Are Domainer’s Ready to Shake Things Up??

Morning Folks!!

As you have watched your incomes decline are Domainers’
ready to have some backbone? Are you ready to speak out? Are you ready to
confront those that are taking the LION’S SHARE OF YOUR INCOME?? Oh yeah, I
forgot, our share is a big secret! The tide is about to take a massive turn.
See it is not where we are now, that does not count. We can’t do anything about
that. But you sure as hell can take back your future and look 1 year down the
road. Just 1 year.

There will be an article coming out in in the
next few days. I say what others won’t. What others can’t. What others may
think but won’t say. Who is in control of your destiny?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

22 thoughts on “Are Domainer’s Ready to Shake Things Up??

  1. Farid Mammadov

    Just imagine, if all domainers would unite and stop parking their domains and stop using Google adsense.
    I think that the scheme should be as follows: PPC companies have to lease domain names from us by agreed price between company and domainer. Someone can lease its domain portfolio of 400 domains for 5usd/each, but there are domainers that would lease only 1 domain for thousands per month. Each case have to be set separately.
    Waiting for your article.
    Unite and lead us, Rick!

  2. Gazzip

    Excellent, Looking forward to reading that one !
    These 0.01 clicks are really making my ass hurt more & more each day !

  3. Kevin

    @ Farid & Gazzip
    Have to look at things from the advertisers perspective as well folks.
    For them, the majority of click traffic they’re getting charged for doesn’t produce a sale.
    That’s half the problem right there, worthless traffic.
    So as much as we’re getting the short end of the deal by only getting a small commission for the traffic we sell, the advertisers feel they are getting the shaft also by the big ad exchanges by getting charged high rates for traffic that doesn’t make them money.

  4. Mike

    @Kevin…..much of the”worthless” traffic that they tell us is worthless is a big lie.
    Do you think advertisers would continue to pay what they have been for years and years if it did not convert and make them profits? It would only take two or three months, six months at most, for advertisers to pull out of PPC and tell everyone,”Man, that Internet PPC traffic sure does suck! I’m never doing PPC again”.
    True, there is trash traffic, but more traffic is good than bad. Of the good traffic, there is all kinds of levels of quality, but most traffic falls into the good category.
    Rick, I’m right there with you!!! I’ve been lining up my ducks, so to speak, to sell traffic as redirects directly to advertisers.
    Screw parking and screw development.

  5. jeff schneider

    Hello Rick,
    I can only guess what will be revealed in the dnjournal report. I am hoping that the domaining community will band together and form their own traffic cooperative, which completely bypasses the system in place that is hogging what is wrightfully the domainers share of profits.
    The traffic controlers can monopolize and manipulate the alphabet, but we domainers own and control the alphabet. Its time that we all realize how powerful we really are.
    There will be powerful voices and lots of barriers to overcome , but with the right players working together it can and hopefully will become a reality, ITS TIME.
    Gratefully, Jeff

  6. Gazzip

    @ Kevin – I don’t doubt what you are saying is 100% true but without some transparency its really hard not to think you’re getting the very short end of a big fat juicy stick…especially when Google & some parking companies appear to be thriving.
    Is’nt it pretty much the same in all most forms of advertising, eg On TV and print media. Much of the eyeballs viewing those ads is not targetted at all and does’t ever result in a sale either.
    At least with a good domain the traffic is much more focused on the correct target audience.
    Its up to the seller to close the deal…not us.
    Who is actually determining what is classed as worthless traffic ?
    If I own a name like
    B i k e Q u o t e.c o m and I use the keywords:
    “Bike Insurance Quotes” which according to the Google keywords tool has an estimated average CPC of £11.26 How on earth can my cut for sending that traffic/potential buyer EVER be only worth €0.01
    Is it worthless traffic ? I don’t see how it can be, maybe they don’t buy immediately but may buy later ?
    The name brings the seller a”potential” customer by offering exposure just in the same that way other forms of advertising does.
    Who knows but parking is really starting to suck :)

  7. Cindy

    Yes….lets for a REAL cooperative. I mean this!
    Let’s do it!! Even if it did not work it is better than doing what we are all doing now, which is not working.
    I’m all for it. Just show me where to sign up, or how I can help make it happen.

  8. Kevin

    @ Gazzip
    If our traffic is so great than we shouldn’t sell it at all. We should find ways to make money from it ourselves.
    We should be our own end users. Why give away a customer with $100 for $10?
    Kind of crazy when you think about it.
    That’s the ultimate goal we should all be aiming for.

  9. Kevin

    @ Gazzip
    If our traffic is so great than we shouldn’t sell it at all. We should find ways to make money from it ourselves.
    We should be our own end users. Why give away a customer with $100 for $10?
    Kind of crazy when you think about it.
    That’s the ultimate goal we should all be aiming for.

  10. Alexander

    Instead of parking, let’s learn more about other models/systems like building your own niche lists, making money with affiliate programs, etc., you’ll find it more profitable … and you’ll be able to build a long term business. Owning so many wonderful domains, domainers do have power to change.
    All the best!

  11. Kevin

    @ Steve
    Forget competing against Google. You’d need hundreds of millions in marketing capital to even get a seat in that arena let alone compete and with little chance of success.
    The best thing everyone should focus on is like I said in my 2nd post above, keeping the traffic for ourselves instead of selling it to others for pennies on the dollar.
    That’s where the real goldmine is. It’s not easy to do obviously but it has been done successfully by many savvy domain investors.

  12. Samit

    Actually, coming up w/ competition to Google won’t require millions of dollars. If you just offer the advertiser more transparency and publishers move revenue, 90% will switch, this is the internet era after all.
    Google makes a large chunk of its money by overcharging advertisers and underpaying publishers, read their financial statements, its completely apparent.
    This sounds interesting Rick, looking forward to the article, anything to break Googs monopoly.

  13. nSathees

    I have to always fight to be different. The people around me try to put me in the box they live.”Out of Box” is some thing like 2D don’t know the existence of 3D, for them.
    I always say, I am not here to compile, but to make change.
    I am becoming a big fan of you.
    Great, keep it up!

  14. Kevin

    @ Samit
    Uhmmm yeh it would take mega mils to unseat Big G. Look how many ad exchanges have tried already, and yet advertisers still cling to Goog.

  15. william

    Hey Folks we are on the right track. Rick your voice can keep the industry on the right track. 1st domainers have to control their platform and control the revenues and branch out with their marketing and advertising goals. We have at williamblairpinc, you can too. Just do what we have and think outside the box. Any thoughts about .mx? William

  16. Fero

    Every other solution is better than Google so Rick every program you cam with i will be with you I have some 150 good domain name registered and want to earn some money !

  17. Stephen Douglas

    Great article, it’s about time someone with tons of cred promises to talk about the big opportunities coming to domainers and in ways they didn’t expect. You can talk where others can’t.
    Great news for everyone! (when you report it).


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