TRAFFIC Announces the”T.R.A.F.F.I.C. TEST TRACK”

Morning Folks!!

Now that the $1495 prices are over (Still good until the
techs change the prices later today) we can focus on the schedule and the first
thing we would like to announce is that the TRAFFIC version of the 'Shark Tank'
will now be called the 'T.R.A.F.F.I.C. TEST TRACK'. The 'TRAFFIC TEST TRACK'
is once again going to bring the
entire industry up a notch. We are not stopping there! Besides the
domainers on
stage we are also going to bring in actual Angel Investors and VC's. So
becomes a much more serious business event. We are talking real deals
here. Real
futures. Real business. And guess what?? If our panel of experts does
not buy into one of these projects, the audience can! We know if we
pick great projects worthy of talking about, matched with a great and
qualified panel that can do deals on the spot and encouraged by an
audience of professionals that understand the business like we do and
then put actual deals together that we can watch evolve over time....we
will provide a great success for everyone in the industry!

We are still taking applications until September 30th. Just send a 50
word blurb to be followed by
an actual proposal. This is a
chance to make history and a chance to watch history unfold. It will
become the
hottest addition to TRAFFIC since we unveiled the Auctions back in
2004. That
was Howard's idea as well just for the record. When Howard told me his
idea this time I was not too enthuiastic. That was until I watched the
show for 5 minutes. It was a true 'WOW' moment. It was also a great
collaboration between Howard, Rick Latona and myself. After Rick Latona
saw it, he had the same reaction. Matter of fact, everyone I have
talked to that has seen the show, loves the show. So the beauty is each
us brought major ideas to the table and it has mushroomed from there.
Let me be very clear. The TRAFFIC TEST TRACK
is going to
be a game changer and a big news maker. It takes ideas to move things
forward. It
takes risk to make opportunity. When you see what we have planned, you
too will
be excited about what is coming. And if you have not watched the
auctual show 'Shark Tank' that is on ABC, it is the best business show
ever! THIS my friends is an education in doing REAL business. One
episode and you too will be hooked. It is that good. A MASTERS in
business in as little as 60 minutes. Real business people doing real
business. Listen to their questions and it will be a roadmap to your
future success. Learn from true renegades!

We are now working on our guest speaker. We will be able to
announce who that will be in about 2-3 weeks. Possibly sooner. We have narrowed
the field but are still open to suggestions as this is YOUR show.

you can see, the agenda is starting to take shape. We won't waste your
time or your money. We will make you money. We will nurture opportunity
and bring it to you. Attending T.R.A.F.F.I.C. means you are always steps ahead and not miles behind. We have nothing to sell but a rising tide for all.

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz

5 thoughts on “TRAFFIC Announces the”T.R.A.F.F.I.C. TEST TRACK”

  1. jeff schneider

    Hello Rick,
    It has been a truly rewarding experience for me and others in your audience to see Traffic evolve over the years. Traffic has always been the leader in forging new frontiers. Traffic Test Track will be a brand that will be emulated by others, and thats OK because you were first to market with the idea. It smells of great success, CONGRATULATIONS !
    Gratefully , Jeff

  2. Richard Wixom

    Excellent addition for Traffic and the industry. It’s a key element we’ve been missing and is bound to both educate and raise our success. Thanks for moving us forward.

  3. anon

    This TV show has been running in the UK for years.. called Dragons Den. Check it out on your favourite BBC player site.


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