is #11 with a $200k Price tag

Morning Folks!!

In November 1996 I plunked down $100 and Today I went to the cashier and they gave me $200 Grand. This deal took about 1 year from the initial contact. A simple domain. A great domain because it is not ambiguous and it is well defined. I was surprised I did not sell it much earlier. Many contacts over the years.
Now this was a nice deal, don't get me wrong but it adds value to another domain I own. A much more universal domain. But this sale sets a foundation for the next. I will write about all this in a future blog post. Until then, I have to read the contract for #12 and see where we are.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

13 thoughts on “ is #11 with a $200k Price tag

  1. Michael Roberts

    They also got a good deal. They only need to sell a handful of tours to make up for it, and then they become the leader in this industry as more of the world wants to see China.

  2. Robbie

    Im off to HK again in November – Guess where I’ll be booking my HK Tour this year.
    Conratulations on the sale!

  3. Gazzip

    wow, you sure are on a fantastic roll lately.
    Many congrats Rick (once again) :)
    Do you list your names for sale at the usual places or do you prefer to have them contact you through whois only ?

  4. primo

    You are a money machine and inspiration to us all RS!!
    There is still hope for us strugglng domainers if we follow your sage words of advice and experience.
    Everytime I am down on the industry I read your blog to bolster my spirits and keep on truckin hoping one day to cash in to some extent to validate my time and effort spent in this wild west business.

  5. Mr. Joe DOMAINS Saladino

    WE should ALL UNDERSTAND that selling domains cheap UNDERCUTS and UNDERMINDS the entire business where in like a cheap prostitute!!! Everyone should network together and shoot beyond the stars concering our asking price and stand firm to raise the stakes!
    Joe”DOMAINS” Saladino

  6. Samit

    Excellent sale Rick, specially given the current market condition.
    A category killer if there ever was one.


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