number of weak domains on the list, I also see some major
winners. The art is going through a list like that and coming up with
the ones that can be worth millions and bought for thousands. The ones
that when standing alone state a business. I always hear the EXCUSE
that what I did could not be repeated. First off you need to understand
it IS an excuse. We wake up everyday facing new challenges. Some folks
rise to the challenge and some folks complain about the challenge. What
folks don't grasp is nothing happens overnight. It takes YEARS of
fighting those daily challenges. EVERY day you have to move ONE STEP forward.
The #1 problem is those that complain are always the ones trying to
skip steps or accomplish too much, too fast. They fall on their faces and frustration and anger becomes the bi-product. Nobody has to be a victim of their own emotions. Folks need to master not only emotions, but faith in themselves.

I was writing the greeting page for folks coming to T.R.A.F.F.I.C. in less than 2 weeks. As I got to the end I realized that the New York Show will mark our 5th year. I am stunned. In some ways it seems like just yesterday. In some ways it seems like a lifetime ago. It may have been a lifetime. We all watched the evolution of an industry develop before our very eyes.

It’s been quite a ride for an entire industry. It has given birth to multiple shows, Multiple live auctions, Multiple deals, Multiple mergers and the birth of many great friendships and business relationships.

As I have been saying for a while, times like these will force really good domains to come to market. One look at the list below released by Moniker and the reserves will prove my point. Those looking to do better in domains in the years ahead need to start getting rid of their crap and liabilities and replace them with quality domains. I see domains EVERY DAY that can be bought for $1,000 and have huge upside potentials. But if you don’t understand the elements that constitute a great domain from a worthless domain, it is just pot luck. Don't buy another domain until you figure it out. Worthless lasts for a long time and you need to renew worthless. The bottom line, THIS period will be your very LAST opportunity to buy really good quality domains. Once this period passes, it is off to the races as values today will double many times in the next decade. Oh, I forgot, most don't look 10 years ahead. They have strategies for the next 10 minutes. The next 10 hours. Some get all the way to the next 10 days. But if you walk and all you do is look at your feet, you will surely hit walls all day every day. Folks want to know how to have success, but when you lay out a road map as I have done on this blog for the past 2 years, they will do everything but read it and take the info for free.

Have a GREAT Day!

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My Response to Someone who deserves no Response. Apologies to WhyPark

Here is the post I made on a certain blog today when that blogger WRONGLY complained and accused me of not posting his comments on this blog. Anyone can go back and plainly see I post all his less than flattering posts as well of that of others.

So here is the post that I posted on his blog to set the record straight.

Just for the record 'Friend'......I posted EVERY response you ever made to my blog. Most of them were nasty, some were two faced. But no matter how the tone of those responses were I have posted EVERY single one. I figure if you want to make a fool of yourself, why not let you. So I post ALL of them!
Sooo....if a post had an error, it was NOT with me not accepting the post.
As for kicking you off the board years ago that you repeatedly bring up.....Get over it big boy.
As for WhyPark....I talk with experience. I used that service. My income was cut by 66% and I have NEVER gotten paid for that traffic. So THERE you go! Not ignorance, experience.
Rick Schwartz

So be a man and print a retraction. I don't want an apology. I have found that apologies from you are time limited and worthless.

Update: I want to apologize to Craig Rowe of After a number of emails it was determied it was NOT that I ran the test with. Craig helped me to remember the company when I told him the circumstances surrounding the test which I believe closed down not too long ago. Also the post that ignited all this has been rightfully retracted. Time to move on. None of this back biting ever made a domainer a single penny. The real crime is the waste of time and energy.