July 4th More than Fireworks? Spoiled Brats Take Notice.

Morning Folks!!

July 4th is much more than an American Holiday. It is a day to celebrate freedom throughout the world. A day in history in which people triumphed over oppression. Average people overcoming great odds…..isn’t that what life is about? We celebrate history so we don’t repeat past mistakes. However repeating past mistakes is the thing I see most in life.


I know it has been in vogue to beat up on the USA for a while now and apologize for this and that. But today we should offer no apologies nor should we ever. The USA is a great country that has done great things for the world and mankind over and over again and only the arrogant would apologize for that. Only the uninformed would believe that. Only the ill willed would spread that. Only the evil would try and destroy that.

So a big THANK YOU for every soldier to lay his life on the line for humanity before even the USA. To every family that offered their own. Hundreds of years of battle after battle after battle for the simple privilege of having the free will to write this blog and think the thoughts I want to think. Because of them we live in freedom and have escaped the type of tyranny we see in Iran and other places. The type of tyranny governments will impose if you don’t pay attention and learn from history. Indeed we are lucky and sometimes we need to pause and think what life is really about.

If you add up all the people that died in the world throughout history fighting for or against freedom, religion, land and those caught in the gunfire, you would find that number rivals the entire 300 million population of the USA today. All fighting for something we take for granted in this day and age? Here are the numbers just from the USA.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz