The Argument to end all Arguments about Domainers

Morning Folks!!

Sometimes you realize you just can’t explain an issue better
than somebody else already did. Such is the case with the DNJournal article on
Michael Berkens. What happens when
you can’t explain something very simple, but complex and abstract is that you get frustrated. But when you can articulate something to your own
satisfaction, that gives a sense of calm and control.

Recently I have written a few blogs about human nature. But
I never dug deep as Mike did. This is what he wrote and I think it helps
explain things in a calm and understanding manner:

you read TechCrunch
any time they have a post concerning domains, read the comments and you will
see what I mean - people hate
domainers. Although all of them wished they registered back in the day and sold it for $12 million they hate you for
having the foresight
. This mentality is not exclusive to domainers. Human
nature is highly jealous of success.'

'Somewhere along the way we went
from a society who looked at success stories and used them as inspiration to create their own, to one
that looks at successful people and eagerly awaits and looks forward to their
fall. If you could get the honest answer of the American population,
almost all would say they admire Donald
, almost all would love to be like him, enjoy the success he has, but
almost all would say they would be happy
if he lost it all

'Everyone would love to have 100
great domains they could have registered in 1995. Everyone wants to have what
Frank has. But 99.9% of the general
population missed the boat and now
they’re pissed off at the one’s who
got onboard, who thought of it first, who beat
them to the punch

'People who own a lot of
apartments are called “slumlords.' People who take over public companies
are called “corporate raiders.' People who practice law and get large
verdicts are called “ambulance chasers.' People who have sudden success
are dismissed as being “Lucky.' People who own a lot of domains are call
“cybersquatters.' This is human
nature,' Berkens said.

the domainers I know are extremely
hard working
. Honestly, I don’t remember the last day I had a whole day
off. Its certainly been many years ago, and probably because I couldn’t
get a connection or my computer’s hard drive failed. However, I think that is typical of domainers. The domainers
I know work, or worked, when they were building up their portfolio, 7 days a
week, 10+ hours a day, 365 days a year,' Berkens said.

'Yes, the best thing about being
a domainer is you can work anywhere, the worst thing is you work everywhere. Domainers by and large
are self-made. I don’t know
of any domainer who grew up with a ton of
money. We either made money in a previous business or in the domain
business but what we have, we earned.'
'Domain holders created
an industry
. An industry that didn’t even eThixist 10 years ago. A very
profitable one. We’re living the
American dream
,' Berkens concluded.

This is just a tiny part of the article Ron Jackson did on
Mike Berkens. Mike is one of the few people in this industry that “I” actually
pay attention to. Besides, Bandit was one of the biggest motivations for
getting Freddy.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

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