Cash for Clunkers Crashes

Morning Folks!!

After just 4 days and after months of advertising it, Cash
for Clunkers is coming to a crashing halt. In 4 days, they ran out of money.
It was supposed to run until November! Another successful government program. Not! Many meetings, great projections and look where we are. Meanwhile local dealers are holding
the bag as their ads are on TV, contracts are sold and they are screwed. Of course
they will extend it as soon as they can run and print some more money and have some more meetings. I can’t
wait for them to be in charge of my health care. Let’s see how they do with
getting the flu vaccine out to us before it is too late.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

28 thoughts on “Cash for Clunkers Crashes

  1. alanj878

    Hey rick it was successful actually more successful than the government had in mine.That is way it ran out in 4 days. So you can repharse that statement stating the the saying was underfunded or underestimated by the governement

  2. eddg

    I agree with alanj878. The evidence is there.
    In four days they ran out of money when they thought the money would last to Nov. A failure? Really?
    With that logic, then it is a bad thing to sell out of the product your trying to sell.
    I guess if you said it was wildly successful would not go with your doom and gloom predictions.

  3. Ross

    Actually the money did not run out yet. The dealers were the ones speculating that it might run out faster than expected, which it probably will. In fact there have only been 50,000 cars sold out of the 250,000 expected.

  4. Dennis

    The government did not run out of money. The government was backlogged in their processing of the paperwork. I’m on Rick’s side for this one. Just wait and see what happens if the government takes over the health care industry.

  5. eddg

    If the government did not run out of money and the issue is just a backlog of paperwork (because of the amount of interest in the program) then I still don’t understand how this equals a failure Dennis.
    Still seems like this program is doing what it was designed to do. Sell Cars
    Am I wrong? I think maybe we have a different views of success and failure.

  6. Kevin

    All these government redistribution of wealth deals are nuts and unfair. Why should money come out of my pocket or your pocket Rick so someone else can dump their piece of crap clunker car and get a brand new one?????
    What kills me is the media saying how great this program is for the auto industry and how successful it is.
    Really?? The government printing more money we don’t have to send us further into debt is successful???
    I think either the American people have completely lost their minds to let all these financial shell games happen or we’re all still in La La Land believing the”oh don’t worry it’s just a few more billion, it’ll all work out” brain dead sucker pitch.
    This is the most insane financial management of the United States’s money I’ve seen in my entire life.

  7. Dennis

    It’s not selling autos anymore. They couldn’t keep up with the paperwork and dealers can’t sell cars without the paperwork being completed by the government. The government couldn’t run a whore house that sold liquor…how the heck do they think they can run the auto industry let alone the country.

  8. Mark

    “Just wait and see what happens if the government takes over the health care industry….”
    So what you think health care could get worse? Get more expensive?
    Come on guys. The current situation is a disaster, timebomb. Nothing has been done to fix this for 10 years. Now is the time to fix it. Ofcourse not fix it anywhere near perfectly, there are a million lobbyists out there and politicians in the pocket of lobbyists so we are looking for the best compromise possible. Lets be practical and not partisan, or do you want to stay on the same course?

  9. JimmyDean

    Awesome program! I can’t wait to give up some more of my paycheck to help idiots buy new cars they can’t afford… The house is trying to drop another 2 BILLION into this program…
    And people actually trust these morons with their health care decisions and costs?
    We are screwed.

  10. Dennis

    If the government takes over the health care industry it will get worse and it will cost more. If the government can can do a better job running the health care system, why do they want to exempt themselves and their families from having to participate in the program they are trying to pass.

  11. Dennis

    Just remember, the people who are doing this are mostly liberals. Liberals like to make themselves feel good by using other peoples money.

  12. owen frager

    So here’s the deal:
    Average Joe has an old clunker with no payment and he can’t afford a payment because he lives pay check to pay checxk, had his savings wiped down and the value of his homew slashed in half.
    Gov gets him to go into debt on a commitment he can’t afford (dealer will probably find someone to run the paper and all will make commissions like mortgage brokers)>”
    Banks will get stuck with”clunker debts” while government bails them out while bank execs pat themselves on the back with billion bonuses and economists declare the recession over because the car sales are up- and GM is now being credited as a brilliant move.
    Pass me the throw up bucket.
    When are we going to have cash for domains?

  13. HOWARD

    Neither the President of the United States nor Congress is subject to the new Health Care Act that these idiots are trying to push through. Everyone who votes for the health care bill should be thrown out of office.

  14. Kevin

    I feel sorry for the children born today and in just the past few years. They will never know the United States we knew. They will grow up thinking this craziness is the norm and they’ll look at us older generations and not understand what we’re talking and griping about.

  15. Anunt

    Stop complaining and stop crying like little babies…if you dont like the U.S, please pack your crap and move out tommorrow! England has free healthcare, go there! If you think everything is too expensive here, then move to mexico or india.
    But please stop complaining…we have it really really good here in the U.S…you just dont know it because you have not been to other countries…go out and explore the world…and then you will be back here and appreciate things more!

  16. Mac M

    No one disagrees that the U.S. is a great country. But great restaurants, great shops, great manufacturers,and great countries cease to exist when they run out of money. Unlike businesses, our country can print and borrow our way out of trouble for a while, but we will eventually pay the piper (China/inflation). Our leaders are not leading.

  17. UFO

    I think you guys in the US need to take some lessons from the pandering liberal class that have decimated Britain in the last decade, and you might just see what’s around the corner for you guys.
    Swine flu as far as I am concerned pretty much says it all, all the pathetic pandering lemmings are now so gullible that large corporates and governments openly use fear advertising to heard them like sheep into buying/accepting whatever they want.
    How many people have gone belly up? (Heh, gone really long on pork bellies) If swine flu actually has a higher death rate than any of the other aggressive flu’s that has circulated in various decades then I’d be amazed. Still though the drug companies need only”press release” various scientific statements and everyone will rush to buy their drugs.
    Sooner or later drug companies will manufacture the condition and sell the prescription. Such is Biotechnology.
    Anyway, cash for clunkers.
    Well, when you live in a communist state then it’s obvious the government will fix everything and you will hand over everything you make. This is where the US is heading. The governments’ policies are so schizophrenic that it creates bubbles and crashes and then blames the private sector so it can tax and subjugate you further.
    Realise that democracy and capitalism are innately correlated mindsets. Low taxes are delegated democracy. As Milton Friedman said “Free to choose”.
    Carbon taxes, green taxes, Patriot taxes… they all want you to feel extremely guilty or extremely proud and then they can access more of your money and control more of your lives. Such is the mindset of Communists and Marxists.
    Nationalists, Patriots and Democrats need to stop sitting back and letting our nations descend into a rotting heap, the best people need to step forward and enter politics. What we see around us is our own fault, apathy is not a defence.

  18. Concerned citizen

    What most people fail to realize about the cost of healthcare is that although we do pay more in the US we get what we need when we need it. You won’t have get that by socializing medicine. Countries with socialized healthcare plans are known to have backlogs of people waiting to get mris and ctscans for potentially life threatening conditions. Why do think they come here for these test?

  19. UFO

    Also, for all US citizen’s!
    Whatever you do don’t let the concept that Britain’s free national healthcare is the model to follow. It has just been stated as the worst in Europe. Here (if you can afford to) you pay for healthcare TWICE. Once because you have to, and then again to go private as the National healthcare is so abysmal.
    The true cost to achieve US healthcare standards is MORE than you pay.
    You will replicate the same model if you are not careful. The whole illegal immigrant population will have access to it. Any resource that is free and has value will always be infinitely demanded. You will become tax slaves. Watch out. You think your borders are under threat now; if Obama has his way there will be a stampede.

  20. Mike

    Huh? Problem is it’s been too big of a success! How often do we say that? It’s gotten a a huge numbers of polluters off the road, while moving a boatload of cars off the lots.
    How is that not good for the country as a whole? Unusual to see the King criticize something that actually worked too well ;o)

  21. Ozie Jackson

    Hmmm interesting. I hope you are not one of those”patriots” hoping Obama will fail in his effort to get this country back on her feet. And I absolutely love how the conservatives swear that the U.S. is”turning socialist” and”going to hell in a handbasket” withthe Obama administration in the White House. This country has been going to sh*t looooong before the current administration took over.
    And before you right wingers complain about your tax dollars going to pay for cash for clunkers or to reform health care maybe you should write the previous war criminals who ran the White House about all of the billions of your tax dollars being sh*tted away in Iraq before you complain about people buying cars. Real talk.


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