Bing is a Huge Success and Google Confirms it!!

Morning Folks!!

When Microsoft finally entered the search arena they did it in a big way and Google was unexpectedly surprised and put back on their heels. The proof is Google announcing an operating system that is a year away at best. What else could they do? Looks like Google was caught flatfooted and their bottom line is going to suffer at the worst possible time. They underestimated Bing. Microsoft is going to hurt Google and it will take at least a year for Google to get off the mat. They have been hit with a body blow from the mighty giant. In the meantime, Bing is taking market share as it improves and gets some pretty good reviews. Sit back and enjoy the show. It's the one bright spot in a lot of bleakness.

Add the mountain of trademark suits being filed against Google and I would say that Google is in for some very rough days and their stock will start to reflect that once folks figure out that Google is losing market share and is vulnerable for the first time. Personally I think Google will bow in light of all these lawsuits, however they will make many millions each and every day they delay.

So if the saying is “As GM goes so goes the Nation” and GM is belly up, what is the future of the newest biggest company on earth? What will a real challenge to Google do to Google? When it comes to search engines, I just have 2 words......'Alta Vista'.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz