Bing Bong Google. The arrogant Giant gets challenged.

Morning Folks!!

Many folks in the industry don’t think Bing will be a big deal. I am going to explain why they are completely wrong. Bing is the first TRUE challenge to Google. Bing is good for the domain industry. Bing is good for the consumer. The only ones Bing is bad for are Google and SEO guys that have yet to figure out Bing.

Make no mistake, Bing is here to stay and Goggle is going to suffer. The first indication will be visible to the “Insiders” when the 3rd and 4th quarter numbers that show Bing eating away at Google. Now it is time to explain why Bing is going to hurt Google in a BIG way.

First of all when I hear the guy that washes my car talk about Bing, I know this is more than just another search engine. A waitress. Four retirees eating dinner. This is meaningful. When I hear commentators and people just talking about Bing, that matters. But besides that let’s look at who is behind Bing.

Of course Microsoft with a few billion to invest. But mightier then them is who boasts the Bing logo on all their home page maps. Why Well then you have to follow and since NBC now owns you can add NBC as they are in bed with Microsoft with MSN. Then of course General Electric owns NBC and when you have established players like this with DOLLARS……you are going to see a serious challenge. That challenge will produce a bidding war in all types of directions. This is as big a challenge as one could get.

So those that think Bing is not here to stay and not going to take substantial market share, will be proved wrong within 18-36 months and indications will be obvious much sooner. Bing is an alternative and Google is going to have a huge fight on their hands. This is a battle of Titans. Those that think Google will walk away unscathed will be proved very wrong. Those folks don't understand numbers. The numbers prove this just a fact yet to happen. Every point that Bing gets as market share is a costly one for Google.

As for Yahoo! They will fall a distant third unless they field an aggressive team awfully fast and team up with other giants to make it a 3 way challenge. In TV it was NBC, ABC and CBS. Are we about to see the same thing online? As they say.....'Stay tuned.'

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz