Welcome to over 36,000 new Readers! Welcome Consumer. Time to SoundOff

Morning Folks!!

First of all this is no accident. You are here for a reason and I will explain right now. Calm down, I promise I won't waste one moment of your time. First, why are you here? Please let me know below. Did you type in TheKing.com? I am sure I disappoint, but destiny is a funny thing so don't leave yet. What you are about to learn is Top Secret! As in TopSecret.com

Over 100,000 people a day type in my domain names on the browser bar. They, like you, are looking for something specific. Something you might not of found with search because of all the spamming and high cost of traffic. I am an expert on traffic on the Internet. Oil fuels a car and traffic fuels the Internet. No traffic and you have nothing.

Did you type in JointVentures.com and end up here? Or one of the other domains I own? Want to know why? I own this great domain name that represents a very large industry. 15-25 people a day type jointventures.com into their browser bar and end up at my Pay Per Click (PPC) page. But guess what? I make no money! The PPC seldoms pays me anything. But I know you folks are real, that you folks have value and you folks are looking for something specific. You are not doing this for your health. Every day of the year 15-25 people come to look for something specific. Something Google and Yahoo still need to figure out. So it is obvious you are looking for something and just not finding it. So I want to talk to you the surfer. The typer. The folks that sometimes make me a lot of money. The folks stores think are not real.

I also want to talk to the businessman that is losing business. I have your customers locked up right here. You will pay for crap and the real folks are here and they are pissed!

53,000 people type in my Porno.com EVERY SINGLE DAY! Enough to fill many ballparks around the country. You folks have great value but advertisers don't believe it. They don't understand that people that look for adult also buy cars, homes, toothpaste, food, liquor, gamble, go on vacations and have spending power that is above average not below average. Sound off!

Whore.com, Slut.com and I can go on and on. You are all here.

Another domain I have is Homemade.com. 400-500 people a day (YOU) come to Homemade.com. But you are only worth less than a penny each. Lol That is what I get if I am lucky. But you have much more value! So I decided to talk to you directly. (Now there is a site just for you)

TheKing.com comes here. I know you are not looking for me and I know it probably makes you unhappy to find me, but hopefully you will do some reading and find a world you never even knew existed. My Grandfather was the “Hosiery King” back in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Just following in his footsteps as the 'Domain King'.

Which domain did you come here on? See I am sick of selling you folks for a few lousy pennies to search engines that don’t appreciate you anyway. You are worth much more than that. You are very valuable. The Ivory Tower folks don’t get it. They are still clueless into what makes some traffic (YOU THE VISITOR) more valuable than others. Basically you are looking for information or to buy something. But you are real, not invisible. Not worthless.

If you typed in RickSchwartz.com you may be looking for one of the 750,000 results Google lists as matches. I hope I am the Rick Schwartz you are looking for. Probably not. But I am the easiest Rick Schwartz in the entire world to find and I never met a Rick Schwartz that I did not like.

Each day I am going to plug in more and more domains that have many thousands of visitors but don’t make money and together we are going to find out why. Pretty exciting?? Ok, not for you, but definitely for me. If I tried this little experiment years ago it just would not work. But today the surfer gets it much better than the retailers who in large part fail the consumer by having a crappy site or telling you to call them after you place an order. They don’t realize that you went on the net to begin with so you would not have to deal with some mindless person at the cash register or calling their 800 number. They would rather lose the sale than actually picking up the phone themselves and calling you.

Did you type in 399.com? Hundreds of you do each day. They say you are Chinese. They also say you have no monetary value because the domain earns nothing. What do you say? Translation coming soon.

How about eGold.com?? As many as 1500 people a day type in that domain especially with the gold so incredibly hot these days. But it is time to talk directly to you as well. You seem to have more value to me than actual gold companies. I see them on TV day and night, but the 1500 a day that come here are just not worth their attention. That is a real DUH! Don’t ya think? Are you looking for gold? I also realize you may be looking for something else. Maybe what you just found is more valuable than what you were looking for to begin with.

Maybe you typed in the domain because Google and Yahoo just failed you. All the results are those paid results or guys just misleading or spamming the engines. Something drove you to type in that domain on the browser bar. My question to you, what was it? Thanks for your time! Want more?? Check out my eRealEstate.com site that has been online for well over a decade!

I may send you somewhere else today or tomorrow or whenever I feel like it. Just remember RicksBlog.com to stay in touch.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

47 thoughts on “Welcome to over 36,000 new Readers! Welcome Consumer. Time to SoundOff

  1. Danny Pryor

    Very nice, Rick. Of course, I just typed ‘ricksblog.com’. Search has become so tedious, and it seems some search engines think they run the entire Internet these days. I’m very curious to see how well you do at proving this point to the”search engine masters”. *winks*

  2. Jamie Zoch

    Interesting stuff Rick! I am sick of the pennies as well.
    Control is a powerful thing and many do not know they even have it or can get it.
    Long live the power of domain names!

  3. Dominik Mueller

    Rick, nice idea! I did the same for a few days in 2008 when I redirected more than 250 type-in domains to my personal website.
    I moved 99% of the domains back to parking because, expectedly, the bounce rate was high. But maybe I’ll just give it another try soon. Not much parking revenue to be lost these days anyway.

  4. Craig

    On some domains, I forward the traffic to a survey I setup on SurveyMonkey. Ask a 5 question, simple checkbox survey with”what did you expect to find” or”what brought you here today”. It’s anonymous and quick and people do actually complete it.

  5. owen frager

    Were you reading my mind or my blog? Rick Schwartz, the Hollywood Producer, who is 19 pages later from your PR1 Google listing may be wondering why he cant sell seats to the $30 Million investment he made in a film. What’s a name worth then?

  6. adblitz.com

    Hello Rick, put up a surveymonkey survey on those domains with lots of type in traffic and just ask the visitors what they are looking for. This is an old trick that Google AdWords experts use to gauge interest in high volume low cpc keywords.

  7. michael todaro

    getting one tenth of what google or yahoo is paid is not very exciting to me either. (that is when they decide to pay you anything at all) i have so many domains that get five to fifty real hits a day and now are earning virtually nothing. they have to be worth at least three or four cents a hit to a general interest advertiser. somebody needs to aggregate enough of them to be of value to large companies. we need a co-op or something where google isn’t taking 90% of the gross.

  8. Pat

    Here’s a crazy thought – Domainers Organize!!!
    Pick a week in the not too distant future and everyone pull the plug on Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the parking companies.
    Demand better payouts (how much is Google siphoning when they pay you 1 cent???). Demand TRANSPARENCY.
    Who knows? Maybe it wouldn’t work. Or, maybe they would scream like stuck pigs and cry uncle.
    Of course this would only have a chance to work if everyone went along (herding cats, did you say?).

  9. Jim

    Just maybe, the majority of the type ins are domainers checking what is happening at a given domain.
    Why would I type in egold.com to find anything about gold? It really wouldn’t occur to me but as a domainer I would like to know what was at that domain because I know the potential value in a semi generic way. (e + Gold). Really at the moment egold.com holds a massive end user price built into it only because of the future potential this site will have once it is branded. eGold could be anything to any huge company with a great budget.
    But until such time that a party clearly defines what egold.com is it is reasonable to say that it will have little financial benefit on a day to day basis and will have nothing if anything to do with gold. So the PPC figures make sense.

  10. Rick Schwartz

    I don’t want to survey them. Been doing that since 1996. But it was too early then. Today, I want to engage them. Speak to them. Spark thought. No different than going in the middle of the ocean with a pole and bait. So if only these fish talk.

  11. Domain Investor

    This year, I dropped a number of domains that received hits but made NOTHING for years.
    It just didn’t make sense. I thought it was just me.
    I’m sorry to hear about your poor revenue results from prime domains. But, it confirms what I thought.
    The only people making money from our traffic is Google and Yahoo (and the ppc companies).
    Let us know if your new visitors stay to read your blog or immediately leave.

  12. Rob Sequin

    I think the #1 revenue stream for MOST domain investors is sales.
    One domain sale can equal many times revenue.
    I point many of my domains to my retail sales site that is sorted into categories. I point all related domains to the appropriate category.
    Even a $500 sale trumps a low/no PPC revenue domain.
    Give it a try. Build a retail sales site with your domains sorted by category and point all relevant domains in to the appropriate page. Add some content and then all your domain names get indexed too.
    Why park (no pun intended). Why develop minisites? For the revenue stream? Good luck with that.
    If you price your domains realistically, I think you will make more money with strategy than with parking or mini-sites.

  13. AlanR

    Like I’ve mentioned before many times on your old boards, we should start up our own branded search engine and then we can pull the strings. The first time I mentioned this was just before Google became a household word and now Microsoft has come out with Bing. We could have been the next Google by now with all the domains we collectively hold. Great idea on what you are doing now to prove the power of type-ins!

  14. Jay

    When PPC is high it makes sense to park the domains and have the parked page link back to my own for sale sites for sale page, now that parking income has dropped I have been developing my better domains and I have been thinking about taking the ones I wanna sell and just have them forward straight to the sales pages as with the decline in parking income experimenting or taking chances comes at a lower cost now or less to lose anyway, few pennies here and there I can live without.

  15. Spread Offense

    I run SpreadOffense.com (since late 2007), likely the biggest buzz word in american football at any level… watch a football game and see how many times you hear the term ‘spread offense’. The smartest thing I did was create two instant downloadable e-book playbooks (one offense, one defense) this past May and sell them through e-junkie and google checkout. I was sick of ‘sharing’ with Google for ‘pennies’ like you all have mentioned. My point… create/develop a quality product yourself to sell on your site (obviously related to your keyword domain name) and keep the lion share of the sale. Maybe we all have to stop feeding off the big whales like little fishy’s on NatGeo and find your own meal that you can eat all for yourself.

  16. jeff schneider

    Hello Rick,
    There is a battle for eyeballs and google is reinforcing the ramparts. They know that the tide is turning and they are barricading the walls to stop organic search.
    The very keyword search principles that put them on the map threatens to topple their kingdom.
    They cannot stop people from accessing sites through keyword comminication standards. They are acting like a dear in the headlights that has no idea what their next move is. They are only going to collect powerful enemies by employing these censorship tactics.
    This all stems from an inherent weakness that will lose them market share in the end. Over all they are creating their waterloo and they have identified the enemy and it is themselves.
    Gratefully , Jeff

  17. Cue

    Great post.
    Search engine results seem to be based on how they will make the most money – not providing users the best results.
    If your search query does not contain 3 or 4 words, you will likely have a difficult time finding what you are looking for…
    I get better results from my local yellow pages book than from the mammoth search engines.
    Creating mini-sites only make matters worse.
    Search engines will one day figure out that they need to provide relevant results or lose users to the competition.
    In the future: relevant url’s = equal relevant search = relevant results.

  18. Frank Coleman

    Hi Rick,
    Glad to know that their are still people with a little bit of humor left in them.I tap into your website because you get to meet some lovely people who are going through the same problem as you but are willing to try and help you relax your mind by using their body.

  19. Patricia Kaehler

    We should have developed our own adnet 2 years ago +
    Is the new program Frank S. has launching what we are looking for ??
    Wouldn’t that be great to have”the answer” to our PPC Provider SwapOUT…
    I was wondering if anyone knows — do the SE’s look at what method (software
    or services) that were used to create the web page (website) — such as if you use a WP Template – do the SE’s look at you as more a mini site and less desireable ?? Or if someone uses Front Page to dev. the site — is that a negative ??
    What stats programs are you all using for yoursites traffic evaluation process ??
    ~Patricia Kaehler

  20. Claudio Arancibia

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  21. ashley

    Rick – are you interested in selling the egold.com domain name? If so please email me,

  22. Wonderblaster

    Well I got to say (I was forced to comment) that I found your site when I typed in Google the search phrase”looking for traffic blog” as I am really looking for one.
    And for that search keyword phrase, you are 7th place right now. Try it and you’ll see.
    What’s up with Egold.com and you are not making money?

  23. Shannon

    This crap makes me sooo mad. Try buying a decent domain these days. Guess what? You can’t. You know why? Because people like Rick here own them all and want prices no start-up can afford. So the big get bigger, and the little guy can’t compete. Self fulfilling prophecy.

  24. Jorkie

    what the heck?? you own domains that have 1500 visitors per day, and you’re not making money out of it? You must be doing something wrong.. Create a product that fits the needs of your visitors. With 30 days x 1500 visitors x $20 product x 0.02 conversion.. you can make at its minimum a few thousand dollars per month. And you own 1000+ topdomains? Let me use your http://www.jointventure.com domain (370.000 searches for joint venture on google alone) let me do the product, we split the profit… sounds great aint it?

  25. William Franceschine

    I came here from doing a Google search for site:ricksblog.com adsense disabled – after reading on a domain forum about a post you made regarding mini-sites. I then kept reading and reading and reading until I got to this post – good stuff, and neat idea forwarding the traffic to this post – however I think you should have some kind of call to action. Either they register for a newsletter or buy an eBook or something, anything – it was a great sales pitch but what are you selling in the end? Just trying to change their perception and then hope they come back to your blog again in the future…?

  26. buy viagra

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  27. costi

    Did you type in TheKing.com ?
    or maybe u missed the .coM and u typed TheKing.CO brand new domains .co and u ended up on my new domain.
    Hey Rick, i hope u don`t mind if i borrow some of that traffic :)
    o yeah i don`t plan to be the king so taking offers ( this offer is only for the ones that know how to do a whois )

  28. tim@brandassetdigital.com

    Rick….i am interested in a domain or two of yours..i am also interested in the underlying concept behind why people expect but yet do not receive the information or site they want by typing in a specific domain into the browser. We are working on a semantic search that we feel will solve all that…how do we connect?

  29. Michael Searles

    I came from DomainDevelopers.com (January 1st, 2012) and clicked the link to this post.
    I’m learning about domaining from your blog posts and links etc.
    Thank you.


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