10 thoughts on “Breaking: Video of FBI Bust At National A-1 Today

  1. anon

    I almost peed my pants when the reporter said the line”making money hand over fist”
    (considering a bulk of their operation is phone sex).

  2. LongDongSilver

    It is likely they are under-reporting their earned income. It seems like it is the type of business where you could easily rake in millions but somehow send the government almost nothing.
    That is one less buyer for porn names now. They bought a name from me before….BigDaddyDick.com.

  3. Anunt

    This raid is not a big deal. The city and state are out of money so they go around raiding the big boys…nothing new…National A-1 will get fined and free to go…and the city and state will have some extra money to spend for christmas time!
    This has happened to several of my friends recently who own convenience stores…the feds came in and shut the store down for a week and they got fined about $200,000 each…not a big deal to these owners since they were making over $100k a month profit…
    it’s easy money for the city and state to make money this way since they are going thru hard times!
    not a big deal…it’s scary…but not a big deal…they just want your money!

  4. Dean

    Good link…
    It’s tantamount to a shakedown by the mob, only it’s”organized crime” the government.

  5. Stinky

    They added an update
    Could their phrasing BE any more insinuating?
    Every one of those male agents, EVERY LAST ONE of them wanks to porn. That is the simple truth.
    Agents did not disclose what was on their warrants? WTF? The world doesn’t need the Soviet Union. We are now they.
    Hotmovies.com is back online.

  6. Danny Pryor

    What bothers me is the claim that agents would not reveal what’s in the search warrant – they’re not allowed to do that … they have to reveal what’s in the search warrant, otherwise they could seize anything and claim”it was on the warrant”.

  7. jberryhill

    “they have to reveal what’s in the search warrant”
    No, they do not have to do that if the warrant was issued pursuant to a pre-indictment grand jury investigation.
    If an indictment issues, the warrant and affidavit(s) will be unsealed, and it can be challenged at that point.
    It would be helpful if, before making”blame America” remarks, to know what the laws of the US are. You of course have the freedom to criticize this country, but it helps to know some basic facts of criminal procedure first.

  8. Josh

    Most likely there’s underage girls involved, or allegations thereof.
    On a side note, National A-1 is without question the most arrogant folks I’ve ever dealt with. Had to remind them a few times, your calling me to buy a domain from me? Ok, need ya to be a little bit nicer on the phone. Bet today was a humbling experience for ’em.


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