Do you Believe in Rainbows? Have you Ever Been to the End of One?

Morning Folks!!

It was 1981. It was out west. Utah I think. I was driving on
a meandering road with my girlfriend at the time, Chrissie. There was a rainbow
in the distance, but it was getting closer. Vivid as any rainbow I had ever
seen. The road meandered and curved and the land was flat. That rainbow was
getting damn close. Oh my, I was there. Right in the midst of the end of that
rainbow. The blue dashboard I had on my car was now sizzling and dazzling in all types of
colors. Like nothing I had ever seen. Like nothing I have seen since. It did not last long, but it was a solid
10 seconds. Maybe 15. I was jumping up and down in my seat. It was truly an
unbelievable moment. Many don’t believe me when I tell them this story. I swear
to you and everyone reading that I was truly at the end of a rainbow and I
testify that is what happened. I have yet to meet somebody else that has
actually been at the end of one, but there is no doubt that some have and I
look forward to hearing their testimony as well.

So you can choose to believe me or not, I have no control. I
can just state the facts. As for Chrissie, she did not last long after that
event. She was not impressed by being at the end of the rainbow nor could she
grasp my excitement. So I guess I
divide the universe into those that believe in rainbows and those that don’t.
Those that believe in magic and those that don’t. Those that believe in themselves and those that don't.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

26 thoughts on “Do you Believe in Rainbows? Have you Ever Been to the End of One?

  1. scott alliy

    Belief in yourself, in the decisions that you have made and in the likelyhood of impending success and patience have never been more important.
    We are surrounded by the pending floodgate of tld extensions and told by others quote unquote in the know that direct navigation will be a non factor due to social networks and search engine changes.
    For those of us with multiple .com domain names in our portfolio it’s time to belly up to the bar. AS Hulk Hogan says”What you gonna do brother”. You gonna hold or are you gonna fold?
    Those of us that believe in the power of good dotcoms and potential for traffic via direct navigation we are on the right path will be waiting for the drops.
    BTW I would add that when faith and belief in self and your purpose is all you have then that is all you need. Ask ex-POW John Mccain and others.

  2. eddg

    Sorry but your story impossible. Inspirational but impossible.
    Simple science, a rainbow is always 62.5 degrees from the line between the sun and the drizzle.
    Rainbows don’t have a beginning or end. Rainbows are circles in the sky. They only seem to intersect the ground because they extend below the horizon, and since you can’t judge the distance accurately, it seems as if it’s touching the ground. But it’s not; it’s always up in the air
    Simply put, Rainbows are circular, without a beginning or end.
    Response BY Rick: Then science is wrong on this one or your information is.

  3. eddg

    Really Rick?? Science is Wrong on this one?? And your going to stand by that?
    For such a smart man to say something like”science is wrong on this one” is amazing to me.
    It’s called an optical illusion or a wise tell. You decide.
    Even leprechauns know that there is not end or start to a rainbow because it is a circle in the sky (never touches the earth surface).
    Dont believe me Look it up.
    Its just light refraction not magic.
    Have a great day and I guess this means you need to divide the universe into three classes those that believe in rainbows, those that don’t and those that believe in rainbows plus understand them.
    Response by Rick: You bet your ass I am going to stand by it. Because it is true. Science has never changed or been wrong??
    Funny thing, I searched online to see if others have posted about it. Not many, but some. What they describe is EXACTLY what I experienced. So choose to believe, choose to not believe. I know what I saw and I know what I experienced.
    Science is not the end all. It can’t explain many things. Faith would be one of those things. Yet the world fights wars and killed hundreds of millions over what science says does not even exist.

  4. UFO

    Common you guys. Possibly a rainbow could be defracted and appear to be reflected of various surfaces.
    I’ve got progressively closer to what I’ve seen as rainbows as they tend to change as your perspective changes. You can feel as though you are very near the base.
    Although I cannot discount the possibility that Rick had a LSD flashback to the 1960s while listening to the”Magic Bus”… ;)
    Although this reminds me of an experience I had once when I walked 1 pace behind a rainshower as it went down the street, amazing to be in sunlight and not getting wet but 2 steps forward I would be rained on.

  5. Mike

    I had similar experience, but not with rainbows. I was in my yard and a meteorite (shooting star) blazed right over my head. It literally seemed like it was only 200 feet away. It lite up my whole yard with light, cast a shadow from my body, and it made crackling noises as it went over. It also had a tail that was yellow, red, and blue.
    It was an unbelieveable momenent for me. I have a very open yard with no tree obstructions….so I had a good long look at it before it disappeared from sight over some trees.

  6. anon

    It’s a long shot but I trust Rick on this one.
    My guess is a military experiment, lasers on satellites, they do all sorts of crap with spy satellites, they can read minds around a room from space and whisper in a ‘psychics’ ear to fool everyone including the psychic he can read minds. All done with microwave lasers.
    Now I know you don’t believe me either but it will be public soon.

  7. Homero A. Gonzalez

    Question to all the science is right, Rick is wrong comments;
    Was a scientist next to Rick, with all the appropiate equipment to prove or disprove what Rick says?
    Stop trying to prove something that cannot be proven scientifically not using the scientific method.
    Unless, of course you can travel back in time to utah to the exact place with a Scientist and conduct the appropiate scientific study.
    I doubt either, Rick nor Chrissie would approve. So good luck. HA HA!!

  8. Robert

    I’ll back Rick 100% on this one – he described it perfectly, and I can tell it happened to him because that’s the way it happened to me. It may have refracted off water droplets in air, or whatever else. But the sensation and visual was absolutely stunning, and one of the unforgettable moments of my life, absolutely etched in my mind. This was about 6 years ago for me, and I don’t bother telling people, because nobody would believe it.

  9. jeff schneider

    Hello Rick,
    The only reality anyone experinces is their own perceptions of the outside world through the lense of their mind. So much of what we have been taught are simply illusions masquerading as the truth.
    The outside world we experience is simply manifested by our creative minds. Simply put, there are many people who cannot think outside the box let alone grasp a different dimension. These same people believe in God even though he has never been photo Id,d. Go figure!
    Gratefully , Jeff

  10. Stephen Douglas

    I believe Rick on this one, because I’ve seen it happen and actually filmed it 25 years ago. Now to get that digitized, to prove it.
    I think Rick saw his blessings that day, and it’s amazing that he’s revealing this side of himself. Science be damned, Rick saw something that changed his life. That’s all that’s important, that everyone can have a moment like Rick experienced, that creates an epiphany that changes your life for the better. Obviously this vision changed Rick’s life.
    Excellent story, Rick.
    Response by Rick: Thank you Stephen

  11. jeff schneider

    Hello Rick,
    I can see clearly now the rain has stopped. The sun is shining and the Rainbow has appeared. This is analogous to many web developers after they get their web site up and in hindsight they figure out that if they had just branded their sites a little differently in the first place, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow just might have appeared quicker. So now they see the value of a more professional quality .com business address.
    Notice how many sites are in the process of rebranding? It seems even domainers who talk the talk of a good branded ,com site, have somehow not followed their own mantra. Well better off late than never at all.
    Gratefully, Jeff

  12. Jessica

    Why spoil the food of your neighbors’?
    This post
    is about one’s”own” experience, not what science (or religion) will say is right or wrong.
    Not all things need explanation. Rick was only 15 when that incident happened. He believed he saw the end of the rainbow because that’s”what” he saw, whether it’s just a product of illusion or something he had no control of, or whether science or anyone of us agrees or not. People could not be made to say or believe apart from what they (had)”experienced” or are made to experience.
    All of us know which shape is a star or a diamond. Not everyone of us are aware that stars are not sharp-edged, but round, like the sun…But when we look up the night sky.. other than the moon, we see no round, twinkling objects. Yet we believe we’re gazing at the stars.
    Response by Rick: I was actually in my 20’s, tho I wish I was 15. ;-)

  13. Sidney Raphael

    Rick’s story reminds me of a story I read a bunch of years ago about Picasso. The bottom line of the story is that Picasso looked at some things and saw ‘rainbows’ — and other things other people did not see. That’s what Picasso painted and drew, and that’s what made Picasso a success. The other person in the story I read didn’t see the ‘rainbows’ and dismissed them because he couldn’t explain them in a scientific way. The person who stuck with the facts and waited for the scientific explanations is now unknown to history. Everyone knows Picasso.
    Someone who wrote a post earlier in this thread used the term ‘tells’ in their post, meaning the card-player’s term for reading the opponent’s intention. If you want the domains ‘’ or ‘’ give me an email.

  14. AlanR

    I don’t know why some people can’t simply take someone’s word on something without starting an argument or ridiculing them. Rick was telling a story and if you like what you read, then by all means comment but if you doubt him, then there is no need to comment. If you do make negative comments, then that obviously reveals your agenda. This is a blog, not a debate or forum for the sake of argument.
    There have always been freaks of nature that the best scientists can not explain. Everyday, there are scientists or theories being disproved. Everyday, new things are discovered or invented so what you believe wasn’t possible yesterday or today could be possible in the future. Einstein proved famous scientists wrong all the time which then made him famous. Even he has been disproved a few times. So since science is an ongoing evolving process, science isn’t always reliable. So I’m willing to take Rick’s word over science in this case. Like many other bloggers out there, Rick is being generous in sharing his thoughts and wisdom and when people make mean spirited comments, then they need not be posted.

  15. ScottM

    Hi Rick:
    I read your blog almost every day and have learned much. Your explanation is entirely possible. I was a good friend of Gary’s and still am close friends with Sue. Gary and I worked together at BluBlocker Sunglasses, I was responsible for researching and compiling all of their light and optical research for their product claims and conforming with the FDA regulations since the beginning of the company.
    Depending on your car windshield type at that time, or the kind of sunglass you may have been wearing at the time the effect you saw may have occured as a result of light polarization, it makes you feel as though you are literally in a rainbow especially if there is one nearby. Light can refract when it comes through the windshield and bounce off a shiny dasyboard top (I once had a bright blue Firebird dashboard that did this)and I have also seen this effect myself near the water as I lived in Maui for 3 years, rainbows are very common in Hawaii.
    We should talk someday,
    Gary was a wonderful and inspirational friend (as is Sue) and I have been working closely with Sue ever since he left us.

  16. compelled_to_comment

    I believe it! And now that I am a bit older I understand. There is a certain type of person who smells purity/genius and excitement and pounces on it like a cheetah. It has happened to me when sharing accomplishment or moments of excitement with certain individuals over the course of my life..they actually get mad like you did something to them…could not understand..
    My dad always told me”you’re giving them ammunition”..and I didn’t understand because my intentions are/were pure but he was talking about what Tupac had to deal with..PLAYER HATERS..
    simply stated..keep sharing the inspirations despite the haters and linear thinkers because it does not fall on all deaf ears.

  17. Danny Pryor

    I guess I shouldn’t mention the double and triple rainbows that happen in Florida when it rains in the blazing sun … OOOPS! I just let out the secret.

  18. Bob

    eddg – I’m sure that you would have had a lot of fun during the Inquisition. History is riddled with adverse stories of those that could not see outside of their personal experience.
    The scariest people that I have ever known are the ones (like you!) that cannot see outside of their personal biases.
    Have you ever seen a CIRCULAR rainbow? I have – and I’m sure that in less enlightened times you’d call my sanity/fidelity into account for saying so…….let the bonfires roar!

  19. eddg

    Let me make myself clear. I Believe Rick’s experience just not his interpretation of what occurred.
    I clearly stated that a found the story inspirational but I stand by the science on this one. I find it ridiculous to argue about facts that can be proven by a six grade science project.
    This world of ours is full of wonders and mysteries but rainbows are not one of them. Science cannot answer all the questions but it has answered some.
    Yes Rick experienced something that seemed like he had reached the end of a rainbow but that does not mean he was at the end of a rainbow.
    I come to this blog because I enjoy what Rick has to say. I believe he has great insight and has the ability to cut through all the bull straight to the facts. So that is why I found it a little dishearten for someone with his intellect to dispute science.
    PS.. Bob ALL Rainbows are circular. If you have every seen a rainbow then you have seen a circular one.
    PSS.. Inquisition?? Bob they where against science, remember someone name Galileo who was imprisoned for saying the Sun did not revolve around the Earth??

  20. Lori Bush

    Hi Rick…
    I too was at the end of a rainbow…I was a kid, playing in my front yard and my hands were changing colors, and then they were normal again…it only lasted a few seconds and it took me a few minutes to realize what hat happened to me…so I ran in and told my dad the scientist thinking I had really discovered something fantastic…he laughed at me and told me I was crazy…
    Several years later, I told this story to a co-worker who had the same experience as a child…I was validated…someone else who was in the end of a rainbow!
    A topic came up in a training session yesterday asking to re-tell a childhood memory and this was the one I chose…my training buddy believed me and suggested I Google to see if anyone else had a similar story…and I found your posting!
    Keep believing in rainbows!

  21. Niann E Muns

    The same exact thing happened to me. The way you explain the colors on the windshield is EXACTLY what I saw.


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