Sunday Morning Politics and Business.

Morning Folks!!

When I grew up there really was free speech. The tone of the conversation was different. There was right and wrong. Good and bad. Not today. Today, the water is muddy and that is not a good thing. Today it is 'Intimidated' free speech. You really can't say what you think without a host of accusations and insults hurled at you. With Government now inside of business to a degree we have never seen, on the verge of the taxes going over 50%, it becomes increasingly hard to separate things. Imagine getting the quality of health care determined by your party affiliation. Scary thought no matter where you stand on the issue. Your life may depend on the party in power?

But that is not the motivation for this post.

I listen to all the babble about what happened last week in Cambridge between the Police Officer and the Harvard Professor. Lots of excuses and lots of rhetoric but few have taken the time to read the police report, which is supported by the eye witness statement and those of others.

Let’s cut out all the crap. Pretty sick of it. If the same thing were to happen to me and I was found jimmying my back door and the cops responded to a call, I would gladly show them my ID and I would THANK THEM for trying to protect my property! I would thank them over and over again! That seems to be missing from the conversation. That is what I would do. I think that is what most folks would do. Especially since Mr. Gates himself said his home was burglarized in the past. Sorry, I just don't get it. Maybe the professor was loaded for bear before the office ever arrived. This is not Selma Alabama. This is Cambridge Mass. Arguably the most progressive area in the entire country. So what is really go on?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

P.S. I purposely left a lot out of this post. I am sure what I left out will be stated. I do want to share some interesting insight. Today Donna Brazille, a high up Democratic Party Strategist made an interesting comment. She said that when she grew up her parents instilled in her that when she was pulled over by the police was not to argue. Just pull over. Answer his questions and cooperate. She said that because she believes that her parents told her that because she was black. And being black I won't argue that you have much more problems. However, my parents told me the same thing. Everyone I know was taught you don't run from the police, you do what you are told in a 'Situation' and that you don't mouth off. So many things are just not racial and you can't wrap up life in a racial wrapper. There is right and wrong and it cuts through race and religion and nationality.