Big 3 are Dead and replaced by Google, Microsoft and Apple.

Morning Folks!!

The Big 3 are Dead and replaced by Google, Microsoft and

That small sentence is a mouthful and basically describes
2009 and the shift that has occurred. We are about to watch an epic battle
between 3 Titans. Apple is the wildcard and Microsoft is losing market share when
it comes to their software as Apple gains and Apple will continue to gain and
erode Microsoft in that arena. Google will always be vulnerable.

Microsoft is likely to lose a large share of their
environmental Windows audience to Apple. By this time next year Apple market share will reach double digits. If will control 25% within 3 years. That is one hell of a comeback! But “Office” will continue to lead on both platforms.
Bing will be a pretty nasty thorn in the side of Google as Microsoft sees what
is happening and makes the shift. Bing is better in some areas and improving in others.

It would take all day for me to go into all this in depth.
But what I wanted to point out is the interesting dynamic that is manifesting
itself here between these 3 powerhouses of this century. This is something to pay attention to
and study. GM, Ford, Chrysler........the big 3 no more. Replaced by Google, Microsoft and Apple.

Of Google, Microsoft and Apple, I see Apple as eventually coming out #1. They are the IDEA people and IDEAS is what will win.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz