What I Bought at the Auctions and Prices Paid

Morning Folks!!

As promised, I am going to list the domains I bought at the auctions. For the last couple years I have made very few acquisitions because pricing did not fit my business model. That is no longer the case. You will see from the list below that I have a 'Sweet Spot' when it comes to pricing. I have always focused on domains under $10,000 and almost always under $5000 or very premium domains where my desire is the only limit.

Rick Latona Auction:

1. Rickshaws.com $5500
2. NetMarketers.com $1250
3. BreakfastBars.com $1300
4. AsianFlu.com $3000

Moniker Auction:

1. HotProducts.com $9000
2. ReTrain.com 4500
3. Bribes.com $3000
4. AffiliateAdvertising.com $5000
5. Wager.co.uk $5000
6. Exhibiting.com $5000

I will tell you that I 'Targeted' Hotproducts.com and Exhibiting .com before the show. I was buying those 2 domains. Period! I will also tell you that with each domain, I have an idea for a business if I ever get around to it. I bid on a few more as well. In a better economy I would have doubled my purchases as there were some real gems.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

12 thoughts on “What I Bought at the Auctions and Prices Paid

  1. Bryan

    Those are all nice value plays. I threw HotProducts.com in as it’s been sliding down my development list for a while now and I wasn’t ever going to get to it. I have some killer ideas for it but they are big development. Hit me up if you ever want to discuss.

  2. Tim Davids

    Wager.co.uk $5000
    I was watching that one and was surprised it didn’t go higher…nice pick up
    agree with your sweet spot…easier to double 3k than 100k

  3. Tony

    Thanks for this info, Rick.
    It’s always good to know what the top domainers are willing to pay and for what in this environment.

  4. Bob

    I was bidding on AffiliateAdvertising.com, but when I saw you bidding for it I knew you were going to buy it. I was hoping to pick it up for under 3K!
    You and I were the only bidders for 15YearMortgageRates.com. Ended up at just $1250 – so thanks for not loving that one so much! Some good bargains – especially HomeLoans.net at 18K. Great show as always…..

  5. Shay

    Rickshaws.com $5500
    That’s quite a gem there as well. Of course the others are great too, but I think you got a great deal with that one. The Rickshaw trend in the UK is increasing quite rapidly – nearly all of them have advertising on them as well.
    Thanks for sharing the list and prices with us, it helps a lot to get some idea of current market values.

  6. UFO.ORG

    Retrain.com is the best. That could sell for $100k in the right market.
    A training provider working for large corps on restructures could use this URL extremely well.
    With the growing use of web based training this is obviously on a good growth path.

  7. Free Credit Scores

    I really like Breakfastbars.com – $1300 a steal!
    You can make so much cash selling these wholesale!
    Great names you got cheap and Im sure shall be nice ROI in flips or development.
    p.s. What else are you developing? Any news from you on that front would love to here. . .

  8. Free Magazines

    Rickshaws.com & Breakfastbars.com
    I was watching them. If my funds weren’t so low – currently non-existent – those two would not have been so cheap. They were quite a bargain. Damn! Good picks!

  9. Miami Condos

    Rickshaws.com was definitely a steal. They use rickshaws everywhere in India and starting to see that trend spread elsewhere.


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