BULLETIN! Cavemen spotted on TechCrunch!

Morning Folks!!

Before I get started on the Neanderthals (Lighten up, I have been called much worse), I want to thank TechCrunch.com for following the Candy.com deal. They have written about it twice now and that is a good thing. Their articles have been good. So I have nothing bad to say about TechCrunch.com and want to thank them for following the sale. What this post focuses on are the comments, the readers, the closed minds in light of years of evidence.

Now what is funny is about 2 hours after I write this blog post and decided to sit on it for 24 hours to see how the comments developed, Mike Berkens wrote a great analysis that frankly I would find too frustrating to actually invest the time to articulate what he did in a pretty calm manner. So my tone is slightly different……but then again I am a lot more frustrated after 14 years and it shows. I really hate when folks ignore facts. I give them points when they make sense, we deserve the same.

You would think after so many years of the Internet, the booms and collapses, folks would actually progress. But one just has to look at the comments and see that the same ones were posted a dozen years ago. However in face of all that evidence and progress, they remain locked into their box and the only thing they can do is lash out. The difference today is instead of me fighting a lone battle, this has erupted into a great opportunity to educate by an entire industry.

I don’t see why it is so hard to grasp the concept of making more sales with a recognizable and targeted domain name. You pay a premium for a great location in the real world. Where is the disconnect? The great location provides more traffic and more opportunity to make sales. But it is important for domainers to keep things in perspective. These attitudes still exist and they are hardened. It does not matter that they are wrong. These type folks never look for answers. They are locked into beliefs as if both feet were in cement and they become prisoners of their own close mindedness. It illustrates why things are the way they are.
Now they make some valid points but have a bad habit of dismissing our valid points. So until that changes, we are stuck in 1997. Opportunity missed.

Imagine folks out there running businesses, marketing for corporations, in charge of sales and when you show them 500, 1000, 1500, even 50,000 customers lined up at the front door of your store (Domain Name) before you even open it and that happens with a different set of people each and every day, week after week, month after month, year after year and they don’t see GREAT value there, well what can you say? It would be like talking to a rock, a rock in a cave. They seem so proud to remain ignorant. How does one justify remaining ignorant in the fastest moving business environment the world has ever known? It would be laughable if it were not so sad that so many companies actually listen to these fools like they were oracles. They listen to them because they too are ignorant. Hey Mr CEO, Hey Mr. Owner, kick these folks to the curb and start LEARNING the Internet for yourself. YOUR survival depends on it. It is no longer okay to say so and so takes care of that part of the business. You best get involved because just like 15 years ago, TECHIES are making BUSINESS decisions and techies make lousy business people. They don’t get it. They don’t see anything but a screen and a keyboard and have no concept of consumers and human nature and sales and customer service. They need to be locked in a room and YOU need to tell them what to do not the other way around. Some folks hire lawyers and listen to every word they say. Others hire lawyers and direct them. Both have value given the situation. But if you don’t know the difference from one situation from another, GOOD LUCK!
A Great domain name does not guarantee success. It just puts the wind at your back and increases your chances of success. If you are successful, you won't be mildly successful, you will be wildly successful. How many of you heard of Melville Candy Company before the candy.com deal?? How does it affect their stature in the industry? Will it open doors that may have been closed to them before? Does it cary some heft? Does it give you some credibility? No guarantee, but if you tap into all the assets associated with a great domain name, you won't be at the mercy of an overpriced and underperforming media. I could go on for 2 hours and not repeat a single benefit. If you don't see all the benefits, take off the blinders and read some of the comments over there. I rest my case. Still not convinced? Go watch some GEICO commercials.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz