Humbled and Honored. Thank You!

Good Evening Folks!
There are certainly a lot of deserving people in the industry that should get this Pioneer Award from and I accept it in behalf of every one of them. Nobody can pioneer an industry alone. It takes a lot of people pushing something that has yet to prove itself and have some level of success doing it. So for all the pioneers, this is for you. I am merely one spoke in a wheel that few understand just how big and meaningful it is. Time will prove that. History will prove that. The numbers are proving that.

As I have said since the get go, “Domains are a unique opportunity in time” and “no commodity in the history of mankind will go up so far so fast” and continues to skyrocket. There is no doubt that the best years are still in front of us.

I know not everyone has liked my style or my thoughts. But I also hope they notice they have benefited from all the pioneers that put themselves out there and push things along. Sometimes we have successes, and sometimes we have failures. But even in failure we know that progress is made. That we are just a little closer to the goal for the next attempt.

Babe Ruth was the best Baseball Player in history. But he did not make the most money. The big dollars came many decades later. So no matter what domains sell for today, it is but a fraction of what they will be in a decade from now. That is why there is still so much opportunity. While other asset classes are losing value, or even imploding, domains keep increasing and going against every thing else.

So I want to thank Rob Monster and the other members of the selection committee of Epik for choosing me to receive this very special award of recognition. I have worked thousands of hours in behalf of the future of domains and what we all do and love. This makes it all worth the time, effort and arrows.
The video tribute was quite moving. It brought me to tears.
So good to see such good friends and qualified domainers saying such nice things. Priceless. So a special thanks to each of you and the comments here. Special Thanks to Mike and Judi Berkens who went way out of their way to make this happen. Danny Pryor for putting it together and Owen Frager for jumping on another windmill.

Plus such kind words from all of you. Ari Goldberger, Warren Royal, Rob Grant, Mike Zappy Zappolin, Chuck Hatcher, Frank Schilling, Dr. Chris Hartnett, David Castello, Michael Castello, David Carter, Monte Cahn, Grant Keiser, Aron Meystedt, Bruce Marler, Vern Jurovich, Ron Jackson, Owen Frager, Mike Mann, Danny Pryor, Howard Neu, Mike Berkens, Judi Berkins and Bandit.

Epik Reaction from The Domains on Vimeo.

Thank you. Truly Priceless.
Rick Schwartz

27 thoughts on “Humbled and Honored. Thank You!

  1. Anunt

    Congratulations Rick…i know i have been a pain in the ass with my strong opposing opinions about some of your blog posts…but it’s all good…they are just opinions!!!
    You have truly changed many people’s life styles including mine…we would be working 9 to 5 like normal people…but now we have to work 20 hrs a day because of you…LOL…but it’s something we all enjoy and makes us all filthy rich and gives us the financial freedom which YOU truly gave to us all…and i will never ever forget that…without all your hard work, we would not have what we have today…
    Rick, from the bottom of my heart, i thank you so soooo much!

  2. Ed Keay-Smith

    Congrats Rick!
    It was a no brainer that you should be the one to get this award, well done from all of us domainers Down Under!!
    You are the Henry Ford of the domain industry for sure!
    Ed Keay-Smith

  3. Anthony

    ” Babe Ruth was the best Baseball Player in history. But he did not make the most money. The big dollars came many decades later. So no matter what domains sell for today, it is but a fraction of what they will be in a decade from now.”
    More profitable prophecy
    from the Domain Prophet …
    Thank You Rick !:)

  4. todaro

    Ted Williams was the best baseball player in history… and he ended up having his frozen head beaten off a pipe with an oversize wrench in a cryogenics vault by minimum wage workers. he was a head of his time.
    otherwise… congratulations… you might be the best domainer ever.

  5. Fero

    This forum would be much emptier without your positive posts and energy thank you for inspiring energy that you give to the domain industry and to me personally .

  6. Tia Wood

    Congratulations. You deserve it. I bet you never thought when you registered/bought that first domain that you would end up here. Or when the first person who laughed at your ideas. Or the first time you took that big leap.
    Thank you for all the inspirations, mentorship and tough love throughout the years.

  7. Poor Uncle

    Congratulation Rick! You must be an up standing guy. A lot of people have nice things to say about you. I’m a domain newbie. One thing that struck me watching the video was that most of the domain pros are older. It reminds me of the MLM folks..and you guys are on top of the pyramid.:) Please excuse the negative connotation. I guess it makes sense since most entrepreneurs are older and hence wiser.

  8. Francois

    Hehe I am so busy these days that I missed this event and failed to congratulate you.
    So CONGRATS Rick!!!
    Not only you are the main domaining pioneer but you have spend a lot of your time and resources to try to educate the world. And if it was not enough, you also created the first and best event of our industry: TRAFFIC!
    THANKS for all.

  9. SkyDomains

    Thanks for all your contributions to the industry. Congratulations to your well deserving award.
    Please continue working hard and pushing for industry reforms like you have been doing.
    God bless

  10. AlanR

    Rick, that video was a great tribute to a true pioneer and great guy! There isn’t anyone more deserving to be the first to receive this award since there isn’t one name out there that is more synonymous in this industry than yours. There are a lot of people around the world who are more successful and much happier because of you! Congrats!!!!

  11. George

    Thanks for your insight and inspired words Rick. I’m but a mere drop in this vast ocean but I thank you for making a difference in my life and quest.

  12. ScottM

    Congratulations Rick on this well-deserved honor! As a founder and true visionary of this domain industry you are well-deserving of this honor! Especially when so many of your industry colleagues and proteges are all in agreement regarding this first annual award for you! All the best! Scott

  13. Dr.Arnie Katz

    Congratulations Rick! I have read your blog religiously and find you are a shining star in the clouded night sky. Keep up the great work.
    Best Regards, Arnie

  14. MyLocator

    We appreciate your presence,candid commentary and insights. You are one of the best. We would still like to hear your opinion on who owns the greatest strategic domain portfolio ever created. This is a subject we cant get any leaders to talk about.

  15. Robert Paul McLean

    I have hand registered just over 400 domains over the last 12 months and parked them on namedrive and listed them on afternic and several other sites for sale. I have not received one offer. They all can not be pigeon crap.
    Does not have some value? Something smells in this”industry,” and it isn’t just the smell of the dropping at my portfolio.
    Is the money now only in registrations? I am anything but lazy and I am not stupid.
    Are the geniuses of the mid to late 1990’s destined to rule the domain business forever?
    something stinks


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