Everyone Hates Domainers. Especially Folks Lobbying ICANN

Morning Folks!!

The way you put people asleep in this business is mention ICANN. This may be my least read post ever. If Michael Jackson dies again I will have many more readers and many more comments. ICANN? Yawn. But what if ICANN were to encourage criminal activity by their flawed policies? Reverse Domain Hijacking the LEGAL WAY? Maybe I can get your attention even when ICANN is the keyword.

I have long maintained that domains would become so valuable that eventually they would come after our assets. Well if you have been following Mike Berken’s blog, you can tell he is a bit frustrated as he watches what is to unfold and the lack of interest from rank and file domainers. ICANN is about to put your futures in jeopardy. ICANN is about to put their own future in jeopardy if they adopt this bonehead change.

Everyone hates domainers. So let’s start there. No love loss for what we do. However, in their hate for us, in their zeal to stop what we do, they jeopardize the mom and pop websites all over the world. Those are the ones that get caught in the crossfire. Nobody wants to hurt them and that is why we should show how it hurts the little guy with one domain, one website, one business. How just one over reaching jackass can turn their world upside down. We can fight the jackass. We have our legal teams go up against theirs and we will duel to the death. But the guy on Main Street is not so savvy. He may be under represented and the ones that they were supposed to protect are the ones ICANN is about to slay. The 'Rapid Suspension' process will put every domain holder on the defense and in a much weaker position than those plotting to grab your assets with the element of surprise on their side and new rules that will make reverse hijacking the new sport of the day.

While we have squandered a decade, our opposition has come together and have gained a lot of strength. This change if adopted will mark the beginning of the end for many. It gets worse from here, not better. Prepare to go to Federal Court to protect your assets. To REGAIN ownership. To be reimbursed for your losses. Our best defense is to let these jackasses know they and their companies will pay a price for over reaching. A better defense would be not to allow this to happen. So even if it falls on deaf ears, make your thoughts known. One commenter put it this way:

'No system is infallible regardless of it's
intent, but to actively create a system
with such visible fallacies in place is
Jonathan Rusca, Verdant Industries Ltd.

and I completely agree. If adopted, folks could accuse ICANN of extreme Negligence. They can CLEARLY foresee the abuse that can and will happen. If they wrecklessly move forward on this, knowing full well that it is flawed and can do unrepairable damage, not only the possibility, but probability, then we are going to see and witness some landmark legal cases and the restructuring of ICANN from top to bottom. It may actually be the best thing that ever happened to website owners.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz