My 13th Annual July 4th Post

Morning Folks!!

It was 1997 when I started making my annual July 4th posts. Some have been public, most have been private. One of the times of the year to pause, take notice of where you are where you are going and why you are going there. They are always upbeat looking to a bright future. There is still a bright future with domains and in domaining. If not for realizing I/We have the best investments in the world. The most portable investments, the most lucrative and the most universally expandable, then I would be pretty nervous about the future and my friends, there is a LOT to be nervous about. More than at anytime in my life and even years before that. We are entering uncharted territory both economically and politically. A huge bust is coming if we stay on this path. Of course, all the 'Experts' will be surprised. Seems they are always chasing the train that already left the station. Always a few steps behind. Keep in mind, we have yet to feel the impact and pain for those that have lost their jobs. This will begin to manifest itself now that unemployment benefits and savings are running out for those that got laid off early on and are still not employed. We are about to see what happens when a city or a region hits 15%, 20%, 25%. How desperation manifests itself where it affects the lives of others.

If you think I have been exaggerating about the state of the economy, the state of the industry and the future of both, let me take the time to tell you that it is you that is underestimating what is happening and what is to come. It is you that will be surprised and unprepared. It will be you that will be scrambling while those that prepare are sucking up opportunity. Because that is what my posts are about. Opportunity! But if you are not in a position to take advantage of opportunity, you will watch it pass by. If you are in denial about the pitfalls, you will surely be a victim of them.

There are major shifts in strategy going on throughout the industry. Don’t think so? Then we are watching a different movie. Weak domainers are getting weaker. Strong domainers are smart enough to see what is coming and are scrambling.

That’s the way I see it. My record speaks for itself. The reason I have a record is I say what nobody dare says. I ask the questions that folks don’t ever want to even think about. I say/ask it early and often. Could this be a summer of discontent? Could there be a disastrous fall? Could things be getting worse, not better? Fasten your seat belts!

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Anything in between and prepare to pay a price. Dare to ask questions of “What if this”, “What if that?” Be bold enough to find the answer. The best answer. Even the ones you don’t want to find. Even when you are ridiculed for doing so.

Here is a secret. The only reason my 2008 and 2009 have been record years for me personally was I started preparing in 2007. When do you think it is time for you to prepare? You can disagree, but you can only avoid the gravitational downturn we are going to face by a plan and preparation and even that is no guarantee. Last fall I said that after there is a glut of goods on the market, it would be followed by shortages. I can identify several items in society that are now in a short supply. Can you? Do you have a stock of these items? My job in life is staying at least one step ahead of the masses. One step ahead of you.

In the meantime, you can hear some more of my thoughts in this Podcast done by Ed at

See you on the other side.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz