The iPhone Revolution. Why Blackberry is DEAD. Why PC will Suffer.

Morning Folks!!

Blackberry Dead?? Those are fighting words you say!!! Ok, LET'S RUMBLE! Blackberry IS dead. And, if it isn't dead, it certainly is light years behind and will never catch up. I have owned 3 Blackberry's. Still have an active Blackberry Storm. What a piece of CRAP! What a JOKE! What a waste of TIME!

I have written a couple of posts about the iPhone and what a
game changer it will be and has become. If you are still use your Crackberry,
let me clue you in. If I give you a list of 5 simple tasks, the iPhone can do
all 5 while stopped at a red light. The Blackberry, well on December 19th
it will be one YEAR trying to do the same 5 tasks.

The iPhone is the single biggest game changer in the
computer industry since the PC. It is the biggest change in telephones since
Alexander Grahm Bell invented it. I could go on but why bore you. Let’s cut to
the chase, it is the most important tool and device that I own.

Let’s see what has happened in the last 2 years since the
iPhone came out and there were lines at every store that were hours long. For
many, me included, it was the first time I was in an Apple store. To this day,
go to the mall, there is only one store that is packed from the minute they
open to the minute they close and that is Apple. But that is hardly the story.

I said in my first post about the iPhone that it would
change the PC market and increase the share Apple has. Is there any doubt about
that now?? I believe they will go from 7% of the market to over 25% of the
market in the next couple years.

But forget about all that. Forget about the 100,000 new
apps. Forget that billions are being downloaded. Forget about everything. But
it is still the biggest winner to EVER come out on the market. If you do not
have an iPhone, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR????? If you company gives you
a Blackberry, spring for an iPhone yourself. You’ll kick yourself for not
having one before. The iPhone is not a game changer. It is a LIFE changer. A
HUGE life changer.

Anyway, there is iPhone and there is everything else. Don’t
CHEAT yourself for another day. RUN and get one. I promise it will change your
life, the way you work and save you time and make you 100x more efficient. This
is the single greatest tool ever invented by man. And like I said in my
original post, it took 150 years for the phone to evolve to this.

Having a Blackberry is like being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic while iPhone users are in the express lane just flying along. When do you get frustrated enough to make the jump?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

22 thoughts on “The iPhone Revolution. Why Blackberry is DEAD. Why PC will Suffer.

  1. Farid Mammadov

    Totally agree with you, Rick. I have my iPhone for about 1 year, and I noticed that I am using it for internet more than my PC. If you need to check your email, or get some info from the web, you do not need to carry with you notebook, you need only small iPhone, and another perfect thing is that iPhone has .com button on its rising keyboard, so it is very easy, you just type the name of the website, click on .com button and you are going to the destination website. (Sorry for my English).

  2. Sc

    I have been a PC head since 1976. I have my first Apple product, iPhone. They beat everybody by a wide margin.
    The apps, information storage, syncing are top notch.

  3. John Bomhardt

    I agree with you, it has changed the way I do business in a very dramatic way. Here’s something: I downloaded a google search app to my iphone and voice searched! Did I type? No. Any typos? No. Will typo domains die on the iphone. Yes…
    unplain dot com

  4. jeff schneider

    Hello Rick,
    I own neither the blackberry nor the Iphone. I decided to wait and let technology obsolesence decide for me the better choice. Looks like the time is turned and your points are well taken. Good things come to those who are patient.
    As I have said before you possess a super intuitive sense that you are willing to share with all. Thank You !
    Gratefully, Jeff

  5. Kevin

    I use Verizon. They’ve been saying they’re getting the iPhone for their network sometime before end of the year.
    Can’t wait! I’ve already bought 2 iTouches over the last couple years. Indeed amazing technology.

  6. Rob Sequin

    Agree with Rick.
    I waited to get off contract with verizon and got my iphone three months ago.
    A lifestyle changer. No need to wonder what emails you are missing on the road, check weather, stocks, texting, GREAT phone features, apps, location services (locate yourself and then type in pizza to find a pizza place near you AND get walking or driving directions) etc etc
    Apple’s hardware and software design are amazing down to the smallest detail. You can do things you didn’t know you needed to do or could do.
    Got my first Palm VII in 2000 and a Handspring treo way back when. Great attempts at apps and handheld internet but iphone does everything better.
    Folks, it cost $199 and just $30 on top of whatever phone plan you need. Keep your other phone and get an iphone for the apps.

  7. Ed Keay-Smith

    iPhone’s Rule!!!
    This product is my first Apple purchase. My wife and I just got the new 3GS with 32 GB storage. Holy crap, this thing does EVERYTHING! I used to carry my laptop around when I was out at coffee shops but no need what so ever.
    If you have read Seth Godin’s brilliant marketing book The Purple Cow ( and if you haven’t you should or listen to the audiobook version like I did on my iPhone) you will get why the iPhone is one of the biggest Purple Cow’s EVER!
    The iPhone has more evangelist users out there promoting it than anything else I have ever seen.
    I was only sitting in the movies a month ago waiting for it to start and I sat there with my iPhone and sold a domain name all on that little sucker, it was very funny but so easy to do.
    Fantastic stuff! Get one if you have not done so already!
    Ed Keay-Smith

  8. UFO

    When Google takes away its maps then Apple will start losing market share.
    Apple was first in the market with the PC and so forth, others will enter. Its the apps long run that make or break and Apple needs to nail that piece of the market.
    I think Google will ultimately roll them… however always said that a Google (Tech) and Apple (Style) is an invincible combination.

  9. Alex Danner

    Right on as always. If I didnt think I could create better returns through domain investing and building businesses upon those domains, I would put all of my discretionary investing monies into AAPL. Just like Mr. Obama winning the White House, momentum and trendiness (backed by substance or perceived substance depending on your leanings), are hard to reverse in today’s day and age. Plus with billions of dollars sunk into apps, people will be too entangled in Apple’s web to ever leave.
    Just as Facebook is of critical mass in the social networking space, AAPL has achieved mass in the under 30 space in ALL device categories (I am under 30, 23 to be exact and can attest to this firsthand) and is fast approaching critical mass amongst the over 30 set –basically the rest of the population. The game is over when purchasing managers migrate from PCs to Apple.
    Sorry to bloviate, but just had to commend you on having the balls to take such a stance with no compensation (other than social status you garner by being right about trends time after time — it makes your occasional weak arguments strong by virtue of their owner).
    Thanks again,
    Alex Danner
    dinebranson dotcom (just purchased for a VERY nice valuation)
    ps Once the iPhone is available on other carriers networks, GAME OVER. PERIOD.

  10. owen frager

    “Having a Blackberry is like being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic while iPhone users are in the express lane just flying along
    That’s how our agency felt having the competitive advantage of a MAC for 20 years before anyone else came close to what we could do for the cost and timeline of a MAC. It’s also how I feel about blogger versus wordpress (I know few believe me and that always turns out to be a good thing because they let you work harder, faster and smarter to the competitor’s disadvantage).
    btw, Anybody w/ an iphone should get the new app PING. It is like blackberry messenger for iphone.

  11. KD

    I have had an iPhone for a year and a half and it rules but we just got the 3g network 36 hours ago so it was like using dial up for the last 18 months but it was still better than any phone I have ever had.

  12. louie

    Nice post Rick,Unfortunately at&t service is HORRID! I have an unlocked iphone for my tmobile service which I wouldn’t change for the world.
    apple needs to expand their product to other phone companies because at&t is crap.

  13. Joe

    Rick, I like the passion, but give an example or two of a common & important task that’s easy on iPhone and difficult or impossible on Blackberry. You imply there are many, but please substantiate.

  14. Bill

    In case you didn’t know, Blackberries aren’t just used for personal use – they’re for business. Like the PocketPC the BlackBerry is practicla for different markets. You’d never see a Mobile Technician who services laundry machines or other other spaces that requires a mobile device using an iPhone. You should do some research.
    Response by Rick: You are right! 2 years ago you would never see that. 2 years from now and the Blackberry will be obsolete Bill. iPhone will take that market to a new level and blow the doors off what they use today. The apps are coming out faster than any human can keep up with it. When the poor schmuck that is using a Blackberry for his Laundry business today finds out how much time he is wasting and information he is not getting he will toss that blackberry away like it was radio active. That is where I see it going Bill. Send your resume to Apple. They can use a loyal guy like you! ;-)

  15. mitch

    My 1st Apple purchase was an Apple II machine in 81 or 82. Actually bought a couple of them.
    First was the IIe. Then Apple came out with the IIc. Wow! It had a 3.5″ disk drive! No more 5.25″ floppies. Still no hard drive but who needed one with all you could put on those new 3.5″ disks… 720k if I remember right.
    How many people even know what a floppy is? I would guess they predate the age of most of the people reading this.
    Anyways, the IIc was also my last Apple purchase. Nothing against Apple. I loved my IIc (and even used it well into the 90s). But it was a DOS world. Anyone remember MS-DOS? Most software being written was for PCs. There wasn’t anything for the Apple II.
    Now, Rick, your enthusiasm makes me think they have finally figured it out. It has at least made me have to go to one of their stores and check it out.

  16. Anunt

    What does this all mean to the stock price of Apple(aapl)?
    It means sell, sell, sell…take your profit!
    Buy into fear and sell into greed.
    Buy on weakness, sell on strength.
    So it’s time to sell your shares of aapl…take your profit and run!

  17. Tom Jaycox

    Well written! I have had an Iphone since day one and just upgraded to GS. I have been around computers and cell phones the past 25 years and the Iphone has set the world of fire. It’s Hot Hot Hot !!!

  18. netmeg

    Only things I don’t have on my BlackBerry are some killer games, and I do have them on the iPod Touch.
    Can’t use the iPhone keyboard efficiently. Tried it. Just doesn’t work for me. Vastly prefer BlackBerry.

  19. Homero A. Gonzalez

    Rick: What is left of 2009, and 2010 would be the defining years for the Iphone and the upcoming flurry of google backed android phones. The Iphone is a fine product, we agree. But I think Apple has made a big mistake by offering it only with The AT&T Network many people abhor AT&T and will simply not consider the Iphone due to that single fact. Another thing to consider is that Android is an open source platform, the Iphone is not. Lets see what happens… I think Android will be very popular to the point of maybe catching up with the Iphone and Apple by 2011-2012….
    Palm, Pre, Pixy?? I think maybe too little too late…
    Blackberry? Black what?
    Time will tell.


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