$1M domains for $10,000. How many will YOU buy?

Morning Folks!!

Every once in a while “Joe” as in Joe Biden says something that folks may laugh at but are true. Last week he said, “You have to spend money to avoid going bankrupt.”

That was one of the smartest things he has ever said. Another way to say it is “Go for broke.” That really is what you have to do when things are bad. Prime the pump. Make things happen. That is what my posts have been about this year. Don’t pull back. Those that pull back will be swamped.

As I write this I am negotiating more 6 and 7 figure domain deals than any time in 14 years. Offers are flying in. One after another. Real offers. Solid cash deals. Folks know this is the time to make things happen. To change their own destiny. To reach out. While some like Hershey’s are in retreat, others are just coming out of their shell.

Does this mean the recession is over? Hell no!! It just means we have reached a stage I have talked about for quite some time. This is a “Working summer” for most. Folks may get away here and there, but this is a summer where folks will be at their desk. Where they are fighting for survival. Where they are looking at everything that passes their way.

The TRAFFIC auctions in October will be the last time 2 major auctions happen at one show. I predict you will see a blowout. Each auction will do more than $2M. It could rival the biggest ones we have ever had. Why? Timing!! The amount of quality domains will be at an all time high and this may be your last significant chance to buy a premium domain at a down and dirty price. Whatever bargains will be out there this fall will be evaporated by next fall and I would imagine much sooner. This window of opportunity is open, but it will close in the foreseeable future and never open again in this lifetime.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz