When in Doubt….Reach Out. What do you think?

Morning Folks!!

Howard and I have always listened to the wisdom of our
friends in the domain industry. When we have tough decisions we reach out to
see what you think as our shows are designed for you.

In May of 2008, when we had our Orlando TRAFFIC show we agreed to do
another show at the hotel starting January 12th 2010 as our 2009 schedule was
already set. The January 12th Orlando show was our plan until this
past fall and winter when the economy changed things.

At that point we decided that Las Vegas was a better fit.
Only problem is that week was not available. So we have an opportunity to
dovetail our show right before GlobalFest so domainers could have one travel
expense. However, being away for 7-10 days may not be that easy for some.

So we are strongly leaning to follow last years pattern and
try for the end of April. Comments?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz